Monday, June 29, 2009

Dry As A Bone

It is still dry as a bone here! The weather says there is a 40% chance of rain today, and rain is predicted through Thursday. I am crossing my fingers! We had a productive weekend around the house taking care off odds and ends. All of our outside faucets leaked, so after 5 trips to Lowe's we finally got them fixed! Then Saturday night our hot water heater started to leak, bad! So we had to turn it off, and then go back to Lowe's on Sunday and get the parts to fix it as well. Thank goodness we were at home when it started to leak, or else it would have been everywhere. I collect nutcrackers, I have a ton of them. My mom bought this one for cute is he! I actually have a life size nutcracker that is taller than me! I will show him off at Christmas. Jacobean plant is finally blooming
Zinnia from seed. Last year by this time I had so many zinnia's, my plants were loaded with blooms. That hasn't been the case this year, the lack of water has really kept the plants from thriving.
former blue lacecap has now turned to pink
Hosta bloom, not sure which hosta this is
Gerbera Daisy. I can tell how dry it is by this bloom. This gerbera has bloomed about 5 times this year, this one being the 6th. Normally it is deep red (you can actually see this same gerbera on my side bar), now it is light pink...need some rain soon.
I left this off my junk post last week! Thought I would throw it in today. These are some old copper tins that I hung on the fence. Some of them were my moms, and the others my aunt picked up for me.
Here is a gerbera daisy from the front yard. It is doing great
another zinnia from seed
I love the color of this one
my old solar lights I had out front died, so we picked these up at one of our 1,000 trips to Lowe's this weekend!
They are solar LED lights. The water on top of them blows my mind! I have no idea where it came from, it appears to be much more than dew! The entire front lawn was wet with morning, but the back yard was dry! Strange. Could we have gotten a light rain this morning in the front yard only? I will have to ask the neighbors and see.
sorry the camera fogged up, the joy of having the camera inside, and bringing it outside....always fogs up! But here is another zinnia from seed. I really like this one, it looks different than the others
Saturday The Hunter comes in with this dragonfly on his finger! I was assuming it was dead, but it was alive. The Hunter is like Dr Doolittle, all animal love him! He said he had just walked out and saw it flying around and stick his finger out and it landed on him! Go figure! He had enough time to walk inside, find me, let me grab the camera and then walk back outside with it! As soon as I took the picture he flew off
Tide is doing great, Kiki however is not! I moved her belongings to the guest room, and until last night she had not come past the living room. She just sits in the hall and watched Tide. She finally ventured into the living room yesterday and looked around. Tide was asleep and she just creeped around him like he was going to attack her! She takes scaredy cat to a whole new level! This morning she came into the living room, and almost made it to the kitchen, when she scared herself by tripping over a shoe and ran back down the hall! The Hunter picked her up and brought her into the living room near Tide and let her watch him. She just hisses at him. I picked Tide up and sat him near her....bad mistake! I thought she was going to have a coronary! He lunged at him to bite him! She got down and ran back into the hall! Her safe place! Tide has yet to go into the hallway. He will not cross a threshold, clearly he is smart. I was hoping if I could get them close, she could smell him and see he was not going to hurt her, but that plan back fired! Maybe tonight she will come around!


Darla said...

We finally got over 2 inches of rain here last night. I was doing the happy dance!! It is possible for it to only rain on part of your yard, we have seen that happen. We watched it rain across the street last year. Your last Zinnia looks like fantasy. I have some dark pink like that. Your animals are funny.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

At least one of the zinnias has color similar to my currently blooming zinnia.... the pink.

Nice blooms you have.
~ bangchik

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

DP...Your flowerd are still beautiful! :D
We should get together and do a rain dance!
Hope it doesn't come to having to hire a Rainmaker! HA!

Kim and Victoria said...

Love your Jacobean plant. Very pretty color. And your nutcracker collection sounds very cool! A life size one? Wow.

Give Kiki and Tide more time. We're still trying to acclimate Chelsea to the chickens. It's been a month and she's doing much better with them.

Your Hunter is quite the guy! Love that dragonfly.

Jesikarena said...

The gladiola is beautiful! and I love the solar lights! I LOVE the jacobean plant blooms! I hope you get some rain soon : (

Dirt Princess said...

Darla it has rained in my front yard only before. One day I was outside and it started POURING down rain. I went out to the front porch to watch it, and my neighbor was putting their sprinklers out...LOL! We died laughing, she said "what is going on over there?"

B&K so far, most of the zinnias blooming are orange. I have seen some pink, red and yellow emerging.

Carol you, Susie, Ginger and myself need to get together asap for a raindance!

K&V the jacobean is one of my faves. It came from my grandma. I LOVE my life size nutcracker, he is gorgeous! I hope Kiki comes around soon. I want her to realize she can play with him. I want them to be buddies before he hits 100lbs, and then she will be too scared of him. The Hunter is pretty handy, I think I will keep him :)

Jamie and Randy said...

We are dry as a bone too, it looks like rain is headed your way. Its going to miss us I think.--Randy

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

We don't do things by the book around here. My hubby's favorite color is that deep blue, so it went in our master bathroom AND his office. Only later did I decide to add some AL football stuff in there cause he is such a big fan. And I thought it all looks pretty awesome on the blue walls. So I should have a crimson red wall, is that what you're saying? He loves the blue and I like the crimson red with it, so it works for me!

Thanks for stopping by! Where is Satsuma anyway??

Jean said...

Hi Dirt Princess we got rain here in Tenn friday afternoon and it has been cooler since. My garden was starting to look kinda like yours..DRY! Kiki and the new boy will have to do some major getting used to but Kiki will learn to stay away from him. He knows nothing about cats who spit and scratch but I have a feeling he will soon. I expect both to survive their experience.Pretty flowers!

Outside In said...

Sorry about the drought you are having, but your flowers are still looking good. Maybe a rain dance is in need...;)

Joanne said...

Lovel photos and love the Dragonfly.

Tootsie said...

the copper looks wonderful!!! we have had a line of rain come and only wet part of our yard too!! weird hey?
I will send you the solar light crown as soon as I touch up some of the paint that didn't show up as perfect when I took the photos!!! I am so excited to send one away! Your garden photos look wonderful girl...

EB said...

Your blog is a real tonic, DP. I love so many things - the idea of collecting nutcrackers, the collection of moulds, and the amazing flowers. It's really dry here too and hot by our standards - pushing 90 again today and scheduled to get warmer!

Heather said...

The lack of water in your garden doesn't seem to be diminishing the beauty at all! Looks great and colorful too:-D

Susie said...

Despite your lack of rain your blooms still look great. That gladiola is a beautiful color.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

So you really have a Scaredy Cat, don't you Judy???? Poor Kiki.... Hopefully she will realize that Tide is her friend EVENTUALLY....

Your flowers are gorgeous... Hope you get your rain this week. We missed it this weekend also. It went all around us and we got NONE. Oh Well!!!!

Thanks for a great post. I love nutcrackers--but don't have any now...


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I hope you get the rain predicted. You must be doing great with the watering because the flowers still look really pretty. That is so neat that the dragonfly just landed on his finger, and then waited to have it's picture taken.

Anonymous said...

We need rain too and I hope you get some. Your bloomers are great and love how you talk about the kiddos. They sound a lot like real kids.

That's a huge dragonfly!

Phillip said...

We haven't had any rain in about 10 days and the garden is starting to get dry. I've been watering which gets very tiring. I don't believe we have a chance of rain until later in the week and it is a slim chance at that.

Jessica said...

The gladiolas are gorgeous!

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