Friday, May 13, 2011

Fertilizer Friday 5.13.11

What a wonderful Friday!!! This post is a little late. Blogger was down earlier so I wasn't able to get this post up. I have been on a fabulous garden tour today that was sponsored by Mobile Botanical Gardens. Next week I will be sharing all that wonderful gardens with ya'll.

Fertilizer Friday today is courtesy of the Hydrangea Queen and her beautiful hydrangeas

Cardinal Red

Blue Billow
This Blue Billow is currently under a green umbrella (thus the coloring). The Hydrangea Queen lost all of her shade trees, so she currently has a few hydrangeas under umbrellas

This one came from her grandfather Steiner, so she calls it Grandfather Steiner


Dooley (named after University of Georgia football coach Vince Dooley)

Petals Blue

Mathilda Gutges

She doesn't know the name of this one, she bought it at Market in the Square in downtown Mobile. However, after the garden tour today we are pretty sure it's Tokyo Delight

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend


EB said...

Your pictures are amazing - and your blog looks very snazzy these days too :) Nice to read you again. E

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What great pictures of all the pretty Hydrangeas! Hydrangeas here are nowhere near blooming, just leafing out. They're one of my favorite flowers.

Shirley said...

I adore hydrangeas! If only we could grow lacecap hydrangeas here. Yours are gorgeous!

The Gardening Life

Mel Cole said...

Wow, you got beautiful hydrangeas. I wish mine will bloom this year. Hope to see you in my Fertilizer Friday post here.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Hydrangeas are so beautiful, both growing and also in a big fishbowl as cut flowers. Love how they can change colours too!

Darla said...

What a great collection here!!

Randy Emmitt said...

Wow these are all so lovely. Why would they name a plant after a football coach? We have just one hydrangea in our garden.

Life 101 said...

Our wild Hydrangeas are blooming now. I love that plant...well, I love most plants...with the obvious exceptions of poison oak and sand spurs.
Nice post

Lona said...

Oh, they are just gorgeous April. I am crazy for hydrangea's. She has so many beautiful ones. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie.

NellJean said...

Colours! Wonderful.

Larry said...

Someone obviously has a way with hydrangeas... very pretty! L

Ginger said...

These pictures are stunning. You should seriously be a nature photographer!!!

2 of my 3 hydrangeas died this year. I think they had a fungus when I brought them home last year.

Kim and Victoria said...

Nice up close and personal with those hydrangeas!

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful collection of hydrangeas.

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