Friday, June 26, 2009

TGIK....Thank Goodness Its Kiki

This is Kiki enjoying her last little hours of being an only child......little does she know that her days of being the spoiled rotten are about to be ruined by The Hunter, and a cute little brown ball of fur................... Meet Tide (as in Alabama Crimson Tide...ugh! Hate that name. Not a Bama fan! AT ALL! However The Hunter is....and the poor dog got stuck with that name) I must admit while I am not a "dog person", he is growing on me. I know that I will love him as much as I do Princess Kiki......just don't tell her that.
Tide is a full blood Chocolate Lab, and he is 5 weeks old and has gorgeous blue/grey eyes
He plays for about 1.3 seconds.....
bites for about 3 secondsand then he sleeps...before you can snap your fingers, he is out.
Is that not the cutest thing!
He slept in the laundry room last night, he never whined or my boy is not a whiney one! Good.
He also did #1 & #2 on his pee pad, so to me that means he is smart, at 5 weeks old he knows to pee/poop on that lets hope this is going in a good direction
Kiki IS NOT happy about this new addition. She has yet to come near him, she just sits at a distance and hisses at him. Tide on the other hand could careless about her. Kiki has not emerged from the back of the house yet, she will only come to the living room door. Tide is in the laundry room, no where near her. I moved her food and stuff to a better location for her. Tide will have to stay inside for a little while until he gets a bit bigger. I know that in a few days once the spoiled rotten princess realizes he is not a threat, she will love him. I can see her already hiding behind a chair and jumping out at him when he walks by. She better enjoy him while he is little, because he isn't going to stay little long! Before long they will be best of buds!


RainGardener said...

He is adorable. I'm a dog person and we don't have one right now as our baby left us last summer - I miss having one.
I was raised with Labs and they are the best dogs. Our lab we grew up with kept us supplied with babies all the time and her registered name was Queen Victoria of Lake Quinault. We had some royalty too! LOL
You'll grow to love him DP - they have the best personalities! Maybe even Kiki will love him too in time!

Darla said...

Cute puppy!!!

Kim and Victoria said...

What a cutie! I love that new puppy smell.
We had the reverse situation a few years ago. Our son's big dog Scarface was living with us when we brought home a kitten. We were a little worried but they became the best of friends and spent hours playing. Scarface never hurt that kitten once.

Jean said...

what a little doll..I am surprised he didnt name him "Bear"! Maybe you will get to be a BAMA fan one day? Roll Tide!

Jean said...

Darling little pup...I am surprised he didnt name him "Bear". He looks like a bear to me!
Maybe one day we can get you to be a BAMA fan?
Roll Tide!

Prospero said...

Be careful. I've heard of a lot of people who thought they were not "dog people." Just wait. They have a real way to steal your heart. Tide, you are a cute dog!

Dirt Princess said...

RG he is already growing on me! I opted not to go see a movie tonight so I can sit at home and plat with him...LOL!!!

K&V I know once Kiki realizes she can play with him it will be on!

Jean I dunno, that wouldn't have been any better if you ask me! I wanted to name him Aubie! I will never convert! NEVER! I never had any problems with Alabama until we got married. He hates Auburn, and he has thrown away my Auburn things we are like gas & fire during college football season!

Prospero I will be a dog person soon, probably as of Monday! LOL!

Jean said...

Auburn...I shoulda known!Sorry for the double post earlier. Logging in problems.Glad I am not at your house on that saturday! I guess it will just be a standoff and there are always somethings that should not be talked about. Namely, football!

Debbie's Garden said...

His fur is so shiney and sleek. He'll be a heartbreaker. Kiki better strike some fear in him while he's small!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I'm sure that Kiki and Tide will soon be best of friends...

Congrats on the new baby in the house. Will Hunter take Tide hunting with him when Tide gets older?????

I love Chocolate labs. Beautiful puppy!

Dirt Princess said...

Jean I am an Auburn and SOuthern Miss fan. I grad from Southern Miss, but my brother went to Auburn, and I almost went to Auburn

Debbie he falls asleep in the blink of an eye! Last night we bathed him, and when The Hunter handed him over to me, so I could wrap him up in the towel, he was already drifting off! He laid down in the sink and tried to go to sleep! LOL!

Betsy The Hunter doesn't duck hunt...THANK goodness. I dunno know though...he may go to the camp a few times.

Jesikarena said...

Poor kiki :( I am sure that she will get used to tide soon. He is a cutie. And sounds like he's a good dog! I am more of a cat person too but just because dogs are bigger and tear up so much! Seems like a good addition to your household : )

mlc said...

Ohhhh! Gosh I miss everything! You got a puppy. and a chocolate lab!! So very very cool. If it wouldn't make Grizzly jealous, Koko would love to visit that thing! He is so cute. Watch out for the chewing, and have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I don't know how I missed this post. What a sweet puppy! Our cat is tolerating the dog at a respectable distance. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Adorable--absolutely adorable. Yes, you will love him so much it hurts.

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