Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dirtless Princess

I'm dreaming of my own dirt. Dirt that I can dig in, plant seeds in, get dirty in. Dirt that covers my feet and gets under my fingernails and toenails. My dirt. Dark, black, rich dirt that is home to the earthworms. Oh, how I miss my own dirt. It's hard not having your own dirt to play in. I didn't think it would bother me as much as it does. I miss my weeds.....yes I said it. I MISS MY WEEDS!!! All the times I bitched and complained about my weeds, and now I have no weeds of my own. I'm sure the Dirt Queen wouldn't mind one bit for me to pull her weeds, and get dirty in her dirt, but it's not the same. I need my dirt.

I thought I was perfectly fine with not having my own dirt, until I got to Petals From the Past Saturday. BAM! It hit me....I have no garden, I have no dirt, I have no weeds, I have no where to plant any of these beautiful plants that I may potentially buy. Sigh....

I wondered aimlessly around the place, looking at everything I wanted to buy, but couldn't buy  because I had no dirt. Being the Dirt Princess, this is a problem. Maybe I should change to the Dirtless Princess until I get my own dirt.

Not having my own dirt is just down right depressing. Working in someone elses dirt isn't the same.

But all I have now is someone else's dirt, numerous people's dirt. People that are kind enough to share their dirt with me for the time being. 

The Dirt Queen has dirt, good dirt. Rich, black dirt.  

Knockout Roses

New Dawn climbing rose

I got these irises from my Grandma's old homeplace (when I had dirt). I shared them with the Dirt Queen. I'm not sure what the name is. I'm sure some of you will know the name.

I absolutely looooove this iris!!! I am drawn to purple plants like a bee to honey. I don't care what it is, as long as it purple...I love it.


Oakleaf Hydrangea is getting ready to bloom. All of the hydrangeas have buds on them that are getting bigger by the minute.

Back to my own Dirtless Princess pity party....

I am planning on having a rose garden when I get my own dirt. I bought this rose at Petals From the Past on Saturday. It is called Playboy. It is various shades of apricots, and is quite the stunner if you ask me. I think he is going to look good in my dirt. For now he is going in a big pot. I don't want him to get comfortable in the Dirt Queen's dirt, and then not like his new home in my dirt.

I didn't take any pictures at Petals From the Past on Saturday. I was too busy relishing in my own dirtless pity. One day soon though, I will have my own dirt again. Oh the joy of scrubbing that dirt off my feet, out from under my nails. Being extra careful not to cut an earthworm in half with my trowel while digging in my dirt.

I was turkey hunting the other day near a cow pasture, and the faint smell of cow manure actually delighted my senses (yes I admitted it). I thought of big bags of Black Kow to put on my dirt.

Relish in your dirt. Enjoy your weeds.

Have a DIRTy day!

Love the Dirtless Princess


Darla said...

Oh DP! I was going to suggest container gardening, then you could take the containers with you when you move. I do enjoy seeing the DQ's gardens though.

Becca's Dirt said...

Oh DP hang in there it will happen. You will have your own and put ours to shame with your fancy green thumb. Your moms is pretty and I know not the same. Keep thinking... you'll find a way. (Rent a house - maybe. Even though I am renting I feel like I have to contribute my part to make a pretty place to live in and enjoy. One day I may have my own place again and I'll put the same amount of work in it as I do this place.)

Nezzy said...

Too bad your not close sweetie. Hubs has acres and acres of bottom land plowed and disked...just ripe for the plantin' to take place. You could just throw caution to the wind and run barefoot through the fields! Good thing your Mama has some great dirt to play in but I sooo understand...it's not the same as 'your' dirt!

God bless and I'm prayin' ya find your own dirt soon. :o)

HeatherF1 said...

The Dirt Queen's garden is WAY further along than mine in the Pacific NW.
I did a little digging in the dirt today, however I was cursing my next door neighbor who stood on his deck and could see me looking like a crazy lady staring at my dirt (you know, conjuring up plans for my dirt). Twice. I decided to move to the front and try not to look so crazy.

Carol said...

DP, I feel your pain! I was without a yard and dirt for awhile but had the best looking patio in the apartment complex! But it just wann't enough! I absolutely "loved" some of my plant to death. I am now back in the dirt and lovin' it. Just need more plant money now....Carol

Stephanie said...

Hi DP! beautiful pictures as always. Love your roses. One day you will have that dream beautiful garden ;-)

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

I bet it does make a difference not having your own flower beds than working in someone elses beds. It wouldn't be the same.I remember all of those daffodils you got at your Grandmas home place too.You are a young thing yet and will have your own dirt again someday.
Dirt Queens roses are so pretty.I will not see mine until the last of May or June.

Kim and Victoria said...

You're right. I will enjoy my own dirt even more now, thinking of you.
Here's to good times ahead for you and lots of gardening to come.

Fishtail Cottage said...

wow - these are gorgeous photo's! i am hoping you link this post over at Cottage Flora Thursday's garden party (link should be up later this evening!)...always so fun to meet other gardeners! xoxo, tracie

Dirt Princess said...

Darla, I think I will do that for my special plants. Well I am glad you enkoy seeing the Dirt Queen's garden....you are going to be seeing a lot of it :-)

Becca, you are right...I will have my own place. You have done a great job at your place. It wouldn't matter if I rented, I would still fix it up

Nezzy....I can smell the cow manure now!!! LOL!

Heather I think as gardeners, our neighbors get used to our craziness!!! You enjoy my flowers in bloom now, and when yours start blooming mine will be gone and I will get to enjoy yours.

Carol I bet it looked great. You can never have too much plant money, thats for sure

Stephanie!!! Hello!!! How is my Hibiscus???? I think of you when I see it.

HHG...I didn't leave my flowers behind. I got most all of them. Those flowers meant so much to me. You know I didn't hardly buy any flowers, mainly found them or they were given to me. I wasn't about to leave them!!!

K&V love your dirt :-)

Tracit thanks, I will stop by soon

HolleyGarden said...

Well, I have been covered in dirt all day putting in some new beds. I would have complained, but after reading your post, I will rejoice. Thanks for letting me see my blessings. I hope you get dirt soon!

Beth said...

Sorry you are dirt-less, but I want you to know I enjoyed your two most recent posts. You took some awesome photos and showed us spring in the south. I love the shade garden created by umbrellas - hey, it works and it looks nice and it's unique.
Hugs, Beth

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