Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who Hath A Garden

Who hath a garden, he has joy, However small his plat may be. Wide his horizons; in his demesne Master of beauty and lifer is he. God has graciously smile don him, Made him a helper in His great task- Building a glorious world in time; What finer task could any one ask? Who hath a garden, he has friends - Lilies and roses will not forsake; When they depart, 'tis but for a time; They will return when the spring winds wake. Let him rejoice on his kingly throne Who hath a garden of pink and gold; Kings bear burdens and soon are gray - Who hath a garden shall not grow old. - Thomas Curtis Clark


Tim said...

You had me at the "random things about me," between the deer, the Eifel Tower, and the owl on your head, I was hooked!

Gardeness said...

Hey, stumbled over here from another blog because your alias made me laugh. Nice blog so I had to follow! Now, about those mosquitos ... I grew up in eastern MT and I always considered them the unofficial state bird. Sounds like you have a similar problem. Happy gardening!

Dirt Princess said...

Mosquitos should be the state bird...down here we like to call them "skeeter hawks"....when you say "hey theres a skeeter hawk on your head" in South Alabama....we know what it is...LOL!!!

Connie said...

What a lovely poem!

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