Friday, October 2, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Can you believe it is October already! Time just flies by........I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Seems like yesterday I was planting spring bulbs....and now I am planting fall bulbs.... I am still I am still participating in Fertilizer Friday. You can head on over to Tootsie's to sign up, or just check out some blooms! We have a very long growing season here...300 days out of the year to be exact. Soon gardeners here will pulling up their spring/summer annuals and planting pansies, and snapdragons. Here are some of the things in bloom in my garden now: I was attempting to take a picture of the watermelon....but Tide wanted his picture I got a picture of both of them. The watermelon is right behind his left ear! LOL! Don't mind the weeds! The watermelon vine is growing all over the place so I can't spray roundup, and unfortunately those weeds are really hard to pull. I am just dealing with them for now!
My climbing rose has finally reached the top of the arbor! However...I'm not sure if I want to keep it here, because I need to move the Mexican Flame Vine....and I thought this arbor would be perfect for it! The climbing rose may have another trellis to call home soon.
The summer poinsettia is slowly growing. I caught it peeking out from under the Butterfly Ginger.
I took tons of photos of the Butterfly Ginger....I just love the way it looks and here are a few pics....
This is one of my Tibouchina's....and both will be moved tomorrow! Neither of them is getting enough sun, so they need to be moved to a sunnier area!
Bat Face Plant (it is really hard to photograph)
I really don't remember the name of this Mom gave it to me...I need to ask her, or one of you might know???? I love it though!
The Penta is really doing great!
Cardinal of my favorites. It should be blooming very soon! It will be moved also after it has finished blooming. I stuck it here, because at the time I had no where else to plant it. It will stay in this same bed...just a better spot!
Impatiens are still blooming! I will be planting more of these next year.
Wild is called WILD for a reason! I have pulled all of this up! It comes up EVERYWHERE! However I missed this get a good last look at it!
Ants crawling on the watermelon vine
I have a BUSY day tomorrow moving plants around. I need to sit down and make myself a list of what all I need to move....or else I will forget! Hope ya'll have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!


Vonnie said...

That Tide; what a cutie. Glad to see your garden in full swing and it looks not so soggy as before. We're just starting to build raised beds and I'm hoping the fall garden isn't going in too late. we usually don't get a frost until January, but it's been a weird weather year.

Ginger said...

LOVE the bat face plant. Great new background/header, too!

My cardinal flower you gave me is alive and well! Can't wait for it to bloom!

Ginger said...

PS I think those might be assasin bugs not ants

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Oh, the blooms on your ginger plants are so pretty. You have so much blooming yet. We gardeners are always moving things because we are always adding to the garden.
I do not know where this summer went either but I wish it would have stayed here longer.

Becca's Dirt said...

Tide is just a little cutie - though not little for long. The butterfly ginger is awesome. Love the changes on your blog.

Dirt Princess said...

Vonnie the weather has been crazy this year. I would love to build some raised beds...maybe I can get around to it!

Ginger I am so glad your cardinal spheres is doing good!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It really still is growing there. The Butterfly ginger is so pretty, it looks like it would smell good. Tide is so cute!
Your new header looks great!

Nezzy said...

Your doggie loves the camera just like my Tiger does. He'd be in every shot smooshin' the flowers down.

Your flowers are still so very beautiful. We received our first frost that was ground level this morning. It only hit the higher land in the yard so I have another day with my gardens.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the beauty around your.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Such a cutie Tide is! He reminds me of a chocolate lab I once owned. The bat face plant is awesome! -Jackie

Darla said...

It all looks wonderful DP. Tide is the best bloomer of them all!

Tootsie said...

OMG!!! things look incredible there!!! I am just jealous. My yard is officially wiped out by the frost...damnit!
oh well...I have lots of time coming to admire my bloggie friends and plan for next year right?
I will link in for you...I finally fixed my had something to do with the cache of cookies or something...had to delete my history and I was good to go! I guess I know for next time right? lol

Erin said...

Gorgeous reminder that winter isn't taking over everywhere. YOu make me miss (just for a moment) the joy of gardening in So Cal. (Okay, I'm over it...I love living in a place with four seasons!) Your garden is gorgeous!

Matron said...

What an amazing dog! such a happy face!

Bonnie said...

It is really fun to see all that color. I'm in zone 4, so our season is almost done. You have some nice plants.

Susie said...

Hey DP that one mystery plant is a salvia. It can self-seed.

That Tide is so cute. Love his pic!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Jan said...

The plant with the pink flowers looks like coral nymph salvia. I have it in my garden, and it reseeds as well as overwinters in mild winters. Your garden still looks good.

Always Growing

Carolyn said...

It is all lovely -especially the butterfly ginger!


Debbie's Garden said...

Tide looks like you caught him sitting still for ONE MINUTE. He looks full of energy in his doggie smile, oh and full of devilery too.
Your flower still look like summer time.

Dirt Princess said... just flew by! I am about to get outside and start moving! It is a wonderful 66 degrees here as of now!

Becca thanks! Tide is getting HUGE! Its hard to tell in the picture...but he is a good 50+lbs now

Catherine....yep it is still growing. I need to send you some butterfly ginger...the fragrance is wonderful. I can smell it all over the back yard when I am outside

Nezzy, unfortunately for Tide...we put up an invisible he can no longer go into my flower beds. We normally don't get many frosts throughout winter. I can't believe you have had your first already. Our first probably won't be until late December or January.

Jackie...I am amazed at how good he is. He is not your normal lab. He is onlyu 4-1/2 months old...and he acts like an old dog in a puppies body. He has always acted like that. When we got him...we just thought it was because he was in a new place....but I suppose he just has a laid back personality. Knock on wood....he doesn't dig or chew.

Darla...why don't you come help me weed, and then it will look good!

Tootsie I am glad you got it fixed! It is so odd to watch everyones gardens this time of the year and see the changes in each one.

Erin...I love it...but I hate it at the same hate relationship. I do wish we had 4 "true" seasons here....but hey, it is what it is!

Matron...I need to come visit your new blog. I have heard all about it! Tide would like it!

Bonnie...on the flip side, when everyone else is posting beautiful fall and winter photos, and gorgeous snow scenes....odds are that I will be in shorts and flips flops on my computer looking at them.

Susie you are right, and I knew it was...just not 100% sure....I am forgetful in my old age...LOL!

Jan..thanks...I will be sure to write it down now!

Carolyn I was just by your place admiring it....I just could not imgaine living there. It is like a fairytail....just gorgeous. I don't think I left a comment on your fall post of the shots around town, because I was too busy showing everyone in my office the photos!

Debbie...aren't they funny. They each have their own little personalities!

Joanne said...

Love the trick or treat and haloween blog but the flowers are great too.

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