Monday, June 22, 2009

Floundering around

Can you see the heat rising up from the ground here? Whew! It is HOT people!! Today it is in the high 90's and the weather says it will feel like 105-112 degrees.....and they aren't kidding. The humidity most days it 95-100%! If you don't live where it is glad! Imagine that everything outside is a BIG sauna that is 85 degrees at 8am, 100 degrees at lunch, and doesn't cool down even when the sun goes down. I can't walk to the mailbox without dripping with sweat. It is way too hot to be outside doing anything. We haven't had rain in over a month, and it is as dry as a bone. It is expected to rain here Thursday. Thursday - Sunday we have a 30% chance of rain.....and we need all 30% of it, hopefully it will indeed rain those 4 days. Cool things down a few notches, and hydrate everything in my garden. My plants are suffering, and there have been a few causalities, as you can see in the picture above, that little cosmo lost its life. I grew it from seed, loved it, watered it, talked to it....and now look at it.....its a goner! Dang heat!
However, this one is doing ok, it is wilted, but ok. You can water everyday, but nothing does as well as Mother Nature.
Zinnia from seed....they take the heat well, and are doing good. They keep growing despite the high temps here.
Friday The Hunter went fishing and caught some flounder, red fish and speckled guess what we had for dinner..........
He also stopped and bought some shrimp. I sauteed them with butter, and seasoning
sauteed some onions & bell pepper
I needed to onions to stuff the flounder with
nice huh!
almost there....need to add some crab meat
Smelling good! I also added some crab meat in with the shrimp
I stuffed the flounder with the onion/bell pepper/crab meat combo. Bake it for 15 minutes on 350, add some cheese and broil on high for 5 minutes
While I was doing this The Hunter was outside cooking as well. We had a ton of food, you would think we were having the neighborhood over....needless to say I am having a nice lunch today!
Blackened fish
fried shrimp....we used two different types of batter. I cut up some potatoes for home made french fries. They were so good!
The final results....stuffed flounder, fried shrimp and fish, sauteed shrimp and crab, blackened fish, potatoes, and watermelon for desert! Can't beat it.
Shrimp are really easy to come across here, we are 45minutes to an hour from the ocean, and people sell shrimp on the sides of the road here. You can literally ride around my town and see 20 people selling shrimp. They also sell fruits and veggies.
Saturday I also picked lots of blueberries, so for Father's Day I made my dad and blackberry/blueberry cobbler...I meant to get some pictures of it, but I forgot....maybe next time I will remember! So this is what I do when it is 1500 degrees outside, I bake/cook. I also got all of my housework done....and NOTHING feels better than a clean, organized house! I got rid of 3 bags of clothes that were taking up much needed space. I keep most of my clothes in the guest bedroom, and every drawer is PACKED with is ridiculous. So I dumped every drawer out in the middle of the floor, and started sorting. After I sorted, and got rid of what I didn't need, I folded everything and put it in its proper place. Drawers that I could not close 30 minutes before, were now empty!! HA! I now have FOUR....count them 1,2,3,...FOUR empty drawers....amazing what a little organizing and cleaning out will do for you. It is so nice, all the short sleeve t-shirts are in one drawer, long sleeve in another. Ahhhhhh......makes me feel better. I like to be organized, and I like everything to have a place, but I find that I am the only one in my house that thinks that way! Kiki is pretty organized though......


Becca's Dirt said...

Nice blog DP. It is so hot hear you could cook and egg on the pavement in just seconds.
In spite of the heat you have some heat tolerant beauties. Love the zinnia.
Being organized is good feeling. You can actually find something your looking for.

RainGardener said...

Wow! What a meal. I'm not much of a steak eater although I do love a nice venison steak. Love seafood - and fish if it's white. Funny how everyone in this neck of the woods love a good steak and salmon but not me. Think I ate too much of it growing up as my Dad hunted and fished for a lot of our meals. But yours looks great.
Sorry about the horrible heat you are going through and I hope you get your predicted rain that you so badly need!

tina said...

Stay cool. Your food looks fabulous!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

We may have to suffer the heat but also get to gorge on good eats! :D

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I hope it cools down and you get your rain. You're right no hose or sprinkler can compare with Mother Nature. We're finally getting rain here.
Your food looked so good! It looks like you're a great cook.
I'm ready to do some organizing around here. It feels great to get rid of unused/unneeded stuff.

EB said...

A clean, organised house... I have never lived in such a place. Not even in my parents' house, since I always had a room in it! Re-reading that now really doesn't feel good, maybe I should do something about it. Hmmm.

Your fish platter looks wonderful, I can smell it!

Tootsie said...

I hope you get some rain too!!! sounds like it must feel like you live in my greenhouse!!! lol I don't mind the hot humid weather...but I don't get much of it here either! it is cool and windy here today...maybe you should just visit me???? you could pick up your crown when you got here!!!

Outside In said...

Wow that meal looks so yummy, The heat over hear is a bit much too. Your flowers are still looking great though, stay cool!

Jean said...

Hi Dirt Princess...can I come for lunch? YUM!
It feels like a very hot sauna here in tennessee today. I spent most of yesterday outside but came in several times to cool off. It was really too hot to work outside but the sun was shining and I cant stay inside.You are right about the watering. Nobody waters like God does! Stay cool!

Jean said...

I forgot...I love your music on here and just let it play over and over while I am at the shop.

Dirt Princess said...

Becca we should try to cook eggs on the pavement. I am sure it would not take long!

RG we eat A LOT of deer and turkey meat around here...lots! I certainly hope we do get that rain

Tina I am trying my best to stay cool. Friday I went swimming at a friends and her pool was 97 degrees!!! Not a COOL dip at all

Carol I know you are feeling my pain over there as well!

Catherine I wouldn't call myself a "great" cook, I try, and thats all that counts. Now the Dirt Queen is the cook!

Emily it is nice for everything to have its place :). Maybe oneday we can get together and cook fish! Fish and chips! yum!

Tootsie thats exactly what it is like here, a BIG greenhouse that is 100+ degrees everyday.

Outside In, actually my flowers are pitiful, I am only showing you the ones that are not on death row!

Jean you are doing better than me, I can't be outside for 10 minutes without sweating to death and feeling as though I am about to have a heat stroke! I am so glad you like my music, that is so sweet :)

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow what pretty flowers. I'm going to have to take notes from you. I'm horrible with plants/flowers.

Yum, yum dinner. My hubby loves fish and would love that meal.

Dirt Princess said...

HHF if it doesnt rain soon all of my pretty little flowers are going to shrivel up and die!

walk2write said...

So when does your restaurant open? I'll be first in line! Everything looks delicious, and the zinnias are fabulous. I haven't grown them in a long time. Next year for sure. Maybe that music you have playing (sounds of a rainstorm) will bring on the moisture.

Susie said...

Girl you made me hungry just looking at all that great looking food. Yummy!!!

It's hot here too! My car said it was 103 today when I left work. And we too need rain desperately.

Ginger said...

You are quite a gourmet chef!

It's hot as h-e-double-hockey-sticks here, too. Things that NEVER wilt are wilting!!

Darla said...

My plants are suffering too. What a great meal. I also cleaned out some clothes and cooked. Great minds think a like.

Joanne said...

Hope you get your rain so much better than a hose pipe. Food looks lovely as do the flowers.

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