Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey ya'll....I have been really busy today and I haven't had time to visit or blog. I am checking on Bilbo to see where he is. I will let ya'll know tomorrow.


Susie said...

Sure, we know what you are doing! You're out there trying to run in those new boots! ha!

Darla said...

It's frickin' busy everywhere right now girl..you ain't got no kids gettin' ready for school now do ya?

Dirt Princess said...

Susie too funny!!! Girl I wish I was running! It hasn't stopped raining here in weeks. I think we are on our 3rd straight week of rain! I have been gettin up every morning and working out though.

Darla....no kids....I would hate to see how busy I would be if I had kids! I would be a basket case!

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