Thursday, July 23, 2009

Whats Cookin'

I have been riding my bike every afternoon....trying to shed some pounds! I try to go around 6pm, I usually ride for an hour around my neighborhood. Yesterday after my ride, I decided to fry (yes...fry=grease =fat...after riding a bike trying to lose weight!) some fish that The Hunter caught over the weekend. I also took some photos of the kitchen while I was cooking....don't mind the hideous green countertops...they are so ugly! I despise them, and I am pretty sure you will too! I use these pots (or whatever they are) to keep my kitchen utensils in...since I don't have much drawer space. I love the one on the is kinda the "theme" for my kitchen
We used to fry things the hard way. We would put batter in one bowl, dip it, then put it in a clean bowl before frying, then a whole new bowl after it was fried....this makes a very large mess! A friend of ours told us about this batter thing from The Bass Pro shop. So we got one...and man did it make things a million times easier.
you put the batter in the bottom, then it has this nifty little sifter on the top where you put the meat. You put the lid on it and shake it! NO MESS!
We always use Louisiana Fish Fry products. They are excellent! This one is my favorite
They also sell a cobbler mix that is heavenly! I decided to make a cobbler to go with the fish.
I will admit that this picture looks a little gross......but trust me it was good!
So the cobbler is in oven.....lets get back to the fish
see how nicely the little shaker thing works!
45 minutes later the cobbler is that looks much better!!!
Here are some more photos of the kitchen...
I use that tin to keep my dish towels in (yes I know they don't all match, but does anyone care?), I also have some of my coffee mugs hanging underneath the cabinet due to lack of storage space. I love my sign it says, " Thank God for what you have, Trust God for what you need"
I bought this multi purpose cleaner on sale a local shop for $4! I really bought it for the bottle. When I use all of it, I can refill it with something else. It is a glass bottle, you can turn the nozzle on or off, and it has a rubber bottom so it doesn't slide around. I'm not sure where exactly it is going to slide to on my counter....but the point is that if it wanted to can't!
It has this cute little charm around the top. I used it to clean the counters after I is Pomegranate (in case you can't tell)...and let me tell you...I wanted to turn the bottle up and drink it! It smells like it should have an umbrella and a cherry stuck on top of it! Yummy! Of course I refrained from drinking in, and opted for sticking my nose to the counter after I sprayed it 8 or 9 times. Apparently there are no harmful chemicals in it, because I didn't get high from fumes. I am not one to sniff fumes FYI. It just smelled really good. I can't wait to use it again! You know you lead a very dull boring life, when multi surface cleaner in a non-slip glass bottle excites you....pathetic! I need to get out more. I am done rambling about multi surface cleaner! I will be back out in the garden tomorrow with some great pictures for ya'll! But really, if you see that cleaner must buy a bottle!


Blue Creek Home said...

I have never seen a batter thing like this - pretty clever!
We will probably be at all the home games, so the gameday cooking will be on "away" game days!! W.D.E.!!!

printersdevil said...

I'd love one of the batter thingys. I've got to remember to pick one up the next time I am near the Bass Pro Shop. It is about 1 1/2 hours away, but right by my favorite huge outlet mall. So, I feel a road trip coming on...

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

I've got a big round one called a Batter Pro.
It is great for anything you batter and fry.
I told you that Cobbler Mix was delish!

Susie said...

DP I thought my life was boring, maybe I should try sniffing some cleaning fluid! lol

I think that is wonderful about riding your bike. Doesn't riding make you feel like a kid again. It does for me.

Girl I hope you enjoyed that cobbler cause it looked so gooooood!!!

Laura said...

Everything looks so delicious. It is so hard for me to lose weight, especially when I love to cook and eat like everyone else seems to be doing.

Hang in there- you are doing good!

How is your garden doing?


mlc said...

Gosh that batter thing looks like something I could use. Love fried food, hate the mess including the oil. FYI--I cooked yummy chicken pot pie with my daughter tonight. We cooked together. She is trying to prepare for college apartment life. Poor thing... her mom never follows recipes and is always substituting garden produce. and she won't have garden produce. Poor thing. Guess I had better quit gabbing about it and blog about it.

Joyce said...

I am laughing that you rode the bike and then wanted to fry your dinner:) I do the same thing. I keep driving past one of those huge Bass Pro Shops and now I have a reason to stop and go in for this purchase. Now the berry dessert does not look diet but it looks amazingly good and who cares if I can't button my shorts after I eat that:) I had those green counters too:)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi DP, I love your kitchen and all of your little containers. I have a similar one holding all of my kitchen tools... So convenient.

That fish looks wonderful ---and the container you bought is much simpler than the 'old' way of doing it.

AND--I can't finish without mentioning the cobbler. YUMMMMMMMY. Looks delicious!!!

Sounds like you have had a great day, and even got some exercise in.

Stephanie said...

Hey you are right... that shaker thing is good! Innovative! I have a container for tofu that looks like this one... has the sifter but a smaller one. Hmm... I can it for some chicken or fish fillets next time ;-D Good suggestion, TQ!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

This reminds me of when I would go to the gym to workout and then go home and eat a candy bar figuring that the calories were at least cancelled out by the time on the Stairmaster :)
The fish batter thing does seem like a great idea, one reason I don't fry things is the many dishes I end up using.
I've bought things before for the bottle it came in, I'm pretty sure I would've bought that if I saw it.

My Mother's Garden said...

Yum! Sounds like it was a delicious dinner! Your kitchen decorations like nice, I like your ceramic utensil holders.

Tim said...

You and I share a similar logic.....go ride for miles to burn the fat, then come home and fry the dinner and bake a cobbler!

Heather said...

That fish and cobbler look yummy. What's for dinner tomorrow night?

lilsista said...

I love how excited you got over the was like reading about myself! :0) I'm the same way...I buy stuff because of the looks and the smell...who cares if it really works...that's just a bonus if it does :0)! The food looked great...Makes my tummy rumble!!! I could use some cobbler to go with my coffee right now...Mmmmmmmmmm! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Debbie's Garden said...

Peach cobbler is my preferred, but that berry one looks realllllly good. I love that green jar.

Dirt Princess said...

Rhonda WDE!!!!! Go run up to Pratville and get you one of those batter things! You can buy it online I am sure.

Printersdevil....make that road trip!! There are so many goodies in that store!

Carol I will admit I ONLY bought because of you!!! The Hunter told me the next day that he had seen it in the store.

Susie please sniff that one, because it is the best...i'm tellin ya! I love riding...I feel free!!!

Laura the garden is doing good. Some weeding needs to be done...I will get around to it!

mlc she will learn! My mom is an excellent cook, but I never took the time to learn while I lived at home. My experience came from college, me and my roomate cooking up all kinda things.

Joyce I like how you said that..." I had those green counters" sheesh...I can't wait to say that! They are as old as me...and it is time for them to go!

Betsy I love your daily hugs :-)

Stephanie whip me up something with tofu...I need a good recipe!

Catherine but would you sit around and sniff the counter....I think that is where the problem is...LOL!!!

MMG Girl I know you could make that pot 10x prettier!

Tim here is the sad part...I didn't want to fry fish. The Hunter wanted it. So I did, then he got heart burn and didn't eat ANY of it!!! Oh but he wanted desert! I have been trying to eat good! I would be really skinny if I didn't cook for him! LOL!

Heather I went out to eat with my friend last night...who knows what we will do tonight. I am not a "plan" ahead kind of cook. I'm the one that goes home and digs through the freezer trying to decide.

Lilsista I would buy a candle if it smelled like dog poo as long as it was pretty!!! I am all about some packaging!!!

Debbie I am going to make a peach one soon...I will email you a slice :-)

Kim and Victoria said...

Great pics. Nice to know someone else hates their countertops.

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