Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Tea Party

I attended a Royal Tea Party on Friday to celebrate the wedding of William and Kate . The tea was hosted by one of my former garden club members, Mrs. Doreen, who is from England. She and her fabulous group of friends, which are from Wales, Scotland as well as England, did a great job.

Mrs. Doreen's niece came from England to go to the beach last week, and was nice enough to bring some wedding memorabilia and party supplies.

Some of the ladies brought their china to use at each table

I'm liking the idea of my face plastered all over a tablecloth and plates when I get married ;-). Of course I'm not nearly as photogenic as Kate, and nor do I plan on getting married anytime soon.

The food was great. We were served scones, cucumber & egg sandwiches, quiche and.....


Apparently it is custom to pour your milk in your cup before the tea is poured. After Mrs. Doreen reminded us a few times, I think we got it. I always pour my coffee first, add sugar next and then add my cream. I have to have it the right shade!

Here are some of ladies from Great Britain, a few weren't pictured here. They all had fantastic hats. They were such interesting ladies. I am all about somebodies story. I love to hear people tell their story. One of the ladies at the tea was from Naples, Italy. How does one get from Naples, Italy to Satsuma, Alabama??? Thats the kind of stories I love. Don't get me wrong...I love Alabama and there is no place I'd rather be, but from Italy, Scotland, England and Wales to lil ol Alabama...you know thats a good story!

Here is Mrs. Doreen serving tea and probably reminding us to pour our milk first.
That is the Hydrangea Queen (in the yellow dress) enjoying her tea and scones.

And here is the Dirt Princess enjoying hers.

I am really liking this hat thing. I could wear hats all the time. I would have the big, gaudy, over the top hats. Everyone would be talking about me and my crazy hats.

I mean...look at these! Aren't they fantastic!!!! Maybe I will start picking up hats here and there and start wearing them to church. I just love them. I love the ones that go on the side of your head. They are just great.

Ok...let me get off my new found hat fetish.

I took my computer to a friend that is a computer guru. Thank goodness he was able to save all of my pictures! I was so happy. I am going today to get an external hard drive to ensure this doesn't happen again. I also purchased more storage space from Google. The Blog file that was lost (but now found) had 6,213 files and 83 folders (13GB of stuff!) in it...so it was pretty important for me to get it back. I appreciate all of your emails and comments. Ya'll are wonderful!

By the way...if some of ya'll are having a hard time reading my new font let me know. I know some of you mentioned it....so if I need to change it just let me know.


Darla said...

What fun DP!! I'm glad you recovered your photo files....whew!

Lona said...

What fun April! It does make you wonder how they came to live in America.Some people look so great in hats. You look so pretty in yours and I see you have got that pinky finger thing down. LOL! Looks like you had a great time.

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

Look's like a lot of fun with a lot of goodies. Thank You for your follow. I just put us down as one of your new followers.........Julian

Stephanie said...

DP, what a party! I watched the live telecast of the wedding and I was admiring the hats. What you all were wearing are wonderful as well! Yes you have to have the same table cloth for your wedding. I like the idea too. Btw, thanks for changing the font. The last one was kind of hard to read ;-)

Becca's Dirt said...

I'll be the first to say I love these fancy fonts and there are other blogs who use them too. But it is hard on my eyes.

What a fun party DP. I love your hat and yes you are a beautiful girl. Kate had a gorgeous dress. I loved all the lace and how fitted it was. The whole thing was like a fairytale.

Matron said...

How very civilized! If you remember, Bilbo visited Buckingham Palace and had tea too!

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