Monday, August 3, 2009

Attack of the killer weeds

I had high hopes for the weekend....they got crushed quickly! I got out in the yard Saturday around 9am to start my ambush on the weeds. I got all of the back beds done, and had just made my way to the front....and that's when the bottom fell out. I could hear the weeds laughing, as they shot up another 6 inches! My cart was LOADED down with weeds. I started out with that little white bucket. Filling it with weeds them dumping it. After about 4 dumps....I decided I should break out the heavy artillery....and that's what I did. There are a few broken cosmos laid across the top
Atleast I got one half of a bed weeded out front. It rained pretty much the whole weekend. Needless to house is clean! And yes...the grass does need to be cut!
The cosmos are out of control! I had to come up with a solution to keep them in control! They are very leggy and fall over. Once they fall over they take root and start to spread. I thought I had a great idea......tie them up with fishing line. I quickly realized that even the strongest fishing line was not going to hold I opted for the next best thing......
Bungee cords!!!!!!! This is holding them for now....I hope it keeps a hold on them. If this doesn't work I will break out the Redneck Fix-It-All .......duct tape! Works everytime!
Here a few shots of one of the $3 roses from Big Lots....Royal Highness.
This is Annie's Red Rose, and a little friend. Some kinda worm.
This is about the most pathetic looking bud I have ever seen....
It was a very un-eventful weekend. I did go to my mom's to make up 2 arrangements for my brothers rehearsal dinner. They need tweaking, and then I will share them with ya'll. They are going to be pretty snazzy If I do say so! The rehearsal dinner is at a hunting lodge in Montgomery. My brother is a hunter as well, so my theme is deer, ducks & turkeys. It will be very nice and classy.
I hope ya'll had a great weekend !


Ginger said...

Wow, look at all those weeds!!! I needed to weed this weekend, but did "fun" gardening stuff instead. I have one bed that seems to have more weeds in it than desirable plants!

I've never grown cosmos before. I had some Four O Clocks that were overgrown and badly damaged by the rain, though --- next time I'll try securing them with bungees!

Darla said...

I can't wait to see the arrangements....hope there isn't duct tape involved..LOL...I managed to pull weeds from two beds on Saturday before the bottom fell out here. Ended up on the front porch with a beer while my husband kicked my butt in two games of scrabble!! Painted for 7 hours today!

Susie said...

Bungee cords, who would have thunk it?

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I've done that before with weeding, start off with a little bucket and soon realize I need the whole yard waste container. Your roses are really pretty, what a great deal!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said... a good laugh on the 6 inch growth!LOL
Hubby got the yard mowed Saturday and the bottom fell out! Ha! He mowed again today!

Lou Cinda said...

Gosh, I would like to weed my flower beds. I did go out Friday afternoon and "start" weeding, but wait, I HAVE GIANT SCARY GRASSHOPPERS!!! They are still here and they are everywhere! I am so sick of them!!

I called Exterminator Steve and he came out and killed 11! UGH!

Lou Cinda :)

Southern Aspirations said...

Tried cosmos for the first time this year and mine are very leggy too...not many flowers either, so I'm not sure I love them...

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Yes, you have enough green mass to feed a goat!
Love your rose!

Beyond the Nest said...

You sure you weren't in my yard?:) Sounds exactly like what I have had to deal with! Never thought of using a bungee cord-hilarious! Those cosmos are wicked! I planted moonflower off my backporch and they are reaching for the roof and just now showing signs of blooming. Love your Royal Highness rose-such a girly pink! Karen

Prospero said...

Hi DP. Sounds like The Day of the Triffids where
"Triffids," plants capable of aggressive and seemingly intelligent behavior take over the world. I'm glad you made it out of your garden without a scratch - there's a rehearsal dinner in the offing.

marmee said...

we did the same thing all assault on the weeds. they are massive but we will win.

Hua said...

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