Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have Bulbs, Will Travel

I've been meaning to go to my old house and get some of my flowers. I really only wanted the flowers that were really special to me. Flowers that I can never replace or buy.

Like the Daylilies. They came from my neighbors. They used to live at my old house, then bought the house next door. They left them there when they moved next door. Some they bought, and some they got from people they knew.

Just one slight problem with digging them up....

See that?????

How about that? Rattlesnake Weed!!! Actually this is the root of the weed. It is a terrible weed to have and virtually impossible to get rid of because that root goes deep into the ground. You have to get the ENTIRE root up in order to get rid of it, and if that isn't multiplies like rabbits.

As you can see, I got a good bit of Daylilies...which meant I had a lot of inspecting to do in order to get rid of rattlesnake weed. 

I also got  a bunch or irises. These irises came from both of my grandma's, I found some of them, and the rest were given to by other gardeners.

Then there are the Cahaba Lilies....

I found these at an old hunting camp. At the time I didn't have a clue what they were, nor did I care. I just knew it was a bulb (a big one at that) and I wanted it. When it bloomed I finally figured it out. Get the bulb, and ask questions later!

Then there are my sweet, precious daffodils. I found these at an old home place. I dug hundreds of them up (5 lawn sized garbage bags to be exact). Of course I gave half of them away. 

I divided them all up and bagged the irises and daffodils in Ziploc bags. I placed them in a small refrigerator to store them until I can plant them. Maybe they will be okay.

I had to go through the Daylily roots with a fine tooth comb. Those rattlesnake roots get all up in there and it a not fun picking them out. It was like checking for ticks. I felt like one of those little monkeys that is grooming the other monkey LOL! Then I started to think that I had halfway lost my mind! Sitting here picking out rattlesnake roots....please I should just throw the things away...this is insane.

Who digs up bulbs and then crams them into Ziploc bags?????

After pulling off rattlesnake weed roots???

This rattlesnake weed was even in bloom!!! Maybe I should use it tomorrow for Fertilizer Friday!

Then it came to me.......

This is why I dug those irises up.

This is why I picked rattlesnake weed off my daylilies.

This is where I found my daffodils....

And this is why I dug them up.

And the Cahaba Lily.............

Even my grandma's old Nikko Blue hydrangea, even if it was 6 feet tall!

Maybe I'm not crazy after all. They will live to flourish in my own garden one day, and I will be glad I took my bulbs. I will take those bulbs wherever I may go.

A special thanks to the Hydrangea Queen for helping my dig all this up and to the Dirt Queen for giving me a place to plant it. Ya'll are the best!


Nell Jean said...

Lots of pretties you have there. Florida Betony is the bane of my garden too. I hope you burned every speck of it or bagged it for the garbage pick up. Did you get cuttings of the Hydrangea?

Nezzy said...

I'm so glad ya dug up some of your beauties for your new home and that your sweet Mama helped ya.

I've been offline due to the storms. How are ya'll??? I was thinkin' of you when I heard the news yesterday.

We ended up with 14 inches of rain here on the Ponderosa. Southern Missouri is under water.

God bless and have a glorious day!

FlowerLady said...

Dear DP ~ I hope you will soon have a place of your own to start your new and lovely gardens. You sure have some wonderful plants with memories of where they come from to fill you gardens to capacity. May you have no rattlesnake weed when you plant in your new gardens.

Hugs ~ FlowerLady

Lona said...

April I am so glad that you went back and dug up some of your cherished bulbs. They will be so welcome when you are in a new home and garden. I remembered all of those daffodils you dug. Your lily and iris pictures are so beautiful.Have a wonderful weekend.

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