Friday, June 26, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Its FRIDAY!!! It is time to head on over to Tootsie's and sign up for Fertilizer Friday and flaunt your flowers. You can click on the photo below and it will take you to Tootsie's place I'm not going to beat around the bush here, I am going to show you what's REALLY going on in my garden. It has been anywhere from 98* -101* degrees F here this week. We haven't seen a drop of rain in well over a month, and things are little grim My climbing rose is thriving given the lack of water
Cahaba Lillies
Mexican Petunias
Phlox and Crocosmia
Petunia...not doing so well
Miniature Dahlia....barely scraping by
I think this one is a goner, it was a petunia
A very wilted lace cap hydrangea
not sure what this one is, it was a gift from a friend. Total shade plant, I think it is some sort of begonia
Impatiens are doing ok
Another mystery plant, full shade. Dark green, furry leaves and purple bloom. This is not a Tibouchina
Jacobean is doing great
my tea kettle on the front porch is not doing great, but it is still alive!
Thirsty Vinca's
Dying Stokes Aster
Dead Verbena
Zinnia. coleus & Gazania
This is a Prairie Coneflower (tall flower in the center) despite the hot temps, and the drought it is about to this one is a keeper
Mexican Petunia, cosmos, dianthus and 6 bags of mulch I need to put out!!!
Daylily (the water droplets are from the sprinkler this morning)
Caladium and Mexican Heather
Sapphire Sage
Gerbera Daisy
Dying verbena!
Dying Miniature Dahlias, their cousin, the Dinner Plate Dahlia is doing very well given the curcumstances
Sapphire Sage, Periwinkles and Vinca
Dead African Daisy Bush!
Dying Coleus (this is where I need to finish adding the mulch)
Zinnia is taking the heat well!
another Zinnia
We are supposed to get some rain this weekend, it is not a high percentage, but it is a chance! I am crossing my fingers. Clearly, we need it. I do water, not every day because I can't afford to. Tap water is no where near as good as Mother Nature's water. I need Mother Nature right now. The heat is unbearable! You learn quickly what can and cannot take the heat, and I think these pictures speak for themselves. So next year, I won't plant flowers that can't take the heat. Well I have to run now, I have to go get my rain stick, put on my rain dance attire and do some shakin' out in the yard in hopes it will bring me some rain!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!


Tootsie said...

Oh I hope it rains for you soon!!! we are not having any help from the sky either...we have to water everything by hand!
in spite of it all most of your gardens are looking quite pretty!!! keep your chin up and I hope you get some of the wet you desperately need there!
thanks for sharing...and I can't wait to see the photo!

Darla said...

my Dahlias are in the same condition as yours. Sad! Your begonia looks like an Angel Wing Begonia, they will get quite large. I too have be making a mental note of the plants that are "truly" drought tolerant.

Outside In said...

Beautiful blooms, the mystery plants sure looks like a chritha, or in the cape primrose family.
Happy FF!

marmee said...

there are season for all plants i still have pansies which is very unusal but we have had a cooler wet spring...until the last couple of heat waved summer weeks. you still have alot of things doing well. the begonia is either an angel winged or a dragon winged depending on who you ask. enjoy even with the heat.

Rusty in Miami said...

Despite the lack of rain your garden looks great. I learned the hard way to stay away from heat intolerant plants. You should consider a rain barrel, since I install my, I have mare water that I know what to do with and my water bill is about 30% less.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I think your garden still looks really good. I hope you get some rain! At least here when it didn't rain it wasn't that hot.
Have a great weekend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

You still have lots of beautiful flowers, DP... Even without rain, some things are thriving.

I have never had much luck with Petunias either.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Jesikarena said...

girl you need to invest in a bunch of soaker hoses! Is it like that every summer?? I can't believe that anything is even alive much less blooming! I salute you for gardening in such miserable conditions
I hope you have a great day : )

siteseer said...

Your flowers are doing amazingly well considering your conditions. I don't think I've ever seen the Cahaba Lily, beautiful. The heat is definitely a bummer without any rain. We had a couple of good storms go through here yesterday and before that it was about 4 days ago. So we're doing okay and we're still dragging around the hose. Speaking of mulch, we've spread about 24 bags so far and I plan on picking up 6 more tonight. Wish we had a truck, we just get 6 bags in the trunk at a time lol. Good luck and keep up your miracle work of having such beautiful plants in this heat.

Ginger said...

I just love you for showing the good and the bad! My yard is definitely the same about now!

That jacobean thing is cool, and I LOVE the blue sage - what an amazing color!

Avis said...

The heat has hit me hard this week, too. You still have some very beautiful things going on in your garden. That sage is magnificent. I'm hoping for rain soon, too. Because I agree with you, tap water doesn't compare to rainwater.

Anonymous said...

No doubt, the weather is going to change the way we garden in the coming years. We are getting lots of rain right now, but the heat just knocks the heck out of some plants. I have decided which ones will not be returning to my garden. It's a bit of a conundrum here in Central Florida. The tropicals are the survivors right now, but come winter there is no guarantee of their survival. You have done well even in such a drought.

Tootsie said... are about to be crowned a Queen!!! I just finished your crown!
Just need to wait for the pain to cure enough that it will not stick to the packing stuff and it will be on its way for your grand inauguration!

Tootsie said...

forgot to add that I put two small photos of it in my sidebar at the top of my blog for you to see!

Tatyana said...

Hi Dirt Princess! Wonderful blooms (except poor petunia...)! I am curious about your crocosmia. Mine got out of control spreading as crazy. I needed to dig it out, but it looks like I can't get rid of her now. I love the flowers, but it just started to take over the whole bed.

Teresa said...

Really looks great, considering the heat. Which I'm feeling too, right next door in georgia.

I've tried the soaker hoses. Bought about 5 of them... which all ruptured.

Have a great weekend. Hope you get some rain.

Susie said...

Girl I'm still feeling your pain over here. If that rain dance works can you please send some over here?!?!? We're doing without it as well.

My Mother's Garden said...

I'm doing the rain dance for you right now...hope it gets there soon. I love the lime light saphire salvia plant, it has such a pretty contrast of green and blue. Your garden has a great variety of color.

Jessica said...

We're in a drought, also no substantial rainfall here since April. We've been doing the ' we need rain~ dance. ' Your blooms are gorgeous...such great varieties.

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Over a month without a single drop of rain... Oh.., it must be hot and dry... With mulch and watering, gardens' life is tolerable...

The flowers are so beautiful.... and I love the look of "another zinnia"....

Have a nice weekend
~ bangchik

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

So sorry to see that you've lost a few plants due to the heat. There's still a lot of things you have that look really good, but I know how frustrating it is to lose even one. We have the opposite problem in New England... too much rain and plants that like it on the dry side are dying. Wish there was a happy medium. Good luck - I'll be doing a rain dance to send our rain your way! -Jackie

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