Friday, July 10, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!! Ya'll know what that means! It's time to head on over to Tootsie's and flaunt your flowers!

Crocosmia, Phlox (on background) & Lacecap Hydrangea

Center: Zinnia

From top left to right: Cosmo, Zinnia, Cosmo, Prairie coneflower

Left Column top to bottom: Zinnia, Prairie Coneflower, Sapphire Sage

Right Column top to bottom: Zinnia, Daylily, Zinnia,

Bottom 2 in center: yellow mystery vine, Mexican petunia

The old and the new Hydrangea buds




Dinner Plate Dahlia

Jacob Cline monarda (aka the "Jester"), baby Tibouchina, and Bat Face Plant

The "Jester" doesn't look so majestic anymore!


My poor grass and flowers are really quite pitiful! I should have taken pictures of my dead grass, and dead flowers! We probably only got 3" of rain this week, and that wasn't nearly enough! My plants are still droopy! My water bill was $114!!! So I won't be watering anymore. If everything dies, then it just has to die! I can't afford to keep watering. We need a good rain. Rain for several days, all day long. My plants are doing nearly as well as they were this time last year! Maybe next year they will make up for it!

Hope ya'll all have a wonderful weekend! Be sure to check out all the gardeners that signed up at Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie's place!


Teresa said...

Girl, I feel your pain. We finally had a little rain this week, now it'll probably be another month before we have anymore. I had nothing to show for Bloomin Tues' this week. But it looks like you still have a BUNCH of gorgeous blooms! I am just in love with your crocosmia. Got to get me somma dat.

Susie said...

You guys got 3" of rain? How nice. I'm sure your flowers enjoyed that. We haven't had anymore since Sunday night.

Thanks for the info about the wild turkeys. That was interesting to learn.

Also I like your new "beachy" look!

Tootsie said...

I a loving these mosaics!!! I like the coneflower one the best!!! Your garden is looking so pretty!!! It is finally sunny outside here today after a week of rain. It was so icky outside all week that I hardly left the house. thanks for linking up...I hope you have a fabulous weekend! we have friends and family coming for Brayden's 10th birthday...and I will be a busy girl...well except for the UFC fight!!! lol

tina said...

I think you have the same dahlia as me! They are great. Love your set up with all the pictures.

Becca's Dirt said...

In spite of the draught your flowers are looking beautiful as usual. I know your yard and gardens are suffering just like mine. I love the dinnerplate dahlia's and the zinnias. I find zinnia's to be mostly heat tolerant.

Jacki said...

Rain has been pretty scarce here too, but I'm not *too* far from Tootsie and we also had a good rain this week. I have three rain barrels to collect the rain off my detached garage, but I need to do the same for my house. It is such a $ savings and so much better for the plants.

I love the mosaics - what a pretty way to display your blooms!

Lou Cinda said...

Your flowers are still beautiful, even without rain!! We need some too, though we did get a nice shower late yesterday afternoon. Not near enough, but every little bit helps!

Have a great weekend!

Lou Cinda

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Isn't this the craziest summer? Like you said your area and ours are usually the wettest and now we're both dry. I think we've had one little drizzle in the last month or more, not even enough to revive the plants.
I love all of your flowers. I can't wait to see zinnias. The only one I have blooming is one I bought.

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Everything you grow so well,I have the worst time with.Darn!
Love looking at your's,tho.

~~Rhonda said...

I don't envy you the weather the South has "enjoyed" lately. Thankfully, we've had lots of rain this season. Love your white cone flowers. Thanks for sharing your garden! ~~Rhonda

Ginger said...

I think your flowers look AMAZING!!! Great shots of the coneflowers!

Stephanie said...

DP, your flowers are not that bad. I am sure when the rain comes back, your plants would recuperate. Happens to my plants too. Stay cool and enjoy the weekend!

vuejardin said...

This is the first time I see such an unique Lacecap Hydrangea. I try to add more drought tolerant plant such as lavenders in my garden to save water and time. Thanks for your beautiful postings, love your blog, I just add it to my favorite blog list.

Joanne said...

How sad I do hope you get some rain soon. we have 4 water butts but they soon run out with a long dry spell. we just had some rain at last hope it comes to you too soon.

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