Friday, January 8, 2010

(Freezing) Fertilizer Friday and Bilbo!

A chilly 26 degrees here this morning! BRRRR! I know to alot of you, you are laughing thinking "That's not cold",.....for's cold. Even Bilbo is a little cold! Bilbo is finishing up his time in Sweden at Gittans place. She knitted him that tiny little scarf! You can click on his photo above to go directly to her post on him. She will be drawing a name today. So please go leave a comment on her page to have your name put in for the drawing. You never know...he may visit you next!
This is the first Fertilizer Friday of the year....mine is more like Frozen Friday! Please click on the photo above to go directly to Tootsie's place to check out FF and see what everyone else has blooming inside or outside!
I finally got a greenhouse...two of them. its not really a house...but it is a good start until I can get the Tyra, Tootsie or Bren kind of greenhouse. Tyra's is my dream greenhouse! Until I get there....this one will do.
Purple Coneflower
Black Eyed Susan, BES for short(I have been calling these Prairie Coneflower in the last few posts...I guess my brain is cold. I know that they are not Prairie Coneflowers. However, the Prairie Coneflowers are planted right next to them, and look very similar. For some reason I just had them on my mind. So, to clarify...this is Black Eyed Susan)
Woodland Phlox
Verbena just blooming, there should be more soon.
I think I am going to walk next door to the neighbors house and see what I can photograph in their garden....that camera is like crack, and I am addicted! LOL!!!! Then I think I will go to the Dirt Queen's and get some photos (and some fire wood)!


Darla said...

I was just looking at those not really green houses!! I may have to go back and scoop one up--or two! ain't just a kiddin' it's cold for us and you aint just a kiddin' about the new camera's being just short of crack!!!! Stay warm...firewood? You do remember how NOT to smoke up your house, right?

Darla said...

Oh, I am so glad she put a scarf on Bilbo!

Becca's Dirt said...

At least Bilbo is warm with his new scarf. Everything that was living last weekend is dead now. The freeze has taken the life out of my gardens. This kind of cold is killing the annuals we use as perinneals. Stay warm and have fun with your new toy.

PS where did you get the greenhouse?

Carolyn gail said...

By Alabama standards, yeah, that's cold, but pass that by Minnesotans and it will be very balmy :-)

When I saw the temps in Tampa hit 27 degreessss I couldn't believe it.

Where is that global warming that Al Gore promised us ?

Nezzy said...

Bilbo looks so cute in his warm little scarf. I have really thought of you beautiful southern gals who aren't acclimated to the harsh weather.

Yes, it's colder here. -7 in the frost holler of the Ponderosa this morning. I'm not sure why the weatherman thinks he needs to tell us the windchill is -20. Like we don't know it's cold. But we are used to freezing weather and cold winds and dead flowers so I do really feel for ya'll.

Our temp. is suppose to start droppin' around three this afternoon as a cold front moves in. Heeeeheeehe! Duh, I thought this was cold.

Take care of yourself and stay warm and cozy! God bless!!!!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I think I've gotten behind here. I knew you were waiting for a camera, but didn't know you already have been using it. It looks like you got a really nice one too!
It's so nice to have flowers blooming now isn't it? Even if it's just a few they still are signs of life.
I want a greenhouse like the one you just got. It would fit perfectly in my dining room.

Joanne said...

Hah I think I have the same crack here because I am really enjoying taking lots of snow pictures but not enjoying the snow.

Susie said...

Girl I have that same greenhouse. I used it last year and it worked wonderfully. Hope you enjoy yours.

Phoenix C. said...

Bilbo looks really cute in his scarf. If he was here at present in the North East UK he would probably want a full length knitted coat with a hood and a hot water bottle!!

Enjoy your great new camera - and I love the carrying case too!

Maureen said...

I bought one of those greenhouses last year and it did the trick. I started seed inside and transferred them out to the little greenhouse and all was well. Just remember to open the zippers on hot days.

gittan said...

Oh yeas, we are cold! The temperatures are below normal. Today we've inly had 11 degrees! Maby I'll have to find him a blanket to for the trip =)

Tootsie said...

girl...I had an 8x10 greenhouse like your Not real one...I loved it! but...we got too much snow one spring and it broke down fast...
I am so excited to see you having yours...
sorry about the cold...we are actually above freezing here right sure does make for a mess when all this snow that is covered in the sand from the sanding trucks starts to But I am not complaining!
hope it warms up fast for you!
thanks for flaunting with me! luv ya sis!

Dirt Princess said...

Darla I have had a fire all far so good! That greenhouse took 10 minutes to assemble!

Becca I need a scarf like Bilbo's!

Carolyn Gail...funny you say that, we were just havin ghte same conversation about global warming!

Nezzy...I guess thats why I am a southern gal. That kinda cold would only be good for a week for me!

Catherine the greenhouse is awesome. So easy to put together. Literally took 10 minutes

Joanne it is an addiction!

Susie I am looking forward to starting my seeds in it

Phoenix C., it must be pretty cold there! I wish I had a full length jacket lately!

Maureen I will be sure to unzip it on the warm days.

Gittan...he will be warming up soon

Tootsie...I bet it is nasty there! All slushy!

Cool Garden Things said...

Yeay! Bilbo is still going strong! Go Bilbo!

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