Monday, April 12, 2010

Japanese Cherry Blossom

I took these pictures around the first of March, and forgot about them! This is my neighbor's Japanese Cherry Blossom. It is absolutely gorgeous. I want to try to root it. Has anyone every rooted one?

I worked in the yard all weekend! Two days worth of work, and all I mainly did was pull weeds! I planted some things, and moved some things....but majority of my time was spent battling un-welcome guests.

I am convinced that no place in the world has as many weeds as the coastal South. You can't possible have more, or else you couldn't garden from all the weeds. I pulled 3 garbage bags full of weeds from all of my flower beds! If I could find a medicinal purpose from the weeds in my garden, and sell them....I would be a millionaire. I am at constant battle with the weeds. The rattlesnake weed is going to be the death of me! It makes me so mad when I am out there digging its roots up, that I find myself talking to it. Yes, thats right.....I talk to weeds! Clearly this means I am not sane. Ofcourse, in my opinion....gardeners are not sane people. We purposely do things that most people wouldn't even dream of doing.

My landscape project that I did a few weekends ago for example. My aunt came over and told me that I was crazy. No one in their right mind would attempt to do all of that, and I should have just paid someone.

Gardeners do this type of thing every day and every weekend....that is just all part of it.

I question my sanity when I am talking to weeds! I suppose I am ok, until they start talking back!


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Crazy? US? LOL!All that work does pay off doesn't it? If not do not tell me. I loved all you were slaving over in your back yard.
DP your pictures of the Cherry blossoms are so pretty. I like the ones with the water drops of course.
Great shots. Don't forget to come over and enter my Garden Grab Bag Contest.

Nezzy said...

Guess we're all just a whacked out crazy bunch! I went out early this year and cleaned out all the weeds thinkin' I'd be all ready when I mulched. Heeehehehe! Girlfriend, it's a jungle out there. The weeks took over and here I am re-weedin' before May! I'll show those stinkin' weeds, I'm puttin' down a layer of newspaper under my mulch. It should be good for at least this season.

Have fun and a marvelous Monday,sweetie!!!

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful cherry blossoms. WEEDS - as much as we hate them - without the weeds we might not be able to enjoy the beauty of the blooms. Happy weeding DP.

NellJean said...

I feel your pain; mine too, with Florida betony/rattlesnake weed.

I think of weeds as a measure of how rich my garden beds are. If weeds won't grow, nothing else will.

Lisa Blair said...

Haha! Yeah, I agree that you are OK... until they start talking back. I talk to them, too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You should move to the Plateau!!!! There are NO weeds up here........ ha ha ha... IF you believe that, I'll sell you some swamp land.

Love your Daffodils also in the previous post. Yours look alot like some of ours....

Have a good time diggin' in the dirt!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about those aggravating weeds. We have these horrible ones with thorns that are trying to take over our vegetable garden. They even have thorns on their roots!
The goats, Jack, and Betsy like them though. That is why we fenced in the garden, so they can all eat on those mean weeds until planting time.

Enjoy this spring weather.
Have a great day.

tina said...

Your cherry blossoms literally shine. They should take away some of the sting of all the weeds. It is a constant battle here too but hang in there. Once you have it done and mulched and the plants are bigger you should be able to relax a bit:)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The cherry blossoms are beautiful, you took some great pictures!
We are crazy :) I'm aching all over from the weeding and cleaning out my pond, but it feels so good too. By doing the work ourselves I think we enjoy the results much more.

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