Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Humidity is only 77% today

Compared to 86% yesterday! Everytime I went outside yesterday I came inside soaking wet from sweat! This is the part of the South I HATE! You absolutely cannot fix your hair on days like this, it is pointless, and definitely don't waste your time fixing your hair if it is going to rain....because that's a waste of time as well. I always see these commercials for shampoo/conditioner and hairspray that's "fights" humidity , and will hold no matter what! HA!!! Those companies clearly did not test there products in Mobile, Alabama....cuz there is NOTHING that can with stand this humidity! I can hear the humidity laugh in my face everytime I walk outside with my humidity proof hairspray! In the 10 seconds it takes for me to walk outside, unlock my car, and get in.....the hair has been attacked and ruined by humidity! No CHI could keep hair straight here. So to all you companies that make humidity proof hair products, you need a disclaimer that says " Not applicable in Alabama or Mississippi". That is false advertising. Here is yet another fine example of humidity. It is so muggy outside that I can't keep the camera lens from fogging up! The lens isn't fogged up from being inside, and then taking it outside. It is fogged up because at 7am it is 400% humidity on top of it being 95 degrees outside! So all the pictures are hazy thanks to Mr. Humidity. If you can see past the haze, that is actually Mexican Petunia Cosmo
Stokes Aster (after bloom)
I like cosmos, but some of them are just lazy! If you have a 3" stalk, there is REALLY no excuse as to why you can't hold yourself up! And don't tell me you can't, because the cosmos in the front yard are doing it....so can you!! NOW PICK YOURSELF UP!
Four O'Clocks
The Dinner Plate Dahlia is loaded!!! All of the rain we have had has done a WORLD of difference. Everything is perking back up and beginning to bloom. There are 12 buds on this Dahlia!
and there are 2 of them
Light purple bee balm is blooming again after the drought
Phlox is perking back up as well
Bee Balm
Plumbago, a little beat down after the rain....but no one is complaining
I planted this Crepe Myrtle 3 years ago and it had a terrible fungus and never bloomed. It shed it fungus and finally bloomed. Goo thing, because it was getting dug up this year if it didn't
Daylilies have started blooming again thanks to the rain
Sapphire Sage
The next days we are supposed to get 30-40% chance of rain everyday. This is the afternoon showers I was telling ya'll about. It will be a beautiful sunny day, and around 4pm it will start raining. It is great and will be great for the flowers


Susie said...

Girl I don't even try to do anything to my hair. Besides at work it stays under a hat most of the time.

We have gotten rain two days in a row now. I'm in heaven! I just hope the plants perk up like yours have.

Becca's Dirt said...

Things are perking up now with the rain. It all looks good DP. I love the dahlia's and they have so many buds. Lucky you. Love the four o'clocks.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. I wondered what the heck was wrong with my camera at first. Everything was blurry. Now I wipe the lens frequently. This never happened in the North on the hottest of days. My head gets the sweatiest and it drives me crazy. I look like I just stepped out of the shower when I have been working lightly in the garden. It's brutal. We have had lots of rain but my Siloam daylilies have decided to stop blooming. grr. I love all of your photos..your devoted to you- little Lab is getting big!

tina said...

Well the flowers don't look as though they've suffered any ill effects from all the humidity. I hope you are enjoying today. Up here in the upper south, this summer has been one for the history books-rain and lower humidity. Loving it! I hope it continues for you and me both!

Lou Cinda said...

Okay, I love the pep talk for the Cosmos! Is he listening? He needs a little encouragement...

These of course are all gorgeous!! And yes, my hair is also just lovely this time of year! I leave home and when I get work it is flat! Don't even know why I bother!

Lou Cinda :)

Jamie and Randy said...

Beautiful pictures! That afternoon rain will also be great for napping!--Randy

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi DP, Yes---we here in the south DO know about humidity... Yuk!!!!!

It's amazing how flowers come back after a nice rain. Yours are gorgeous!!!!!


Kathy said...

Whew, that does sound hot, I just did a post on all the gorgeous Orchids at the Bitanical Gardens in Singapore and they have 86% humidity and I thought of jumping in the fountains constantly, I gave up with my hair. Alabama sounds even hotter and more humid YIKES.

hehe your lazy Cosmos might be suffering the effects also and having a bad hair day too, your so funny, love all your other blooms and happy you have had some rain, your little puppy is adorable, happy Tuesday, Kathy.

Dirt Princess said...

Susie I am a hat gal myself!

Becca I can't wait for them all to bloom

Florida Sue...see what I mean...he goes everywhere I go. If I go out, he is right behind me! When we go outside he doesn't run off, he stays right by me!

Tina somedays it will be 96 degrees, but lower humidity, and it feels like its 15 degrees cooler! Oneday last week the humidity was 45% and it felt like it was 80 outside but it was actually 94

Lou Cinda, hair is a lost cause in the South from May-September! Maybe the cosmo needs a lil more rain, or a hat!

Randy I wish I could take an afternoon nap!

Betsy its like being in a sauna 24/7

Jathy I do love it here, don't get me wrong, but I get tired of going outside only to feel like I can't breathe because the air is so thick!

Prospero said...

DP. The garden is looking good. I love nosey in the flowers!

Go outside and your camera lens fogs up! Yes, somebody else knows what I mean. Keep in mind that Bermuda is a tiny dot in the middle the ocean. It's at 95% humidity on a dry day!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I have to laugh about the hair comments. My sister has curly hair and anytime it barley rains or it's humid she said her hair starts to get wide and big.
Your garden is looking great. It seems like the things that bloom now don't mind the drought type weather as much.

Debbie's Garden said...

Love the AL & MS hairspray disclaimer. Guess your Cosmos feel the same way.
I dont know what hospital my nephew is at in Mobile. They're moving him to Birmingham this week.

NatureStop said...

It's equally humid here and hot too.Your garden looks pretty with all the blooms.Love the four o'clocks and the Daylilies.

Joanne said...

Such a challenging climate I would be miserable but amazing how the plants cope

Jean said...

Hi DP...is your mexican petunia in the full sun? Someone gave me one last year..it got partial sun but has never bloomed. I am wondering if that is the problem. Your flowers look great!

Dirt Princess said...

Jean my mexican petunia is in FULL sun. I have them everywhere in my yard, and they are all full sun.

Jean said...

When I saw the mexican petunia it reminded me of the wild petunias that make their home in my back garden. The bloom is almost identical and they are in the same genus. They are in bloom now but they prefer the shade. I hope my mexican petunias bloom now that they have been moved to more sun. I always say my plants need wheels on them..cause I move them so much!

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