Monday, August 10, 2009

What Lies Ahead

Another wet weekend here. It rained pretty much all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I had planned on working out in the yard....but that didn't happen. Friday night was my monthly girls get together. Every month, me and my best friends from High School get together. We have a great time. Saturday I went shopping with 2 of my was Tax Free Weekend as most of you it was CRAZY!!!! There were millions of people out shopping! We found some great buys! Butterfly Ginger....what a heavenly smell!
blooms on The Hunter's watermelons!
Butterfly Ginger
Bee Balm with Zinnia in background
Bee Balm
Gerbera Daisy
Rose (not sure which one)
Rose (not sure which one)
We went to Kohl's Saturday and they had an awesome sale! I bought this table cloth for $3!!!!!! The placemats were $1 each!
I love it, because as you can walls are very similar in color! I actually bought 2 of the tablecloths. I am going to use the other one to make mats for my "rusty 'ol cart" since I haven't been able to find any I like to put on each shelf. Then I am going to use the remainder to make curtains for my kitchen (the tablecloth was 60" x 104"). That should be plenty to make 3 simple curtains, and 3 little place mats for the cart.
Saturday while we were shopping I had a little dilemma! I wore a sundress shopping, and it zipped in the back. I was looking for a cute outfit to wear this upcoming weekend (we'll get to that soon). I go in the dressing room and try on a few outfits, but didn't like any of them. I go to put my dress back on and the zipper BROKE!!!!!! It wouldn't zip back up!!! Are you kidding me! So both of my girlfriends came into the dressing room with me to try to zip my dress. An hour was a lost cause. It would only zip about 6" and its about and 18" zipper!!! So my bra and most of my back were exposed. My friends went on a mad dash to find me something to put on...and as luck would have it A) It either didn't fit or B) I hated it. I wasn't going to buy something just to get out of the store...I wanted to spend my money on something I would actually wear again! So I told them to go scan clothes to find some safety pins. You know how some clothes tags are pinned on with safety that's what they did. They pinned me up and we went on to the next store. The next store was a big fancy department store, and yes, some people didn't realize that my dress was pinned up!!! Who cares....
2-1/2 hours after Zipper-gate friends FINALLY found a dress for me that fit, and that I liked. Whew!!!!! I was about to buy a bathrobe and wear it the rest of the day. It all worked out in the end. Of course I was a bit agitated....when you don't need can find it. When you need can hang it up because you will NEVER find it. This was the case Saturday.
Friday I am leaving to go to..... NASHVILLE!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!! My brother is getting married August 29th, so this weekend is the bachelorette party and we are going to NASHVILLE!!! I am so excited because I have NEVER been to Nashville! I can't wait!! We are going to have blast. We will leave Friday and come back Sunday....I am READY!! My boots are polished and ready to hit the floor!
We have our Garden Club meeting this Thursday...feels like ages since I have been! I missed out meeting in June because I was at the beach on vacation. We don't meet in July. I haven't seen my garden ladies in ages. I can't wait to see them and catch up. I will have to pack Wednesday so I can go to the meeting Thursday.


Ginger said...

My butterfly ginger hasn't bloomed yet. Yours is BEAUTIFUL!

Is that really a watermelon bloom?? Looks like a BES vine bloom! Huh!

Have a wonderful time in Nashville! I've only been once but it was fun!

Becca's Dirt said...

Love your tablecloth and mats. Good idea for your "rusty old cart" that I like. Sounds like a fun weekend ahead. I know you are very excited about Nashville.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Sounds like you had fun and will be having more! Nothing like wardrobe malfunctions when you are out in public :)
I'v never seen a watermelon bloom before, they are pretty!
Have fun in Nashville!

Dirt Princess said...

Ginger thats all I can guess is watermelon. I haven't planted any BES vines. Weird

Becca I can't wait

catherine I guess thats what it is, It is on the watermelon vine

Ginger said...

Dirt Princess,
That doesn't look like a watermelon vine or a watermelon flower to me, BUT, I have only grown one variety of watermelon! Search BES vines on Google Image and see what you think!

Dirt Princess said...

Yeh I looks just like a BES vine bloom. It is a mystery to me...I have never planted a BES vine. It is growing on the watermelong vine. I will inspect further when I get home...this is killing me. I thought the same thing when I saw it...but I wasn't sure how that could be. A mystery to be solved

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi DP, Funny story about your zipper. Glad you didn't go ahead and buy something you didn't want..

Sounds like you had a great time with your high school friends. I have 3 special ones that I cherish. We get together every year (since we all live in different cities).

When in Nashville, go and see the Opry Hotel, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry... You'll love them all.

Susie said...

Loved the story of the broken zipper. I can just imagine your friends trying to help you out. How funny! I'm sure at the time it wasn't tho.

Have a wonderful time in Nashville. We went there for my 40th birthday and stayed at the Opryland hotel. It was fantastic!

Dirt Princess said...

Betsy I know we are staying downtown somewhere on the main drag. My sister in law said we can walk pretty much everywhere. So I don't know where all we will go. But I would love to fo there

Susie It was hilarious to them...but not to me at the time. I was in the dressing room for over an hour!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day of shopping and sweet smells! The butterfly ginger is beautiful and dainty! Sounds like you are keeping VERY busy! Live hard. Play hard. :)

ksr said...

Your BES vine is something we call Thunbergia... Black Eyed Susan Vine is easily seeded. So, maybe it hitched a ride somehow. Looks purty anyways!

Teresa said...

I have the white butterfly ginger, and it's definitely one of my favs. The scent is heavenly. LOVE that tablecloth and the quilted placemats. You know me and fabric... I love it. Glad you shared that zippergate story. Too funny!

Heather said...

We had some rain too and I was so glad! Now I wish it would rain 2 days per week for the rest of the season~ I laughed about the dress dilemma, been there done that. Have fun at the wedding!

Stephanie said...

Ha ha... sorry about your zipper... glad that you found a solution and I like your sense of humour. I cannot imagine how I would react if same thing happens to me.

That table cloth is a good choice! I like the pattern and colours. I was drawn to the Bee Palm flower. The form is unique and looks quite dramatic.

Have a great day!

Darla said...

Sorry about your dress...funny though!! Hope the Karma doesn't get me for laughing at you!! Your watermelon bloom looks nothing like mine, sure looks like a blackeyed susan vine to me....You sound all pumped about your trip!!!!

Kim and Victoria said...

Wow! You have a great trip to Nashville. I know you will!

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