Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Out With the Old.....In With the New

This will be the last post using pictures from this...... It has been a great, wonderful, awesome camera....but now its time for the "Big Boy" to step in, and take over.
Behold the is amazing, and a HECK of alot smarter than me! I don't know how I have lived this long without an image stabilizing lens! Thank you Canon for being so technologically advanced, and making me so very happy! This camera is amazing! My zoom lens hasn't come in yet....but atleast I have the camera.
And one VERY cute bag to store it in (thanks to the Dirt Queen!).
I haven't had much time to play with it, and there isn't that much blooming right now to photograph. Instead I just took some random shots to try it out.
We have had frosts every night, and the plants have now died down....or froze to death!
(All flowers in bloom were previously taken with the Nikon. All dead/frozen/pathetic bones of plants are taken with the "Big Boy"
The ivy clinging on for dear life.....
the daffodils getting ready for a new life.....
The Cahaba Lily at its peak...
is now frozen, limp leaves.
The Pagoda Plant in all her glory....
is now spindly, bare bones.
The Butterfly Ginger and Mexican Petunia once stood proud and tall....
has been battered and beaten.
A smell so sweet......
no longer lingers in the air.
Mexican Petunia wet with dew...
frozen and barely hanging on.
The lush hydrangea....
only bares a few leaves.
Soon they will all return...and "Big Boy" will capture them in all of their glory.


Serena's Secret Gardens said...

cool pics, pity about the poor plants!!!My partner has one of those canon cameras and he loves it. In fact he's traditionally a workaholic and the camers seems to have become....dare i say it...a bit of a hobby. Enjoy!!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Congratulations on your new great camera!!!!

Christine B. said...

I got my Canon about a year ago and am still trying to figure out some of the technical stuff. (Nice cameras are just like plants, the more you see the more you want: now I'm thinking I need a macro lens for the flower close-ups.) One thing is for sure though, it sure takes better pictures than the old point and shoot. Have fun with it!

Christine in Alaska

Stephanie said...

Your camera arrived finally! Have fun photographing with 'Big Boy' :-D

Joanne said...

Have fun with your new camera

Darla said...

My new camera is a little boy compare to your big boy........ohhhhh how I am having too much fun with it though. Can't wait to see what you do with yours...and the gardens.........pretty much toast!

cherry said...

There will be no stopping you now!
I say the Dirt Princess has done good and can't wait to see what the spring is going to bring.. Stay warm
hugs, Cherry

Dirt Princess said...

Serena I foresee that happening with me! I am always looking to see what I can photograph!

Tatyana thanks!

Christine funny you should say that! The macro lens was one of the things I was looking at in the books that came with it! I think that will probably be my next purchase for it!

Stephanie thanks!

Joanne I am ready for something to bloom so I can really try it!

Darla Little Boy & Big Boy are still so much better than what we had!

Cherry it is 56 here today! Compared to 32 yesterday! crazy weather we have!

Michelle said...

Oh, I am envious! I bought a sony point and click last summer which i desperately needed but I also want a more proffesional camera. A Canon is at the top of my list!

When I was 16 my mom gave me a Minolta slr. That is one great camera! I love it but don't use it much since I don't have a dark room to develop my own film. Someday I will though because it such wonderful photos.

Have fun with that new camera!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Glad to see you got your camera DP. Your pictures will take on a whole new dimension now. Wish I had your stabilized lenses.
Just love the Cahaba Lily!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi There, Congrats on the new camera. We have been looking at that one--but hubby hasn't made any decisions yet... I hear it does everything except wash your dishes for you.

Sorry about the frost and dying plants and flowers. It's been horribly cold up here this past week--and even though they predicted snow for us today, I don't think we're going to get any.. Oh Well!!!!!

George does wear gloves --probably more than I do. However, he was taking pictures at Looking Glass Falls so had the gloves off. It was cold there that day!!!


RainGardener said...

Hey DP I can't wait to see pics with that big guy although you always had nice pictures with your other camera too. I really understand as I've started a list of what cameras the gardeners are buying because I'm due for one too.
Love your summer and winter pictures - how funny they are! But your Cahaba Lily totally blew me away with it's delicate beauty. I'd better go see where it's hardy at.
Have fun taking pics with your new camera and know we're all waiting to see them.

gittan said...

Congratulations on your new camera! I have one almost like that and I just LOVE my Canon, it's my new best friend! And that Cahaba Lily looks wonderful. I can't remember ever seen any Lily looking like that/ gittan

Skeeter said...

Ah, Big Boy is such a handsome fella! You will have so much fun with BB even before the flowers start to bloom. You will be surprised at what you spot in the garden to practice on...

Nezzy said...

Ya know your a serious blogger when you take pictures of your CAMERA!!!

I am so happy for you that it came. Sorry about your plants but to me who is brown and barren right now they look pretty darn good.

Have a fun day playing with your new camera. God bless

Becca's Dirt said...

Congrats on the new Big Boy. Looks like a fine piece of equipment. Can't wait to see all of your beauties in full bloom with your new camera.

Phillip said...

You will love the new camera! I like your new header.

Heather said...

Can't wait to learn all about it with you. I would so love to try a much nicer camera. Keep us posted!

About Me... said...

Oh how fun, love your camera case too. Which Canon did you get?? I'm wanting to graduate from a Sony DSLR and would love to know which camera you went with. Happy shutterbugging! shery

Linda said...

Thanks for coming by for a visit! I'm very SAD today...this COLD COLD weather is killing all of my beautiful plants:( Hope you have a GREAT weekend!


Kim and Victoria said...

Ooooh ooooh, ooooh!!!!
Yes, stabilizers!!! :-)

Have fun with that new camera!!!

Dirt Princess said...

Michelle, funny you mention that husband had an old one with a zoom lens, and I was playing around with it before I got this one. I had so much fun taking pics....then I got them developed! You get so used to seeing crisp clear photos with a digital, that the old 35mm looked hazey.

Hocking Hills it is so nice! The Cahaba Lily is also called a swamp lily around here. You see them growing wild along the banks of the rivers.

Besty...mine does wash dishes! LOL!!! George needs to get some gloves and cut a few fingers out so he can take pictures!

RG I love th Cahaba Lily. I got them from my hunting camp, and I thought they were crinums....but they weren't.

Gittan glad to hear you are enjoying yours as well.

Skeeter I have been looking!

Nezzy it is 26 here this morning....which for here is COLD! Everything outside is crunchy!

Becca thanks!

Phillip you know how I love to change things up every once and a while. Hope you are staying warm. Looks like you got some snow yesterday.

Heather it was well worth the money. At first I was like "there is no way I would every pay that much for a camera." Then when you realize it can photograph what you see with your naked eye, versus what you have...I was sold! A friend of mine actually brought her over, and we took photos with it. That was the deciding factor for me.

About that not the cutest bag!

Linda I know!!!!! Can you believe it is this cold in Mobile! WHOA! I was looking for snow...but no such luck! Stay warm and keep those plants covered.

K&V...yes STABILIZERS!!!! It is more blurry pictures!!

Ginger said...

Lucky you!!! I have a cheapo digital like your old camera :( I was going to buy a new one with my bonus, but decided we needed a new kitchen table more. Guess I should just be happy to have a bonus- ha.

The poor pagoda plant is the most dramatically transformed of all!!! I have been trying to figure out what to post on my blog because everything is so ugly and dead now. Can I copy you and do a before and after??

Green Iris said...

Such beautiful pictures! Isn't it amazing to see new life each spring? I can't wait. Your camera is awesome. My little Sony will have to do for a while. It probably will do more than I realize. Guess that what the owner's manual is for. Going to get up to 50 degrees today. At last my bird bath should thaw out completely. The birds will appreciate that.

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