Monday, January 18, 2010

What Southern People Do When It Freezes

It doesn't get real cold down here in the South. Now when I say real cold....30 degrees is cold for the South. So what do Southern people do when it freezes...... They stick a sprinkler in the tree and freeze it! Everyone passing by will be in sheer amazement...including me! However, the weight also breaks the worry....just tie it back up later!
We don't see ice a lot down here...
so we are forever amazed by it when we do see it. I know all of ya'll up North are just DYING laughin!
This is my neighbors tree.
I should have gotten a picture of him 4 days later, with a ladder and some rope tying it back together.
It was nice to look at for a few days.
I am too scared to freeze my trees.
I'm pretty sure they would die.
There were atleast 6 trees in my neighborhood that were froze.
It doesn't take much to amuse us down here, just a little water, and freezing temperatures will bring hours of joy.
I actually had to turn the air conditioner on today! This crazy weather we have! It was in the low 60's today. It felt wonderful! A perfect day to be outside working in the yard (but that's not where I was!).
I plan on starting some seeds this weekend! Whoo hoo! My Jiffy peat pots are patiently waiting on me! I need to throw my seeds in the freezer for the next few days. Mrs. Brown (my 80 year old garden buddy) swears it helps them germinate quicker. If you ask me, Mrs. Brown is the garden Bible, and I will do whatever she says!


RainGardener said...

Hey the trees look great. Seems like a lot of work to get them that way but I can understand if ya never get to see ice it would be fun to do.
Your camera takes beautiful pictures. I'll bet you're just lovin' it.
I'll be getting my new one soon, not sure what but this I do know I'm not ready for a big boy with all of those settings to contend with. I wish I were.

Phillip said...

This did this on purpose?!!!

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I used to live in Florida and I remember people (and citrus farmers) doing this. Beautiful shots of the ice!

Darla said...

My husband makes icicles for me like this every year!!

Bangchik said...

I love the icy creative artwork by nature. Very authentic indeed. How I wish our rainfall here produce such icy effect on plants... We just have droplets dangling.... haha.


sweet bay said...

I've never heard of anybody freezing a tree on purpose. lol Looks pretty cool though.

Dirt Princess said...

RG it is nice to look at. I am really loving my camera. I play around wiht the settings to see which setting gives me the picture I want. I already know the next purchase for it will be the macro lens!

Philip LOL!!!! Yes they did this on purpose!

Ellie Mae I have heard that it is better to hard freeze a tree than to let it get a frost...maybe that is where this comes from?!?!

Darla that is very sweet of him

Bangchik but look at all of the amazing plants you can grow there!

Anonymous said...

Our water wheel froze and had ice hanging off everywhere. We were so amazed! Real Ice way down here.
No snow though.

But...I am so happy it warmed up. That long cold spell will do me for a while.

I haven't heard about putting the seeds in the freezer. I am sure Mrs. Brown knows what she is talking about though.
I am so ready to plant something.

Have a great day.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi DP, That is what Darla's hubby does for them in Tallahassee.. Like you, she has posted some gorgeous icy pictures.

If you all haven't been up to the DeSoto Falls area, check it out. It is really nice--including the Little River Canyon area nearby.


Nezzy said...

Here in the Ozarks we dread the ice that hangs on the trees like that because it also clings to the electrical lines taking them down sometimes snapping the poles in half.

I envy your beautiful pics! God bless and have a great day!!!

tina said...

Okay, having lived in the south long enough I'd have to agree with you on the amusement part but freezing a tree and breaking the limbs is not amusement, I think it plain silly-though most lovely to look at-in other's yards:)

James Missier said...

The ice is so cystal clear!
Wonder how long that will last.
Hope it doesn't do any damage to the tree.

Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful ice pictures. Hoping to see that some of the plants make it.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I've never heard of this before, it does look pretty though.

Joanne said...

Hilarious! But amazing photos.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

It's a disaster. And it's beautiful. Can I say it is a beautiful disaster?

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