Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bilbo On the Move

Bilbo is once again heading off to a new place! I am so excited about this visit. It was somewhere I really wanted him to go. Of course there are a million places I want him to go! He will be able to warm up at this place, and enjoy lots of fresh fruit, and really some really nice people!

I am going to make ya'll figure this one out! I am not just going to tell you!

This will be Bilbo's first time to this part of the's not the United States.....Canada....or Europe! Click HERE to see where he will be next!


Stephanie said...

That's wonderful to know! Hope Bilbo will have a pleasant trip there.

Bangchik said...

Will he melt like chocolate the moment he steps on this hot and wet land?... Can he stand snails and slugs?.. haha... I just asked gittan to contact me at this email,, so that I can give the full address.

I let him see for himself, why H2O drops down as Rain here, instead of Snow like Sweden.... I am sure he will have lot of stories to tell later!!

Is he going to travel alone?... no chaperon?

Putrajaya Malaysia

Autumn Belle said...

Looks like Bilbo is a lovable guy and he has thouroughly enjoyed himself travelling the world. I'd love to have him too but I guess it is already too late now when I just found out about him from your blog. Ah, he is going to visit Bangchik! He is definitely in good hands. Bilbo will be extremely happy there.

Joanne said...

I had a sneaky hint from his new patron I do hope he has a good visit.

Serena's Secret Gardens said...

He's not coming to Aus is he?

Shawna Lee Coronado said...

I would SO love Bilbo to visit my garden. We actually have an extensive fairy garden, so Bilbo would have his own little cottage to stay in during his visit. :-)

He's simply adorable of course!


Briana said...

He really gets around! He will probably sleep for a month straight when he finally comes home.

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