Friday, April 29, 2011

Fertilizer Friday - 4/29/11


It's Friday so that means it is time to head over to Tootsie's and sign up to flaunt your flowers....or in my case, flaunt someone else's.

Today I am flaunting the garden of one the Dirt Queen's best friends.

She always has the neatest flower beds, the border is perfect, and she has no mulch! The weeds here are so out of control, so I don't know how she gets by with no mulch or anything.


She will probably kill me for yelling ya'll this, but they are having some major issues with their grass. It is dying, and they aren't sure why. They are having a lawn specialist come look at it. 

Purple Coneflower

For cute


Gerbera Daisy

The front of her house is adorned with various signs, pots, artwork & ironwork. It is really cute


She painted these little fish to hang out by her pool

That is my quickie for FF.

I have been invited to a Royal Tea party this afernoon to celebrate the wedding of William & Kate. There is a group of Britains that live around Mobile, and they get together once a month. Well today is a special get together for them. They are bringing Royal Wedding souvenirs, and we will have tea and scones. I get to wear a cute dress and a big hat. I was invited to take pictures, so ofcourse I will be sharing it all with ya'll. Right now I need to go watch the Royal Wedding, since I didn't feel like getting up at 3 am to watch it.

Get out and get DIRTy!


Darla said...

Your Mom's friend has a great area with adorable art around. Hope she finds out the problem with her lawn, probably bugs. I have been up since 4:30 watching the Royal Wedding. Looking forward to photos of your Royal Tea Party!

Tootsie said...

this is gorgeous!! thanks for linking in!!! I saw the photos of you in your hat going to the party...cute cute cute!!! I am so glad you are blogging again!

Nell Jean said...

I want to remember to come back and look to see what the expert says about the grass. It being Fertilizer Friday, I'm wondering if it is centipede grass and they fertlized it with high-nitrogen fertilizer. We did that once. Our centipede grass crawled over to the neighbor's yard where the soil was poor under high shade of pines and bermuda grass took over our lawn.

Carla said...

So pretty!!! I could sit on that swing and just soak up the goodness...thanks for sharing!

Tootsie said...

I thought I left you a comment! well I am so glad you are posting's good to have you back...and happy you are linking in. I didn't see much of the wedding, but did see your facebook photos of your cute are you!

Tootsie said...

forgot to add that your flaunt this weekend is absolutely wonderful!!! what a great place!

Nezzy said...

This was great! Not only are the bloomers a knock out...I loved all the birdhouses and lawn art. What a wonderful place this must be to visit.

God bless your day sweetie! :o)

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