Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crawlin' and Fallin'

We have been getting a good shower every afternoon for the past few day. The flowers are loving it. I noticed a few surprises in the garden.... I am 99% sure that this is a lupine I planted, and it is doing well. Out of the 2 packs of lupine seeds I planted...this is the lone survivor! Maybe it will bloom soon?
Its pretty big! I am excited! I thought they had all died! Remember The Hunter threw some watermelon seeds out in the flower beds....well they are doing well.
One of them is climbing up the blueberry bush!
sorry the shot is blurry!
One of them washed up into the walkway and started growing! Go figure I plant 100 lupines and one them grows, he throws out 2 watermelon seeds and they both grow! Maybe he needs to start planting for me!
We have had a good rain, and cooler temps the past few weeks, and the roses love it! They are loaded with buds!
Now the cosmos in the front are doing great! BUT they are so heavy they are falling over and breaking. I have staked them up, but apparently they need to be staked with 2x4's!!! Everyday I lose a branch off of them and have to throw it away....the rains have beat them down and they just keep on falling!
You would think that would 3" thick stems that they would stand up on their own woody stalk...but this is not the case!
there's a goner! It had to be trashed. Ugh!!! Oh well....only the strong survive!
It is supposed to rain here pretty much all day today...so I may not have ANY cosmos left when I get home! I hope they straighten up and act right or else they may not be back next year!


Anonymous said...

Ahh, I don't think that is a lupine. Not like the ones I used to sow. They have six little roundish hairy leaves. Maybe I am wrong about this one. I gave up on my roses here because the heat and humidity just did them in. Too troublesome.

I can't wait to see watermelons!


Susie said...

Sorry about the cosmos but at least you are getting some wonderful rain!

Can't believe Bilbo showed up again! How funny!

lilsista said...

I just love your roses!!! Such a pretty color! I think those just may be lupins...there are different kinds and when they're young they look a little different than a mature one...plus...aren't there such things as smaller versions of them? I'm not sure. Hope you enjoy your day!

Lou Cinda said...

Love your roses! I, of course, am having trouble with my plants because of those confounded Giant Grasshoppers!! I am almost to the point of just losing it over those things! When will they die off??

Lou Cinda :(

Blue Creek Home said...

I hope The Hunter's little watermelon plant produces lots of great big watermelons. And the roses are lovely.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Having a lone survivor in the garden .. what a treasure, that lupine.

Our lone survivor now in the garden is sunflower baby plant ... I really have to wait until it bloom to ascertain... haha.

~ bangchik

Jean said...

Princess if you can get lupines to grow in Mobile Al you are truly a miracle worker! I always think of them in the northern climes. Tried to grow floxglove here in tenn but the heat and humidity got it pretty quick.Its been pouring rain all day and I think it came from your direction. Thanks!

Darla said...

We got some rain today!! Whooooo hooooooo! Cosmos not only fall over from the weight of the rain, they don't care for a lot of water either. I have some seeds that the Hunter needs to come 'throw' out!! LOL Lookin' good around there.

Prospero said...

Can't help you on the lupines, better ask Dennis Moore (your life or your lupins.) Funny about the watermelon. Sometimes it's best when you just don't care. That's the universe's deep sense of irony. My watermelon, also planted with total recklessness, performed brilliantly. It's a completely orange fleshed (like real orange) watermelon. It's sweet and it looks almost too good to eat.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You are so lucky to be getting rain. I can't remember the last time we had a good rain. Hope your Cosmos survive :)

Tootsie said...

I have luck like that with some seeds too!!! lol
go figure.
Now...I hope you are not seriously disappointed when you open your crown! At least you can say it is hand made in Canada...a one of a kind by a total lunatic! lol
I do hope you enjoy it!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad everything looks so good now that the rains are back, DP... Love those roses!!!


Stephanie said...

That's great to know... we have shower every now and then for the past two weeks. It has been good for my plants. The plants tend to grow faster isn't it? Hope to see that 'little' Lupine grow and flower soon ;-) Have a wonderful day!

Dirt Princess said...

Florida Sue I hope the melons turn out....he is so protective of them. He checks on them everyday, I told him that he should understand my obsession with flowers now!

Susie I am so glad he showed up...and now heading to Ireland of all places! I love it!!! It rained here all day and night :)

Lilsista....I guess we will find out soon if they are lupine.....I hope so because I love them

LouCinda I think they should be gone soon...look on the bright side...Love Bugs will soon be out and about! Oh the joy! My car LOVES them!

Rhonda...that just kills me that he threw them out, and they are growing. Maybe I should stop trying to nurture my flowers...LOL!

Bangchik...isn't that funny!!!! I will be on the lookout for you loner!

Jean...we shall see. I am glad you are getting rain. I desperately need to weed this weekend.

Darla....you know how I hate plants that fall over...ugh!!! Glad you are getting some rain.
I will send The Hunter over soon! LOL!

Prospero....that watermelon sounds very interesting! I grew up on "moon & star" watermelons. My pawpaw grew them. The rhine was solid green with yellow spots that looked like moon and stars. The meat was yellow and seedless!

Catherine...so weird....its like the rain is making up for "lost" time. I hope the rain heads your way to make up for lost time

Tootsie please!!! I will LOVE it...trust me! I just have to get by there to pick it up. I don't work near my Post Office and they close at 4:30!! I hope I can make in by there today. I may have to get my neighbor to pick it up for me.

Betsy thanks! I hope they make big, beautiful blooms like yours!

Stephanie...the weeds grow MUCH faster than the flowers!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

The wonderful thing about gardening is the "mysteries" that creep up. That will be fun if your mystery plant is a lupine! Your roses are beautiful.

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