Monday, August 24, 2009

They Are GONE!

What a WONDERFUL weekend! They weather was perfect! It was in the 60's in the mornings, and low 80's during the day. I wish it would stay that way....but it will be hot again before long. I did get out yesterday morning and work in the yard for a while. I had 7 bags of mulch left over, so I mulched this bed. You can see that some of the plants are bent up, & chewed up. One hairy little fella did that (Tide).
I moved the Black Eyed Susan to this trellis. It looks puny, but it will perk up. I couldn't even see my blueberry bush, the BES vine was covering it. So I ripped (yes...RIPPED) it all off and moved what was left of it.
Butterfly Ginger with a visitor
The Hunter's is sprawling all over the place! All in the walkway, oh well
Summer Poinsettia
Butterfly Ginger
This is my Pagoda Plant...I can't WAIT for it to bloom, not sure when that will be
Zinnia & Bee Balm
Notice anything different here???? The cosmos are GONE! Whew! I had to saw them off at the roots, then pull the roots up! They left huge voids where they were planted. In 2-3 weeks I am going to divide my daylilies and amaryllis and fill in those voids.
Look how bare this one is! You can see where they amaryllis & daylilies are lined out up, that "was" the front of this bed when I expanded it. They will be divided and moved soon, and I will be planting some mums.
It really opened the beds up once they were gone....I heard a few of the plants breath sighs of they can grow!
Double Prairie Coneflower, I couldn't see these when the cosmos were there.
There was a little breeze while I was trying to snap the picture, so I never really got a good shot.
I have half a million skinks at my house, they love me. I see them everywhere. Apparently I have a lot of bugs for them to dine on. Kiki loves to watch them
This is another plant I am excited to see bloom, it is a Cardinal Flowers (Lobelia cardinalis), and it is awesome. I am going to divide it this year. I got it from my grandma.
This Fall and next Spring I am doing some MAJOR overhauls. I am not 100% happy with any of the beds I and learn. I will be totally re-doing 3 of them. I am already making mental notes. One bed I have in the shade it just green, even though I have blooming plants in it, they never bloom....and it just stays green and drives me nuts!


Becca's Dirt said...

Looks better with out the overbearing cosmos. I like cosmos but mine are small. The zinnias look good.

Joanne said...

You clearly had a busy weekend and everything looks very tidy.

Ginger said...

Ummmm can I just come over after my meeting tomorrow, and raid your garden??? It's so awesome! You know, Cardinal Flower is what Catherine recommended for my pond :)

Are you so excited about the braces??? I'll call you tomorrow mid-day on my way into town!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

One thing I have learned from you: Don't buy Cosmos!!!! ha... Glad you got rid of them. They were taking over, weren't they??? We ALL live and learn when it comes to gardening and our beds. We change ours every year it seems---for one reason or another.

One shade Annual that we like is Impatiens. It blooms all summer --and adds color to shady areas.

Hang in there. Your yard really looks nice...

Ginger said...

You're so sweet :) I have some butterfly ginger, though it hasn't bloomed yet. Um... I'd love anything that needs a home, but I was wanting some of that cardinal flower! I even looked for it at Lowes this weekend but they didn't have it.

I only have one or two things established enough to divide, but I will bring them your way. Can't wait!

Tootsie said...

lookin good princess!!! I am so glad I don't have those lizards in my garden!!! Just all the kids in the neighborhood!!! lol

Darla said...

Seeeee ya later Cosmos!!! You are not the only one that RIPS plants up..LOL....Your gardens look good though...Haven't been killing skinks since you outed me!!! LOL!!!

Heather said...

Hey DP- things are looking nice in your garden! I think your mulch looks great, I love the look of freshly mulched beds. Enjoy the braces off day, tomorrow~!

Mama Hen said...

Congratulations on being featured on AL Bloggers! Your flower garden is so pretty.

Susie said...

Too bad the cosmos turned out like they did. I really like their flower.

I think your beds look good but I can understand wanting to redo them. I wasn't happy with mine this year either.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

It really does make a difference without the cosmos. Your garden looks so pretty. I'm about to start pulling up some annuals too, one of which are the cosmos in a container. It's nice getting the chance to clean up and see plants that weren't having their chance in the spotlight.

Dirt Princess said...

Becca it definitely opened things up

Joanne thanks, looks are deceiving!

Ginger, I have your cardinal flower!

Betsy, I have lots of impatiens in one area. I will definitely be adding more of them next year

Tootsie, thanks

Darla I am proud of know I only put that up there for you! ;-)

Heather, the mulch in the other beds has really held up, with all the rain, it still is bright red, and looks great

Mama Hen...I had no idea I was featured! I will have to check that out...thanks for letting me know. I am glad you stopped by

Susie I love the flower of the cosmos, but they are just to leggy. I have a lot of work ahead of me next year

Catherine, it looks totally different now, much more open. It did make lots of room for the daylilies to be divided and moved

Kim and Victoria said...

Who is ever totally happy with their garden? Ours seems to be always undergoing some sort of renovation. At least you still have lots of stuff blooming.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I have been ripping into my garden also. Must be something in the air. ;-) You have so many beautiful zinnias in your garden. The leaves on the Summer poinsettia are so pretty. I love the pink and green.

Linzi said...

You never stop!!! Wish I had your drive!!! I'm a lot lazier when it comes to gardening! Your garden looks fab as always - can't wait to see the water melon

Linzi x x x

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