Friday, August 21, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Its FRIDAY!!! Which means its...Fertilizer Friday. You can click on the link above to go to Tootsie's page...she is our gracious host each week! I haven't been Fertilizer, I will admit. It has rained here almost 3 weeks my plants are getting fertilized from Mother Nature.
This Zinnia bush is so weird, none of the blooms have EVER had strange?
Butterfly Ginger, I want to rub the petals all over me so I can smell so good! Maybe I should take some and crush them to get the oils out. To me that is such a heavenly scent
Zinnias...with petals
When I came back from Nashville on Sunday I had a hideous flag thumb tacked to my house! C'mon now....THUMB TACKS! Ugh... ! It's my house too....but that doesn't matter. So I photo shopped the flag. My neighbor who is a die-hard fan of the team on the flag thumb tacked on my house, called me to ask me if I was alive. He said when he saw that flag on my house he knew I must be dead to have it stuck up there. I told The Hunter that he could have at least bought a flag that said "A House Divided" with both teams on it....but he says our house is not divided. Oh yes....we are. I will save the Auburn/Alabama arguments for closer to college football ain't pretty!
The ground is saturated with the point that the grass is starting to die...Its either dying from heat or dying from too much water...there is no good medium!
The rain has made the weeds grow like crazy. I hope I can get outside tomorrow and work in the yard. Maybe it won't rain for a while.
Another bloom from the same bush me out here...what is this??????? I have no idea. I know someone gave it to me...but I don't know what it is...
Here's a close up. Any ideas? Phlox
Ok #2....I can tell you with 100% accuracy that these are watermelons blooms....
Yes indeed...and................
#2...I have a black eyed susan vine that mysteriously appeared
Zinnia & Bee Balm
Here is a shot of the BES taking over what was once my blueberry bush. I am going to move the BES in the fall....away from my bush and anything else
Butterfly Ginger & Mexican Petunia (in the back)
Zinnia from seed, and yes I know....this bed looks really, really crappy right now...I am almost ashamed to show it to ya'll!
My Morning Glory tree has FINALLY started growing. Every since February it has been 6" tall, and now it is shooting on up!
Gerbera fave!
Pink Mexican Petunia
This has been the most gorgeous zinnia bush. I love it.
ok...looking at this picture really just infuriates me! Ya'll know why! Look at those crazy cosmos!!!!!!!! AHHH! Clearly the bungee cord did not work on holding them up. They are out of control. Tomorrow I am pulling them ALL up! The nightmare is...they RE-SEED! Are you kidding me! I do NOT want these overgrown, gargantuan, Steroid popping cosmos back on my property. There is no one to blame for them but myself. I grew them so proudly from seed....and this is how they repay me.....
Gazania, with a broke down Cosmos in the back....nice bungee cord huh!
I mean really? Pathetic excuse for a plant!
The grass needs to be cut, I know. But who is looking at the grass with all the overgrown, out of control cosmos? I know people are riding by my house saying "well, would ya look at those big 'ol weeds, you think she'd pull them up", yes....I am going to pull them up! It's almost as embarrassing as "that" flag on my house! Ok...the flag is worse!
I know ya'll can't see any other flowers but the cosmos....sheesh!
As I was outside this morning taking these pictures, I was sporting this shirt......
I am sure the people driving by were laughing, an Alabama Flag thumb tacked on the house, and me in an Auburn shirt......HA!
Happy Friday!


Becca's Dirt said...

The garden wouldn't be complete without weeds. I think we all some weeds. Your cosmos is so huge. Mine grew only to about 12" before killing over. They'll be back.

Your place is still has some beautiful flowers. I love the orange zinnia. What a beautiful one.

RainGardener said...

Too funny about the flag and the shirt. I leave the sports to Bob so no hate and discontent there. LOL
I love Cosmos but agree they just fall on their faces. There is a shorter one I've seen thought and I think it might be just the thing to have because they are so pretty!
All of your flowers look beautiful - and you really have a lot of them! Hey your front turned out really well. I know you were working on it a while back weren't ya?
I'm sure trying to get around again and visit everyone - I was going through something and couldn't post or anything.

Tootsie said...

you kill me!!!! I hate cosmos too....they look like a weed in my gardens...I have already ditched all the pansys and any lobelia that was in the ground...I have issues with slugs here like you would not believe.
I think the rain is laced with weed seeds...the chick weed is out of control in my beds now...when I get to it...I will be there forever!!!!
thanks for sharing...I think around my house all that is waving as far as a flag is a white one for peace! lol
You guys make me laugh! love ya sis

Outside In said...

You have lots of beautiful flowers! the only bad thing about August down here is rain, too much rain. Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy FF!

Stephanie said...

DP, what a collection of flower plants! I have not come across that Gerbera Daisy with pink centre also. It is so lovely. And your hydrangeas colours are so sweet. I would like to have a hydrangea plant one day. If I do, I would need to find a really cool place for the plant which could be quite a challenge for me. Have a great weekend!

Ginger said...

HA! You crack me up about the flag! Scott is a TN fan so we get along fine unless AL and TN are playing, but there's no way he'd let me put up a AL flag!
I am so impressed with how lush those new beds you just started this year already are!!!
Your (actual) watermelon vine and blooms look GREAT! My vine died :(

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi DP, Too bad that one of you isn't a TENNESSEE Vols fan!!!!! I wear the big orange--and hubby thumbs up his nose. He's a Michigan fan. What's up with that?

I know you are disgusted with your yard, but I think it looks good. Both your Impatiens and your Vinca look better than mine. This has been a weird summer ---too hot and no rain, then too much rain.... Gads!!!!

Hope you had a great time in Nashville.

Jacki said...

I've never heard of butterfly ginger but it certainly looks and sounds very nice! And I agree that those orange zinnias are really cool. Everything looks great (and, ya, we've got weeds!).

siteseer said...

Your flowers are absolutely postcard picture perfect. Remember anyone seeing any weeds has to pull them lol

Joanne said...

So many lovely flowers I love the ginger flowers. It is annoying when Cosmos grow so tall. There are two types that I know of some tall and some knee high. I keep seeds from previous years and am afraid often find one or two get out of hand.

Susie said...

Girl you crack me up! I'll be glad when you pull those cosmos up so you'll quite complaining about them!!!! lol,lol. You need me to come over there and help you out??

We too are a house divided. Hubbie went to Ole Miss and I'm a big Razorback fan. We love SEC football.

Have a great weekend!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have so much blooming there! I love the hydrangeas, those are one of my favorite things blooming now. I wish I could smell the butterfly ginger, I don't think I've ever seen it other than on your blog. The flowers are so pretty.

Behind My Picket Fence said...

And here I thought I wanted to grow Cosmos next year. Hmmmm. Maybe you have seed to spare? HA.

imjacobsmom said...

That Zinnia plant is a doozy, funny how those things happen. The rest of flowers are sure beauties, though. Happy Friday! ~ Robyn

Darla said...

Beautiful blooms...yes that is watermelon!!!! Football season is crazy here in the home of FSU...

lazyclick said...

Simply beautiful.

Rusty in Miami said...

I want you know that all of South Florida, roots for Auburn, we can’t stand Nick Saban.
Go Tigers

Dirt Princess said...

Becca I hope I never see another cosmo again in my garden!

RG I was wondering where you have been! I missed you! Glad you are back! I feel like I haven't had much to post on lately..

Tootise....oh the crab grass!!! AHHH!!! I pulled so many weeds Sunday it wasn't even funny! They wouldn't all fit in my garbage can! I had to pile them up by the road....pathetic! It is all that rain

Cathy Saturday and Sunday were the 1st 2 days it hasn't rained in a while

Stephanie...I don't know why the center of that gerbera daisy is pink....normally the center is darker, brownish tan. That was the 1st time I ever noticed it being pink!

Ginger, what is it with men and football. It is so serious for them.

Betsy...oh no.....a Michigan fan????I am so sorry for that! Good thing you love him!! Yeh...I guess it could always be worse (kidding)

Jacki you MUST get some butterfly ginger, it is the most heavenly scent you will ever smell.

siteseer....I pulled tons of weeds up yesterday!

Joanne I would like the smaller version of them, as long as they stay under 24".

Susie...they are GONE! I pulled them all up yesterday! You know...Southern Miss is my alma mater. I SOOO wish we were in the SEC instead of Conference USA (crappy conference for us)

Catherine....go now to the store and get you some. You WILL love it! It is such an amazing smell. It makes my entire yard smell. I used to have it in the front yard, and when people would come to my house the 1st thing they would ask is "what's that smell?"

Picket Fence....apparently (from what I hear) there are 2 types of cosmos, small type and large type. I CLEARLY got type #2! I would definetly make sure you get the smaller one

Robyn I am proud of all of my little zinnias from seed :-)

Darla there are about 5 watermelons vines growing! I can imagine how crazy it gets down there during football season. People here lose their minds! If you go out in public with an Auburn or Southern Miss can bey your sweet cheeks that some idiotic Alabama fan is gonna say something about it!

lazyclick, thanks

Rusty WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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