Monday, July 27, 2009

Bilbo On the Move, heading to Southern Ireland and Bitsy cathing some rays!

That's right, Bilbo is heading back across the ocean to visit Peggy in Southern Ireland.

Looks like he had a great time visiting with Anna! He learned all about her hometown! So now he is off to another adventure! Be sure to visit Peggy's blog and be on the look out for Bilbo. I will let you know as soon as Bilbo arrives at Peggy's place! And little Bitsy is making her grand appearance pool side! She is at Mosaic Cottage Garden hanging out at Michelle's place. Unfortunately Bitsy isn't cut out for travelling after all. So she will return home to Bizzle and Bingles. She needs to keep them straight any way. But atleast she had a relaxing get-a-way over at Michelle's. Thanks Michelle for showing our little Bitsy such a great time!!!


Darla said...

Funny!! I knew she was to young to be a world traveler!!

mosaicqueen said...

At this rate, she will have major tan lines when she returns. :-)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I enjoyed both of their posts, and they seem to be living the life! I bet Bilbo will love Peggy's garden, it's very pretty there!

donna said...

Oh, Bitsy....I don't care about traveling either. I totally understand.

Anonymous said...

This is a very fun idea you've got going! Love it! Looks like Bilbo has seen a LOT of cool places!

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