Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coming to Life

Everything is coming to life! The garden has finally perked up, and blooms are popping up everywhere. These irises came from my grandma's old homeplace. This is the first year they have bloomed. I dug them up last year, and placed the roots barely in the ground. I didn't think that I had planted them that deep in the first place, but apparently they thought they were to deep!

I love the pattern on the petals. It reminds me of a tiger! LOL!

The daises are doing great. They were a gift last year from Marilyn at Wheelchair Gardener .
They have really filled out, and the plant is loaded with blooms!

This phlox was one of the first things I planted in my garden, long before I ever gardened! It was given to my by The Dirt Queen (my mom). I absolutely love it! I recently moved several pieces of it to other beds.

Dianthus for me are one of the best performing plants I have. They are not bothered by the heat, lack of water, or the cold. This is their fourth year, and they keep on flourishing. They will bloom for me well into the fall, and stay green all throughout the winter.

I have noticed several of my irises leaves are kinked! This is the oddest thing to me! There are 5 or 6 like this. Nothing has disturbed it, I suppose it just grew this way.

Anyday now, the Asters will be in bloom! They are also a good plant for me. They take the heat and can take lack of watering.

Hot Lips Fuschia in bloom. This was given to me last year by a fellow gardener. It is doing well.

The roses are loaded with buds, as you can see I have two blooms. This is Annie's Blush Rose that was given to me by my 80 year old garden buddy, Mrs. Brown. I like the fact that I have to do nothing to it!

I planted some Sapphire Sage in various parts of the garden. They came from "babies" of the established plants I already had. I also moved 5 Seven Sisters climbing roses. They were given to me last year by my neighbor. I planted two on the arbor, one on the lamp post, and two more on a trellis. They have the most beautiful blooms. I also planted Gladiolas, Dinner Plate Dahlia's, and Freesia. I have never grown Freesia before, but I love it. I am hoping it will do well for me.

We haven't had rain in a while, I hope it will rain sometime soon to help establish the new plants, and seeds!

I have been on a war path with fire ants! I swear they seek me out when I am on the yard! The front beds, everyone of them, are over ran with fire ant beds! I have learned to stick the trowel in and wait a second. If they run out all over the place, I run too! If none come out, then I am good! You better believe if I decide I want to plant something in a certain place, the fire ants have decided they like it there too! One of the coneflowers is growing out of a huge fire ant mound! I picked up some fire ant killer and put it out in every bed I have! The bed on the side of the house is around 20 feet long, and the ENTIRE bed is a fire aunt castle! Ridiculous! They have destroyed it! The once rich soil, is nothing more than fine sand! This bed needs a lot of work. I need to add it some topsoil and mulch! My feet, and hands look like I have been mauled! I am covered with fire ant bites! UGH!!!


keewee said...

Wonderful photos.
I am happy to say, we don't have fire ants here. They sound like nasty little critters.

Stephanie said...

It's always a delight to see iris. Love to see your garden blooms. They are all lovely!

marmee said...

hey there,

wow it's been a while...your photographs are looking fabulous. as well as your garden.
iguess i am a little behind...bilbo has made the rounds...suppose he would want to visit tn?
happy springtime.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Absolutely beautiful blooms and photographs!

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Darla said...

Yes it's waking up around there. Beautiful DP. I hate piss ants!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What beautiful pictures! Did you get a new lens? I love your macros. That Iris is so pretty. I saw a few buds on mine, very early for here.

Dirt Princess said...

keewee Lucky you!!!!! No fire wonderful! But you probably have other critters that aren't so nice!

Staphanie thanks!

Marmee thanks for stopping by. Please go visit Tootsie Time and leave a comment on the posts about Bilbo. Each commenters name will be put into a drawing. Tootsie will draw a name and then that person will get him next. You just have to keep following him until nhe gets to you! I would love for him to visit you!

Tatyana thanks

Darla I can imagine you have a similar problem!

Catherine, I did not get a new lens. It is the standard lens. I vary shooting from Auto and Macro. I thought about getting a macro lens, and I eventually will. However, as for now, the standard lens is working excellent for me

Becca's Dirt said...

Great photo of the iris. All of them are beautiful. YOu have a lot going on there. I hate those pesky little HURTING buggars. I have the same problem and I just hate to use the fire ant killer in my flower beds but whats a gardener to do. Have a good weekend DP.

Nezzy said...

Whatever ya'll are doin' with that new camera of yours, the pictures are incredible. Have you entered Pioneer Woman's macro contest. Those irises would be perfect!

Enjoy your day!!!

Dirt Princess said...

Becca I know...I hate to use it too....but I get tired aof scratching!

Nezzy I need to look into that. Thanks for the heads up!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

OMG! Everything is beautiful, but those first images of your iris took my breath away! Great job!!!
Good luck to you in your anti-ants war!

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