Friday, April 23, 2010

Fertilizer Friday - April 23, 2010

Time to Flaunt those flowers!!! It's Fertilizer Friday! Head on over to Tootsie's and sign up to flaunt your flowers, or just check out what everyone else is flaunting.Today I am flaunting I little bit from my garden, as well as my neighbor's garden.

They bought this Joseph's Coat Rose last year from the local flea market. It was a tiny little plant....but boy has it grown!!! It has to be one of the most beautiful roses I have ever seen! Look at all of the amazing colors! I am going to get a cutting from it and have Mr. Brown root it for me!
These are blooms from the Joseph's Coat Rose! Absolutely GORGEOUS! It smells just as good as it looks!

They also have many other roses. I do not know the names of them, my neighbor doesn't keep up with the names. If it looks good, she doesn't care!

I really like this particular rose! It has variations of pink and white...and is stunning!

She put together a bouquet of flowers for Sunday school! They were gorgeous! This is a collage of that bouquet!

One of her many irises. Again...not sure of the name. Some of  you may know.

They have over 1500 daylilies, and they will soon be blooming. I will be sure to share them with you all!

Now let's walk back to my garden and see what is going on.....

My Clematis is in full bloom. I am not certain of the name. The Dirt Queen (mom), rooted it for me off of my grandmothers Clematis.

The hydrangeas are beginning to show off there little buds! This particular hydrangea was also rooted from my grandmothers plant. It is an old Nikko Blue

I always enjoy watching the Cahaba Lilies "unfurl"! Such a neat process! Every year, the leaves die back, and when the new growth comes on...they emerge out of the old growth. It is like it is emerging from a cocoon. They will be blooming soon!

And last but not least...the Butterfly Ginger! They will soon be blooming, and I can't wait for their fragrance to fill the air! What a wonderful scent they have!

I hope to be planting some seedlings this weekend. There are a few that are now big enough to be planted. I learned the hard way last year to not plant seedlings that are too small.....because the snails will eat them and you will never see them again!

I have much more in the just isn't interesting enough to show as of now! LOL!!! The Prairie Coneflowers, Purple Coneflowers, Asters, Monarda, Phlox and Plumbago are all getting ready to put on a show! As soon as they do, I will be there waiting on them!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Becca's Dirt said...

Stunning roses. Your clematis is beautiful. Can't wait to see the other pretties open up.

Aren't your plants suffering a little with the drought we have had. I have been watering and everything is OK but not a lot of growth. After the rain this weekend the seedlings I planted a few weeks ago should take off.

Jeannie B. said...

Lovely! I love the rooting off your Grandmothers Clematis. How lucky you are!

noel said...


its raining today so seeing all the garden blooms are a nice thing to do with a hot cup of coffee.

spring is popping up everywhere in your garden today, i love your rose shots especially, thanks for sharing this today

i have a new challenge on my sari blog if your interested in checking it out :)

Ben said...

Lots of great pics for fertilizer firday I can see a lot is going on in your yard right now. I really like the clematis pictures wow what a nice plant.

Debbie said...

Awesome photos and the flowers are just beautiful. I think I like your neighbors something because you like and who cares what it is called :0)

RainGardener said...

Your neighbors Roses and Irises are beautiful. And your Clematis is just gorgeous. Love the center of it.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Hi DP. What beautiful roses your neighbor has. The Joseph's Coat has different colors on each bloom doesn't it? Very pretty. But I love your Clematis. Wow! Soon you will have all kinds of blooms. I got some Plumbago seeds started they are an annual here. I still cannot get the hibiscus seeds to sprout. I have one more trick up my sleeve and if that doesn't work I will have to call it quits on them. You know how I am hating that. I may have to have you grow a sprig for me. Isn't that awful LOL!
Have a great weekend and I am loving your pictures.

Paula said...

WOW _these are amazing flowers - love the bright colors and seeing them in bloom! I have a while to go before we get this kind of blooms. Thanks so much for sharing! Paula in IDaho

Sue said...

OMG your rose is out of this world beautiful (hope that comment makes sense).


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Okay, now I'm really jealous! I want roses and Clematis blooming here :) That rose is beautiful!
I hope you get your planting done. I'd love to get out and do some too.

Carol@ Writers Porch/ Book House said...

Great pics DP !! I now have 7 Joseph's Coat Roses and they are my favs!! XOXO :)

Dirt Princess said...

Becca fortunately my plants have been ok. Everything has been holding its own. I have watered a few times. Thankfully this rain we got today will help greatly.

Jeannie thanks

noel I will check it out. It has rained here all day today! We really needed it! It was good for me to get some housework done!

Ben thanks

RG thanks

Hocking Hills just let me know on that hibiscus, I will be glad to send you a sprig!

Sue thanks!

Paula soon you will be showing off your gorgeous blooms!

Catherine it has rained here all day. Lots of bad thunderstorms. I got a lot of housework done! Only a 10% chance of rain tomorrow. Hopefully I can get outside and get a few things accomplished know you started this! LOL!! I showed them pics of yours and they fell in love with it...see what you started!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Gorgeous roses!! Love your Clematis too!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures and mosaics are so beautiful. It sounds like your neighbor has the right idea. As long as it looks good, who cares about names. I appreciate your comment on my previous post telling me how to start root plantings. I have several cuttings from my Bradford Pear tree in a pot right now. My fingers are crossed. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

All those gorgeous roses!!! Ours our just now leafing out- it will be a bit before they bloom!

Hartwood Roses said...

How wonderful to see so many beautiful roses!! Mine are just starting. Looking at yours and your neighbor's is wonderful. Thanks for visiting my blog.

linda may said...

Pretty, thanks for sharing.
I have never had any luck with clematis, when they are in the nursery they look wonderful, but they don't seem to stay that way when I plant them in,, hahaha.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I don't think I put the link in. Here it is:

Corner Gardener Sue said...

You and your neighbor have some awesome blooms! I love your collages, too.

Thanks for your comment on my bloom post. For some reason, my April 9th post was on the link. I'll give you the link to my current post, if you are interested in seeing what was blooming Friday. I have more I haven't posted yet. I love this time of year! Of course, you are near you peak of blooms probably.

Bonnie said...

What a gorgeous post!

Nezzy said...

Just gorgeous. I have a Joesph's Coat growin' up the outside of my fireplace. My roses are beginning to form some buds and again we have a killin' frost warning tonight. I actually have a fire in the fireplace today. Your flowers are just stunning sweetie.

God bless ya and have a Marvelous Monday!!!

donna said...

A Clematis as beautiful as yours, doesn't need a name. Or maybe you could name it Dirt Queen Clematis. People will be searching the internet to see where they can get one.

By hydrangeas have just started leafing out and you've already got buds. Enjoy.


Kim and Victoria said...

Well your text looks great but I never noticed a problem with it.

Love that Joseph's Coat. We had one for a while but it died out. They have such beautiful blooms.

Tootsie said...

APRIL!!!! I need some of that rose too!!! I wonder if they have that here...better check next time I'm out.
Your garden is looking just beautiful so far...and I love the new header photo...and your post photos are just so you are loving that new camera!
thanks for linking in this week. I am sorry it took so long to get over here and see...I just can't seem to get to the end of the busy around here these days! I do hope you will link in again...I have enjoyed my visit!

Joanne said...

Lovely roses and collage. Great clematis and how nice it came from your grandma's plant.

I like your new style header too.

Jan (Thanks For Today) said...

Gorgeous roses, and collages! I can't wait until my clematis blooms. So far, still no buds. It looks more than springy down there...almost like summer;-)

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos of the flowers...and I'll be thinking of all of you as this oil spill is approaching!!!

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