Sunday, January 10, 2010

Piddlin' In the Garden

I've been shooting pictures non-stop since I got "Big Boy". Still have lots to learn about it, but I am having fun none the less. The top two collages are random shots from around my garden. You can click on it to enlarge the photos.
These are some shots from my neighbors garden. I went outside this morning to find that Tide (the dog) had dug holes all over the yard. Of course I was livid....until I saw this......
UGH!!! A mole! Ya'll know they will tear a yard up! Thank goodness Tide is doing something productive outside besides tearing everything up!
Look at those nasty little hands!
I put one greenhouse together today. I actually put it together inside since it was so cold outside. Even though it looks was about 37 degrees! BRRR!!!
It took 10 minutes to assemble!
I finally ventured outside to clean up the mess Tide makes on a daily basis! I put up this old door. It was actually my grandparents front door from their house...the old door. I plan on building a potting shed at some point this year, and I am going to use this as the door the the potting shed. I also bought some old telephone pole glass insulators. I put them on old table legs and shovels around the garden.
I also got some more old windows. I am always looking for old windows. I want to get as many as possible and put them together to make a greenhouse.
The owner of Sage Consignment 9my fave consignment store!) made me this piece for my garden! I absolutely love it!!!! It is an old jar with broken pieces of plates, with a Nashville plate on top that has spoons around it, topped off with an old vase! How cute is that! Just my style!
Old insulator on a table leg. I will eventually paint these legs....but not today. The paint would have froze!
I stuck a few on old shovels
I'm not using them why not make them into yard art....very Felder Rushing of me don't you think?
I've been accumulating plates over the past few weeks to finish up my walkway. I need about 15 more dinner plate to complete it. If you are wondering....yes those are weeds! I am going to get some pebbles to fill in the walkway once I am done with the plates.
Even with these freezing temps, there are new signs of life emerging....
Blueberry bush
Roses in the rose garden
I have had a fire going all weekend to try to stay warm. I will have a lot of pot ash to put out on all my bulbs! I will clean it out sometime this week and dump the ashes. That helps fertlizer bulbs and works wonders!


Becca's Dirt said...

That looks like a fun day. Anything outdoors is fun right now except for the frigid temps. I am so glad we'll warm up a bit this week. That was so nice of Sage Consignment to do that for you. I love it. Great door.

That is really a neat little greenhouse. I think I will have to get me one.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Ewww yucky mole!! I've never seen a mole close up. We have lots of gophers though. Hate those little $&#*(#

Where did you get the greenhouse? That's really cool!

Ginger said...

Your pictures look great! I did go get a new camera yesterday, but didn't brave the cold to get a bunch of pictures!
Creepy mole!!!!

Darla said...

I bet 'Big Boy' is smoking! lol...Email me how to make a collage....I want that yard art that your friend made and how clever with the insulators...I only have one the green color. I guess there is new growth outside...I have a numb face from the dentist right now...

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You've been very busy! You're doing great with your new camera!

Nezzy said...

Oh girl, your givin' me the itch and I can't scratch for a long, long time. I love your pics, your havin' too much fun with that camera! Big Boy...heeehehe!

Have a fantastic day!

Dirt Princess said...

Becca it felt good to wrok outside, despite the cold temps! You should get that greenhouse. i love it!

Julie is the mole not the ugliest hting you have ever seen!?!?!? I order the greenhouse from It was $33!!! Can't beat it!

Ginger I can't wait to see you new pics!

Darla I love those insulators. I think they are so neat. Think how cool my potting shed will look!

Catherine thanks!

Nezzy Spring will be here before you know it!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you have lots of fun photographing! I especially like the pic with the new rose leaves (I am missing my rose!).

Btw, I have just posted seedlings of your heirloom hibiscus and zinnia you posted me. Hope you would have time to check it out.

Continue to enjoy your new camera!

donna said...

What a delightful post. I absolutely luv the fact that you have the front door from your grandparents' house.

Not sure what to say about the mole, but the photos gave me the creeps. What's the difference between a mole and a vole?

When we have 37 degrees in January, it's referred to as the January Thaw.


Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I love all of these shots! How fun to play with a new camera. I would love that little greenhouse!

Dirt Princess said...

Stephanie I will have to come see the zinnia! I have been so busy lately and haven't had time to read any posts!

Donna thanks! I don't know what the difference between a mole and a vole is. I will have to look that up!

Ellie Mae I have had a blast! The greenhouse is awesome

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