Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Princess, I regret to inform you.....

......your dearest Bilbo and I have run off together, and we make no plans to return any time soon. Bilbo and I are in love, a love like no other. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. I do believe I am that lady. Bilbo and I may return to the states when we deem necessary, in the mean time, he sends you his best regards. We are truly sorry that we will not be able to visit Anna's beautiful gardens in North Carolina. There is simply to much to do as of now. Please let Anna know that we may visit her soon.
Miss Jane Austen
(click photo below for link to Julie's @ My English Country Garden)
Well.........there ya have it. Bilbo has run off with Jane Austen. I am deeply sadden and shocked by this. Bilbo was having such a great time traveling around. I guess that Miss Austen was tugging at his heart strings, and he couldn't bare the thought of leaving her. Well I do hope they he will decide to visit Anna, that was the plan after all, and Bilbo is a stickler for a plan.
(To catch up on Bilbo, please click on pictures on left side of the blog. Each picture will tell you the story)

After this very heart breaking news, I knew that I had to let Bilbo's family know. It wouldn't be easy. Bilbo was the leader of the family, the bread winner, and now he had run off. What would they think????

I ventured way down to Hickory Hollow, where I found them splashing away in the local swimming hole.............

Bingles, Bitsy & Bizzle were surprised to see me. I have been visiting with them frequently and sharing Bilbo's travels. However, it has been a few weeks without any word from Bilbo.

They were not one bit surprised that Bilbo had run off with Miss Austen, it was time for him to find love, after all at 796 years of age, lets face it, Bilbo was not getting any younger.
They too had been traveling as well,

They shared a family photo from their trip to Paris! Bitsy said everyone had a great time, and they want to go back soon.
Bingles wanted to know what happens now that Bilbo has run off?
DP: " Well, I dunno Bingles, what do you think we should do?"
Bingles: "I think I should go in his place"
Bingle:" I have traveled before, and I won't run off with any young ladies."
DP:" Let me think about it"
Bitsy:" Princess, I really want to pick up where Bilbo left off. I have only traveled to Paris and I long to see the world, and tour fabulous gardens. I love to garden. Bingles and Bizzle don't garden."
DP:" Bitsy, you are so young and fragile, and what would Bingles and Bizzle do without you"
Bitsy:" They will make it on their own"
DP:" Bizzle what do you think about Bitsy and Bingles wanting to go travel in Bilbo's place"
Bizzle:" Ah, the heck with them! They drive me nuts! Always so dang happy! Can't get in a days worth of work with them two without hearing about how wonderful, everything is. They need their bubble busted! They live in a cocoon I tell ya'. "
DP:" So we should send them both away?"
Bizzle:" Heck no are you crazy! Send me away and get me the heck away from them!!!!"
I was at a loss. What do I do. Who do I send. I mean look at them, they are so cute! Yes Bizzle is a little grumpy, and rough around the edges, but I think he would come around. Bitsy is just a sweet as sugar, she is very outgoing. Bingles, well, he is a lot like Bilbo. They have the same personality, so I do worry about him running off with a young lady.....no matter what he says! He is quite the ladies man around Hickory Hollow.
Bingles, with the family snail....Smeagol. Smeagol does all the hard work around Hickory Hollow. He pulls the carts, hauls wood, etc.
Bitsy went to ask her best friend Miss Flopolopolus if she should go travel the world. Miss Flopolopolus thought that Bitsy was just the right age to travel alone.
In the mean time, Bizzle and grumpy Mayor Wartbreath, discussed how they were both to juvenile to go anywhere! And how it she be Bizzle that ought to go!
I told them that I felt it was only fair to let Bilbo's friends pick who they want to travel next. It wasn't fair to leave it all up to me. They set off in the wagon to go back home.....
When they arrived home I promised them that by tomorrow night I would let them know who would be traveling in Bilbo's place. They were fine with letting Bilbo's friends pick.
So who will it be Bitsy? Bizzle? Bingles? You choose!
*****Bilbo has yet to reach his destination at Anna's in North Carolina. Julie, Anna and myself are hoping for the best. Hopefully the postal service is just taking their time. In the mean time Anna has asked us to pick up where we left off, and if Bilbo shows up at her house, then we will resume with him. So most of you know the drill.....leave a comment on MY page below if you would like one of Bilbo's family members to come visit you. Please cast your vote either Bitsy, Bingles or Bizzle. I will draw a name tomorrow afternoon, and announce which one of Bilbo's family members will be visiting.
Remember if you get Bitsy, Bingles or Bizzle...POST THE RULES! Rules are below:
Ofcourse we will re-name it Where In the World is ???? once we get all the votes cast. Let's cross our fingers that Bilbo will eventually turn up. I would like to see him finish this.
RULES #1) COPY & PASTE these rules into your post on Bilbo if you receive him. The post must be titled WHERE IN THE WORLD IS BILBO: (your city). If everyone copies the rules, then the person you send it to will know what to do. If each post is titled the same, we can keep track of Bilbo and follow him on his adventure. PLEASE do not forget to copy and paste these rules into your post if you receive Bilbo. #2) In order to participate you MUST leave a comment on the post about Bilbo with the blogger that has him. That blogger will draw names from the people who left comments on that post. Once the winner is selected Bilbo will be on his way to see your garden. #3) When you receive Bilbo please take a photo (or photos) of him in your garden as well as a photo of yourself with Bilbo. #4) Rules are linked to http://northmobilegardensociety.blogspot.com/ . Please leave a comment on The Dirt Princess' page so she can keep track of him and let other bloggers know where Bilbo is, and post where bloggers can see his latest travel. #5) Please try to get Bilbo out the door as quickly as you possibly can. If at all possible please try not to keep him more than 7 days. We want to get him to as many places as we can in 6 months. #6) Bilbo will travel for 6 months, April 21, 2009- October 21, 2009. If you have Bilbo at the end of this 6 month time frame, you will ship him back to the Dirt Princess at http://northmobilegardensociety.blogspot.com/. #7) When Bilbo arrives back with the Dirt Princess, there will be a great post letting everyone know where Bilbo has been, when he visited as well as links to the bloggers posts that had Bilbo. #8) There will be a list enclosed with Bilbo for each blogger to sign once they receive Bilbo. That list will be sent back to the Dirt Princess. #9) Should anyone have any questions please contact Dirt Princess at http://northmobilegardensociety.blogspot.com/. #10) The blogger that is has possession of Bilbo is responsible for shipping him to the next blogger. Please handle him with care. He is ceramic. #11) Bilbo may be shipped to countries outside the United States. We want everyone to join in on the fun! #12) If you would like to throw in a little something with Bilbo to ship the next blogger, please feel free. Add to the excitement. See what Bilbo brings you when he arrives at your door step.
Is anyone confused by this? If so let me know.....


Ginger said...

I vote Bitsy! I'm very sad Bilbo is taking a furlough, but how exciting for his family to join in the fun!
What a hilarious post!!!!!!! Smeagol the family the snail!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Becca's Dirt said...

It should be Bitsy. Great post DP. It is so comical.

RainGardener said...

You are just too funny. See what did I say about you sticking around to entertain us while not working at the job you love. LOL

Darla said...

Bizzle sounds as if he could use a vacation. I vote for him. Wonderful post. Here's hoping Bilbo gets his head out of the clouds and soon!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I think Bitsy should go! I hope Bilbo comes to his senses and heads to Anna's. He's going to miss out on a lot of fun with her!

PS Where did you find a whole family of gold gnomes? :)

Dirt Princess said...

Ginger, Smeagol works hard for his money!

RG you didn't cast your vote!

Darla, I don't know what Bilbo is doing???

Catherine, he is missing out! I found them at the swimming hole!!! Down at HIckory Hollow...LOL!!! No, I found Bilbo at Sage Consignment, my fave store. They had 4 of them, but I only bought Bilbo. I went back yesterday after I realized Bilbo was MIA, and was looking for the other 3. It just so happened they were all 3 still there!!LOL!! I don't guess there is much demand for gold garden gnomes in my area!!!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

This post is hysterical! Love it! -Jackie

Teresa said...

I vote for Bitsy! She's so darn cute. Love that yellow "wheel" barrow!

Anonymous said...

Im just so glad that you've found replacements!

I dont know what kind of game Miss Austen is playing but she tells me that Bilbo is missing in action...hmmm........odd, odd, and odder. I suppose at that at the age of 243 getting to elope with ones love is quite something......

I do hope he eventually turns up at Anna's. But I wish his replacements all good luck with their travels and better Pot Masters than those to whom poor Bilbo was subjected.

With thanks from


Stephanie said...

Hmm... Bingles, Bitsy & Bizzle... I wonder how did you come up with these names... sounds catchy ;-) This is an interesting idea too. Have a wonderful day!

Mama said...

I bet Bilbo and Miss Jane have stopped off in New York for a few days/weeks (I did that once on my way back from Lincolnshire, rofl).
I don't know, Bitzy looks a bit young to be traveling the world on her own, what if something awful happened to her. My first thought was YES send Bingles but as you say he is a lot like Bilbo and Miss Jane does have a sister. I think Grumpy Mayor Wartbreath (LOL) is right Bizzle should go, but first send him to New York to see if he cant find Bilbo.
Delightful post DP, you should write childrens books, hope Bilbo turns up, sometimes the post to and throw is very slow. Kathy.

Tootsie said...

this is just the cutest post!!! I also want to say...I will be shipping your crown tomorrow!!!

Susie said...

Really cute post DP. I vote for Bitzy! She's just the right age for exploring the world.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are so funny and I was feeling a bit weird about posting a video on selling my bees--not no mo! This post tops that! So clever.

I really do think Bilbo will arrive cause I've had my share of parcels across the pond going haywire. No one seems to know how to float the boat correctly or in what direction. We need captains who still know how to navigate by the stars.

My MrD said we should have given Bilbo an internal tracking device. You know someone did that with a parcel they intentionally left in a New York cab. They wanted to see where it would end up. ---I guess I need to return that;) Just kidding. Let's not start any rumors.

For goodness sake don't sign me up for another member of the family. My luck we'd repeat this several times and I'd end up with all 4.

Beyond the Nest said...

I vote Bitsy! If she takes Miss Flopolopolus with her then would have reliable transportation. Snail and frog transport is just not that reliable these days (but they sure are cute!)
Love your post! So clever and funny!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Oh DP, Bistsy needs to come to Swiftwater Farm and help Sadie out with the Fat boys! Loved the post, your camera takes awesome shots!

Kim and Victoria said...

I'm betting Bilbo will eventually turn up. How could he not, he's so famous now, he'd be missing all that attention!

mosaicqueen said...

Hey Dirt Princess!
This is the first time I've been able to get to your comment section! I've been receiving error after error!


mosaicqueen said...

Oh Heck! Where did my comment go??

Dirt Princess!

I've trying to comment on your blog for days and I keep getting an error and it shuts down my internet!! Geesh!!!
Anyway.....I just wanted to say Hello!!!!!

Dirt Princess said...

We are about ready to draw a name....

Please sign my guest book :)




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