Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nippy Outside!

It has been REALLY cold here the past few days! We have been having frosts almost every night. I got a few pictures of the frost on some of the flowers before it melted. It was a very wet December for us, over 20 inches to be exact. Seems like it rained nearly every day of the month. I went to check the rain gauge and noticed it was frozen solid!
The daffodils are popping up every....and they have tripled since I planted them last year. In a few weeks I will have blooms!
I light frost on the coneflower. I planted these back in the summer.....and they bloomed in December!
Prairie Coneflowers are STILL blooming and show no signs of slowing down.
My new camera still hasn't come in yet! UGH!!!! I wish they would hurry up! I am about to burst with anticipation! I have seen half a million things I want to photograph since I ordered it. I always see so many awesome things to shoot when I am at the hunting camp. Saturday night when we were coming out of the woods, the moon was a huge orange ball! It was beautiful. All I could think was if I had my new camera I would have made The Hunter stop so I could take some photos of it. It looked like a huge pumpkin suspended in the sky. Oh well...maybe I can catch it again soon when it looks like that. There was also a huge owl in one of the trees outside of the camp. An owl similar to the one that flew into my head. Again...all I could think was "of I had my camera I could get you!". I hope this week I will have it.....then I can start shooting!


Phillip said...

Our low tonight is 12!

Stephanie said...

ha ha... I hope your camera will come soon!! Till then, happy blogging and have a great day DP!

RainGardener said...

Great pictures DP. I can't believe they're still blooming. I can't wait to see pictures with your new camera too. Hurry! Hurry! LOL like I'm helping when you're already excited and waiting for it to come!!!

Darla said...

Love the dusting of frost on the flowers. Hope your new camera arrives soon!!

Jean said...

Princess, I was in your part of the world for New years. New years eve was perfect! Walked in the surf and stayed outside all day. Shopping could be on the days that werent so wonderful. Rather nippy when we left but its really cold here in Tenn!
Hope your holidays were great!

Ginger said...

Wow, can't believe you have those summer flowers still blooming!!! The purple (?) coneflower is beautiful!

Marsha said...

It is just simply amazing to me to see daffodils popping up in January! I am sorry to hear you are having frost and frozen rain gauges (hopefully it didn't crack and break, we have lost many that way) hopefully your spring blossoms will arrive soon.

Is Bilbo back stateside yet?

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Flowers still blooming in that cold is amazing! Our weather has been a bit milder the last week, almost Spring like yesterday. I hope you're new camera arrives soon!

Teresa said...

Those coneflowers are amazing! I can't believe you have blooms. I can't stand this stinkin' cold. The thought of daffodills blooming in a few weeks makes me feel a little warmer.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Brrrr, DP, it is not suppose to frost in your area. It does look pretty on your coneflowers.
Hope you had a fun time on your hunting trip and that the camera comes soon.

Dirt Princess said...

Phillip I am glad I am down here! Wow.....that is REALLY cold! Stay warm!

Stephanie I am hoping they call today (I say that everyday!)

RG I am shocked that some of the flowers are still blooming. I keep checking on the daffodils to see of there are any buds.

Darla...I get excited when I see frost on the flowers here....that is something we don't see much of!

Jean I know you enjoyed your trip! Nice little get away!

Ginger isn't that crazy!

Marsha Bilbo is still in Sweden. He should be moving along soon. Not sure yet where he will be going. I will be sure to let you know.

Catherine...Spring like It is far from Spring here. Atleast today....tomorrow it may be 80 degrees...the weather here is crazy!

Teresa I will be sure to get plenty of daffodil pictures to warm you up!

Hocking Hills...I have my heat on 72! I am freezing! I wish I had some fire wood so I could build a fire!

Green Iris said...

Do I see an iris coming up in one of those pictures?

Nezzy said...

Oh, they're still beautiful to me. We have six inches of new snow and the temp has made it up to zero.

I'm looking forward to your new camera arriving.

God bless and have a terrific day!!!

Dirt Princess said...

Green Iris...yes you do. I have tons of irises coming up. Actually they never die down here...but they are beginning to perk up!

Nezzy six inches of snow! Wow! I would love to go play in it!

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