Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rainy Afternoon

Yesterday after work I went to visit my parents. My brother was in town for the afternoon, so we all had dinner. We got a really good rain yesterday, about 5 minutes after I took these pictures. My mom's garden is looking great! They are getting ready to put their fence up, so after that she can get started on the rest of the yard. Here are some pics from her place.
Jacobean plant
I love this plant stake!
Bee's fighting over the coneflowers!
Pink and white cosmos
This coneflower is a little reminded me of Darla's Black Eyed Susan I can't wait to show you pictures of her garden this time next year once she gets all the beds done around the fence.
I need to get out and weed this weekend! We got a good 3" of rain yesterday! So everything is doing great!


Darla said...

I WANT RAIN!!! I am soaking wet from the humidity and pulling garden hoses around this morning. Now watch, it'll rain this afternoon..well, maybe. Your Mom's flowers are beautiful...she past that green thumb right on down to you! Thanks for the link, that plant got way to many steroids!!

Jamie and Randy said...

I keep trying to look up your Jacobean Plant and everytime I do it brings up a Sprekelia. Is it known by any other name? I think it's pretty and I want to know more about it.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow--your mother's garden already looks great. So many colors and so many gorgeous flowers... I can only imagine what it will look like next year.

Glad you are getting some rain. Your garden will love that (and your Mom's will also).

Anonymous said...

Huh, I commented on this post before, but it's not showing. Hummmm. Love your mom's garden. It's beautiful and I enjoy the design. I also wanted to let you know that I purchased my own domain name, so change your reader to I hope to continue to see you around.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

What pretty gardens she has. I can see where you get your gardening genes from. We still haven't had rain besides a very small amount last weekend, not enough to really water anything. This is one of the dryest summers I can remember.

Susie said...

Your mom's flowers do look great. I can't believe you got 3" of rain. You lucky dog!

lilsista said...

Awesome flower pics! Love the deformed daisy! How unique!:0) Enjoy your weekend!

SuburbanGardener said...

That is such a pretty garden. Whoever planned and planted it is very talented. Good job to them!! May all your plants flourish!!

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