Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras

Today is Mardi Gras Day! Whoo hoo! There are thousands of Merry Revelers in Downtown Mobile feasting on moon pies while I write this. I however, am sitting behind a desk wishing I was at home in the yard....where else!
I love to find junk on the side of the road...one mans trash is another mans treasure! Yesterday on the way to work I spotted 10+ huge bags of leaves on the side of the road. Ofcourse I wanted to stop then and grab a few bags....but I was running late! So I went on lunch. The bags were really heavy and I could only lift a few. So I threw them in to the back of my truck and headed back to work. I need to add them to the 2 new beds I made. I will get around to that this weekend.
The birds are finally showing up, slowly but surely. I made a few bird baths for them. It broke my heart when I read that water is more scarce for them to find than food....poor little things. So I decided to help them out with this. Sunday afternoon around 4pm the yard was a buzz with animals. I was so excited. Kiki lay asleep on the couch, and I had to let her see this (after all I started feeding them for her entertainment). I picked up sleeping beauty and took her to the window and set her on the chair so she could see the festivities. She looked at them for about 2 seconds, and took off back to the couch. How dare I wake sleeping beauty from a nap for a few piddly birds!!!!!!!


Maureen said...

Hi me again, I'm still browsing your blog. you were lucky finding leaves all bagged up for you to take home. I had to go out armed with a rake and collect them from around my local area, my hubby was mortified !! he says I am becoming very eccentric since acquiring my allotment. I managed to get about 8 bags and am leaving them to rot down. :)

Dirt Princess said...

Maureen thanks so much for visiting me! I stalk out bagged leaves! There is a really large neighborhood near where I live, and a few of my gardens friends and myself ride through during fall looking for pine straw that owners have bagged up or pile up at the road. The last trip I made, I filled up the entire bed of the truck and there were probably 6 more loads of it!

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