Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just an Old Rusty Cart

I have an extremely small kitchen. I hate it, but oh well....because I am stuck with it! It is a "U" shaped kitchen. There is not much storage at all. I have no prep space, and no island. I am constantly struggling with storage space. Over the weekend, I went into my favorite store...Sage Consignment, where I found this wonderful cart for $9!!! I fell in love with it. At first I was going to put it outside. I parked it in the kitchen on this one wall, for the time being...then I thought that maybe it should stay there! I could use this cart in the kitchen. I was going to paint it....but the rust grew on me. I just love it!!!! Rust, dings, scratches and all! I cleaned it up, then went searching for items to store on it.
Whalah! This is what I came up with.
These dishes are from both of my grandmothers. The plates on the left were my Grandma J's, and the other bowls came from Grandma R. I love Granny R's old melamine mixing bowls! I use them A LOT!
Here is a shot of Granny J's old blue dishes. We use to eat of of them every Sunday when she would cook for us.
Great mixing bowls!
On the second shelf I have old crystal platters from both Grandma's, and a syrup and butter dish. I have never used this dish, I love it...one day I will use it.
I also have these old plates...My aunt gave them to me. I have 4 plates and the 4 cups to match. I also have another set of similar plates/saucers. I have never used these either....but maybe one day I will!
I put some place mats on each shelf to cover scratches, I use these placemats on my regular dining table, so they won't stay here long. I need to find some more that I can put on the shelves and leave there. I debated on this candy jar.....
Then I changed it out and added this dish. I will be changing this around quite frequently I do have a "china" cabinet in the kitchen. It is built into the wall. My neighbors used to live in my house and they had it built in due to the lack of storage...and trust me...it helps a lot.
I have a lot of old dishes in this cabinet from my grandmothers as well. If you notice the top shelves, on either side there is some china...that is the china a registered for when we got married, and I only got 2 pieces!!! My mom buys me a set for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Thanks mom! The plates in the center are scenes from Paris and London. I want to find some plates that match the blue/gold I have in the cabinet....I am working on that!
Here is a set of the other brunch plates, cups and saucer. The egg dish was given to me by my aunt, the blue/gold cup was Granny J's, and the goblets were a wedding gift.
I have 4 of the blue/gold cups and I love them! I have 4 sets of the brunch plates/cups/saucer as well.
Next shelf....my baby cup...I think...may be The Hunters. Granny J's crystal bowl, and crystal platter.
Top right shelf...my china...crystal sugar/creamer set courtesy of Granny R and a pitcher.
On the other side we have some wine glasses from college...I used to have sets of 4...but these are the only survivors! The funny thing is that I don't drink. Never have. But my friends would buy me wine glasses! I figured out that this was so when they came to my house they would have them! LOL! The crystal platter in the back is actually a cake plate from one of the the grannies ...and I love it! The bowl was Granny J's.
Next shelf....this is my absolute FAVORITE dish that I own....the blue/gold bowl...courtesy of Granny R! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! How perfect that is matched the blue/gold cups from Granny J!!!!!
I have some faux fruit in it...I have a plethora of decorative balls, and these are just one of many. I didn't have any where to stick them, so I threw them in there. They kinda take away from the glory of my beautiful bowl! It is magnificent if you ask me! One day I am going to do my kitchen in these colors.
Top shelf left side....my other set of china, a pitcher and some goblets.
I have lots more great dishes from my grannies, but these are just some of the few.
The Hunter wasn't to keen on my ole rusty cart! He said he couldn't believe I paid money for it....Men....they just don't get it! He wants me to throw it out and find something new. NEW?!?!?!? No...that cart is new to me and I LOVE it! It help free up a ton of cabinet space for me! When you only have 5 drawers, 11 cabinets...things get crowded quick! I keep all of my cooking utensils in decorative pots on the countertop. I keep my dish towels on the countertop in a decorative tin container, and my pretty coffee mugs are hanging under the cabinet....gotta do what you gotta do. I will get pictures of these things later. I am the Queen...thats right THE QUEEN (not Princess) of working in a small space and creating storage. I long to have a huge kitchen with a gigantic island...with EMPTY cabinets and drawers that I can grow into!!! LOL! Until then....I will work in the tininess that is my kitchen, and I will love it.
I will get some pictures of my "space" savers tonight, and share them with you tomorrow. Since nothing exciting is going on in the garden. I will save the garden for Fertilizer Friday


Darla said...

I love the rusty cart!! You items look lovely on them. You have a lot of dishes girl..Love the China cabinet too. I have still been sewing, painting and staining things around here........once I get started, everywhere I look I see something that needs to be changed!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is so nice! I just loved seeing the photos of your pretty pieces. You have so much lovely sentimental value in that great cabinet. Never mind, if you had a big kitchen it would be full too. I loaded my cabinets as soon as the house done,and now I am still complaining.
Good for you on your bargain cart. You have made into something lovely..what do men know about these things anyway?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi DP, You have some gorgeous china.. Glad you found another way to display it. You did a wonderful job. I got my mother's china ---but nothing from grandparents (since they were all dead before I was born).

Love your 'new' purchase!!!! Doesn't it feel good to get such a sale????

June said...

Love the cart and what you did with it, so inspired! My kitchen is orange too, YUM!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I think the cart looks great and you can see some dishes that have special meaning to you too. I love older dishes. I have quite of bit of china from my grandmothers too.

RainGardener said...

I love your cart and really love that you got great things from your family. I wish mine had passed things on but o'well. The turquoise bowl is gorgeous and ohhhhhh so 50s. I can't believe the glasses are from another set - great match. I'm thinking the bowl might even have been for ice originally (because of the shape) but not sure. And you can get that color kitchen someday and get all the old 50s turquoise/aqua pieces they had back then. Your hostess sets are nice too - I always sold them in the shop.
Great find DP - you ARE the queen! LOL

Blue Creek Home said...

That cart is going to come in real handy. It looks great with your grandmothers dishes.
The built -in is a lovely piece. And how fortunate to have it filled to the brim with pretty pieces too.

Susie said...

Hey DP I love your dishware collection. I especially like that you have some of your grandmothers things. I have a couple of things of mine. They are priceless!

Serena's Secret Gardens said...

Gorgeous gorgeous and more gorgeous. Love the rusty old cart you've got me inspired to go check out the junk yards and op shops. Love the torquoise bowl, thank goodness for mums and grannies eh?

Love your blog too.

lilsista said...

What lovely pieces you have..I especially love the blue and gold glasses! I hope you have a happy Wednesday and I 'll return to see your organizers soon! Smiles! :0)

donna said...

Oh, the stories that rusty old cart could tell. It was fun to see all the items you've collected or inherited. The placemats you put on the cart shelves....I have the very same ones on our kitchen table. And I posted something nongardening today also.

Prairie Chicken... said...

My Canadian eyes immediately zoned in on your maple leaf candy dish that was full of chocolates! Cute cart eh!

Dirt Princess said...

Darla it is never ending around the house...always something to do!

Florida Sue you are correct...what do men know about these things...NOTHING!

Betsy I thought it was great!

June I love the color. It is Sherwin Williams Chrysanthemum....go figure!

RG that would be nice with the coordinating pieces. I love the hostess sets...I need to use them!

Rhonda it is loaded...I sure hope it is built in there pretty well

Susie they are priceless! Some of them I don't want to use.

Serena thanks! I love old junk! The hubby thinks I am crazy...but oh well!

Lilsista glad you like it. I am telling you that me, you and Tootsie could have a blast at some of the places around here! no telling what we could conjure up!

Donna that is so funny. I got them from Target and then had our initial monogrammed on it!

PC funny because I thought about you when I put it on the cart! Someone gave that to me!

Marilyn Jones said...

Having been there, I would say the bowl with the aqua is from the late 60's and was a potato chip bowl. They were sold with a little brass holder that fit on the brim of the bowl and held a matching small bowl for the dip.

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