Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's Blooming at the Neighbors and a Bilbo update

I often venture next door to see what is blooming in my neighbor's garden. They don't seem to mind me perusing their garden with my camera in hand.

I am surprised how fast Spring arrived. Seems as though it came out of no where. One day plants were just beginning to turn green, and the next day they were covered with new leaves and blooms. If you took a might have missed it.

I will let ya'll enjoy their photos, they have some beautiful blooms!

Their Bridal Wreath reminds me of cotton candy tufts!!! I want to get a piece and root it! It is gorgeous!

I am going to get some photos of their azaleas soon. Today it is rainy and nasty, and I hope the rain doesn't knock all of the blooms off!

Bilbo has finally arrived at Tootsie's place in Canada. This is his second stop in Canada. He has been traveling for close to a year now, April 21st to be exact. I will keep you updated, and let you know when she posts! I am excited!

Hope ya'll are having a great day!


FlowerLady said...

Wow, your neighbor has some real beauties. What a joy to have all of those in your own garden. It's nice of them to let you in to take pictures.


Nezzy said...

What beautiful blooms, the bridal wreath is wonderful. Is it fragrant also??? I braved the wind to get some shots of some of my flowering trees yesterday. Dang it to thunder, we have a hard frost warning for the next two nights. My huge dump truck load of mulch awaits me but baby it's cold out there today. Have fun!

Enjoy your day and may God bless it!!!

Vonnie said...

Don't you just love neighbors! I have the sweetest older lady that's moved in next door. She and her family have started working in the yard and the bar has definitely been raised! She's having a great time watching my hens through the fence and we share plants, eggs, and ideas.
Have a wonderful spring day!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

The long winter's wait was worth it...the prize...your gorgeous photos of these flowers...applause...

Stephanie said...

DP, splendid shots and beautiful blooms!

Tootsie said...

welllllll....she posted alright...that Bilbo is a busy little gnome!!! oh what trouble he was causing me today! Tomorrow...who knows....he's tired now...all tucked in for the night...
hope when the kids get home...they keep him busy! ahaha

April, I lost my rules about bilbo...if you don't mind...please email me a new set! I don't want to bugger it up!

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Hey DP ! Everything is "looki'n good" down your way!! LOVE those window flower boxes!! XOXO :)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I think the Bridal Wreath bushes are so pretty now. I love the white and the pink ones too. More beautiful daffodils. Oh DP the peach and white ones are just gorgeous.
That Bilbo is getting the big head all this world traveling he is doing.Won't listen to Tootsie at all. LOL!

Dirt Princess said...

Flower Lady I share my pictures with them :)

Nezzy...ooooh a frost!!! How terrible. Not to rub in it...but it is gorgeous here! And very warm! I don't think the bridal wreath is fragrant.

Vonnie having great neighbors is such a blessing. They are really few and far between.

T.B.H. thank you. They are beauties aren't they. They blow my old country daffodils out of the water!

Stephanie thanks

Tootsie I am on my way to see Bilbo now! I have missed him! I will email you the rules!

Carol thank you. I still haven't planted anything in them! I hope to do that this weekend.

Lona I am ready for Bilbo to come to Hocking Hills!!!!!

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