Monday, January 4, 2010

Busting at the Seams

Remember my beautiful hot pink Pentas? They were so beautiful........"were"................ Now look at them! Frozen and busted stalks!
I was outside taking down the outdoor Christmas decorations, and notice something white all of them. Upon closer inspection I realized it was ice. Yes, I had to touch it to make sure. We don't see ice down first thought was that it was a fungus! LOL!'s ice!
The stalks burst open, and the water froze.
I checked the other plants out, but only the Pentas did this.
As you can is pretty cold here. I wish I had some fire wood so could build a fire...but I don't have any. I have the heat on 72 degrees! BRRRRRRRRR.
I am going to go make some coffee, and catch up on reading blogs! See ya'll soon!


Hocking Hills Gardener said...

That is so strange to see them bursting open like that. Maybe it is because of all the rain you had previous to the cold.

donna said...

The photos of your poor Pentas are very interesting. A new gardening fungus.

We can't get the outside Christmas lights down because the snow is too deep.


Lou Cinda said...

That is unreal!! They didn't know that hit'em!

I am yearning for Spring!!!

Lou Cinda

Susie said...

We actually had some light snow this a.m. I'm not a lover of cold weather. It's suppose to get down into the teens later in the week. Brrr!

Nezzy said...

Sorry about your plant, if your lucky it'll come back from the roots if they didn't get frozen. I only plant hardy sub~zero perennials here on the Ponderosa. I always know the annuals are gonna bite the dust!

Stay warm and have a good evening!!!

Becca's Dirt said...

That seems very strange for it to break open like it did. I've never seen anything like that. weird. Are you ready for possible snow on Thur? I hope we get some white fluffy stuff.

Bangchik said...

Why did the plant store so much water within the stem in the first place..... before temperature getting freezing cold. Just wonder what went wrong..... ~bangchik

Kim and Victoria said...

Wow! How crazy! Frost and frozen plants!
Keep warm!

Dirt Princess said...

Hocking Hills I am sure it is from all of the rain. Apparently the cells were retaining the water, and it froze so quick that they just ruptured.

Donna just enjoy the Christmas decoration a little longer! I have never seen a plant freeze that way either...Ice Fungus...a new plant term! LOL!

Lou Cinda...I am enjoying this weather for now. Before long it will be time to pull weeds!

Susie it is really cold for this time of the year. Stay warm

Nezzy I think it will be okay. The roots should be fine. If it dies oh well!

Becca wouldn't that be awesome if it snowed!

Bangchik we have gotten over 14 inches of rain in the past 2 -3 weeks. The stalks are really hard and woody. My guess is that the cells were storing that water, and it froze so quick that the stems burst. Similar to a pipe or waterhose that freezez quickly. It probably wasn't that much water, but it exapnds when it it looks like alot. It was very airy, it wasn't solid ice. Very neat and odd at the same time.

Darla said...

Very interesting!! I thought the title of this post was because YOU were bursting at the seams over your new camera.

Nell Jean said...

Sometimes Pentas will come back from the roots, sometimes not. Hope for the best. I take cuttings, just in case, as if they were not plentiful at the nursery in the spring. Some Pentas just seem a little hardier than others, too.

I hope you have some that do return.

Dirt Princess said...

Darla...that too! LOL!

Nell Jean maybe it will come back. As you said....they sell plenty more. I bought it for $2.99 and it gave one heck of a show! We shall see!

Pam's English Garden said...

I am visiting your blog from cold, icy PA looking for warmth and growing things to make me think of spring. LOL. Never-the-less I will be back because I love your blog. I am so sorry about your Pentas.

teresa said...

Darn cold weather. It is so cold here, I bet I would think it was warm there. The snow is pretty though, but not quite as pretty as those pink flowers of your.

Stephanie said...

Guess what... the rain here also could do a lot of harm to plants. My rose was drown and some of my plants were infested by pest (including the rose) :-( The rain can also spoil the look of the leaves. That's lots of tiny holes on my sweet potato leaves now.

I wish for moderate weather and those sunshine to be not so strong, then my plants are going to be happier. I wish the same for you too!

Dirt Princess said...

Pam thanks for visiting! I am glad you enjoyed it. I think the pentas will be fine.

Teresa You probably would think it was warm here! LOL!

StephanieYou are right, too much of something is never good. It will be warm here soon! Remember I have a 10 month growing season here...I just happen to be in one of the two months that aren't

Ginger said...

I'm afraid you and I will both lose some perennials with this extreme cold, stuff that would normally come back. Those pentas were darling!!

Prairie Chicken... said...

loved the fire story.

Prospero said...

Happy new year, DP. I'm glad to see that your world is still full of wonderment. I wish more of the same for you throughout the year.

Dirt Princess said...

Ginger if I lose something, then I just lose it. I don't sweat it. I can either buy more, or get more from another gardener.

Prairie Chicken glad I was able to give you a chuckle!

Propspero! Glad to see you! My world is actually frost bitten dead flowers today!

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