Friday, July 24, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

We all know what today is......Fertilizer Friday. Click on the photo above to go directly to Tootsie's page and sign up for FF.
Butterfly Ginger
Not sure what is going on with this Dinner Plate looks like one side wants to bloom and the other side wants to die...split personalities maybe???
Plumbago peeking through the fence
Enjoy this while it lasts....I am digging this thing up...I don't like it there. Too gangly!
And now for my personal favorite for FF today....................
HAPPY FRIDAY! Have a great weekend ya'll!


Mary at My New 30 said...

LOL, I've had a few of those last ones myself!!

Seriously everything looks beautiful. Those crepe myrtles can get unruly, so most folks trim them down drastically every year. Not sure when the best time to do that is - would have to look it up. Mine is kind of in the midst of the yard by the shed with plenty of room to spred out so I just let it go wild.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

LOL! We all have a pretty favorite like your last one. Great container though, poor posy.
You always have so many pretty things blooming in your beds.

Prospero said...

Nice agglomeration of flower, DP.

I see that your Butterfly Ginger is soon to bloom. Mine, too (actually, mine is Hedychium gardnerianum).

I saw Tide (and Kiki) below. Yes.

Dirt Princess said...

I know it "looks" like a lot of flowers, but compared to the plants I have...there isn't really alot blooming. I know ya'll would love the last picture!! LOL!!!

Prospero Kiki is an ANGEL around me, but when I am not around she turns into the devil

Joanne said...

Hi I have got a bit behind blogging but great to see your lovely flowers. I am always envious of people growing Plumbago.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My My DP... That last one is just so unique!!! ha ha..... Seriously, all of your flowers are just beautiful. Looks like your rains have helped alot--that and fertilizer!!! ha

Have a great weekend.

Libby Murphy said...

VavavaVOOM with the color. It's simply gorgeous Dirt Princess.
Happy Twirls

Tootsie said...

HA HA!!! I love it all! you have dazzled us with a glorious display today!!! What if you shaped and pruned that thing you are thinking of digging up??? it is really pretty! what is it?
thanks for linking in...did your package arrive? I hope it is okay!

Janet said...

I htink everyone has one of those pictured in the last photo! ;-) I think that Plumbago wanted to be in your yard.
Love your day you will have to clue me in on how to add a crown to my photo credit. The Queen :-D

Blue Creek Home said...

Hey! That's no fair. I was so excited to scroll down to your favorite!!! Tricky!
You are a great photographer. The pink ones make me happy!
I am glad that you have one that looks like mine. Bet you can guess which one!!!!

Outside In said...

That's not fair that you kept the best flower for last, (Ha-Ha) Your flowers do look pretty. Happy FF!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I love the Pentas (I think that's what they are). I've started seeing them on blogs lately and just love them. My zinnias just started to bloom today and I'm going to try your method of deadheading them into the garden and see what comes back.
The last one is great :)

Darla said...

I seem to have several just like your personal favorite. You could always commit Crepe Murder and trim the tree up. I even twist the trunks and branches around each other for added interest. Your blooms are beautiful...

RainGardener said...

Everything looks lovely in spite of the hot weather you've had. You have a lot of beautiful flowers I don't recognize. Love that last one - I have some of those too! LOL Did you re name your dinnerplate Sybil?

ChrisC and JonJ said...

I think we all a few plants like the last one!
All your blooms are gorgeous.
And you have yard-art! Woo-hoo!!!!

Ginger said...

Your yard looks amazing! I love the new background and diamonds here.
You crack me up with that last picture!!!!!!! It makes me feel so much better to know I'm not the only one with some flat out DEAD plants!!
Have a great weekend :)

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

LOL LOL You really surprised me at the end. Too funny! I love the daylily! -Jackie

Tatyana said...

Hello Princess! It's nice to see these lovely blooms inspite the hot weather. The last picture has something in it, too... It could be a piece for an abstract art! Thanks for leaving a comment on my big fish. I think I've been smiling all the time since I caught it.They say that a happiness is just a moment. Well, I had my moment. See you around and you stay cool!

Kim and Victoria said...

Ha ha! The last one is my favorite!

Phoenix C. said...

What a wonderful collection of different flowers! I love the vibrant colours. Also like the look of the decoration in among the flowers, with the beads.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Lovely photos. We all have plants like your last picture, I call my "has beens".

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