Saturday, June 13, 2009

Where In the World is Bilbo: Lincolnshire, England

Bilbo has finally arrived in lovely Lincolnshire, England and what a time he is having!!! He has spent most of his day with Jane Austen! So click on Bilbo's picture above to see his newest travels pics. Be sure to leave a comment on the post to have your name put in for a drawing to have Bilbo sent to your garden next! Cheers!
BTW...The Dirt Princess is back from the week at the beach, and his pooped! I will post tomorrow. I have missed all of ya'll.


Ginger said...

Hey girl! So glad you're back!!
I LOVE the new Bilbo post - esp. the dance and the "theater"!
Glad to hear you and Kiki got your package OK finally :)

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said... funny, I just watch the movie
" Lost In Austen ". Hope you had a great time!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I don't think he'll want to leave. He's being spoiled there :)
Glad you're back, we missed you.

Blossom said...

Lucky Bilbo ... I'm so jealous!

Prospero said...

Glad to have you back. I was getting a little worried.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope you had a wonderful time at the beach.. After a vacation, one has to come HOME to recoop!!!!! (Supposed to be the other way around!!! ha)

Bilbo is having the time of his life, isn't he???

Laura said...

Glad you're back. How does your yard look?
I worked so hard in mine yesyerday and it was so hot, I can barely walk today-
but I love it!


Dirt Princess said...

Ginger isn't it great! I love it!

Carol good timing!I had a blast!

Catherine I have lots of catching up to do!!! I am still recoping from being gone a week....remember all those weeds!

Blossom he is not going to want to come back home to me after all of his travels!

Prospero I am back, vacation wears you out!

Betsy you are exactly right! I am still recovering.

Laura you won't BELIEVE how my yard looks!!! I will show you tomorrow...I am too busy pulling weeds today! The hear is nrealy unbarable!

EB said...

Hello - seems to me you've been away for ages! I will go and check out Bilbo's new home too...

Tatyana said...

I hope your vacation was good! Will wait for the report!

Jean said...

I have a friend who lives not far from
Lincolnshire. Shall I have him drop by to see Bilbo?

David said...

...and I am Jean's friend. I am in Peterborough which is about 2 miles from the Lincs border.

I got Jean some hop seeds. My hops are about 6' high but her's did nothing. We will try again

Dirt Princess said...

Emily....I feel like I have been gone for ages, but the week really flew by!

Tatyana I have much to report on!

Jean if Bilbo is still there...I need to check on him today

David how funny that you live so close! Ironic!

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