Friday, April 15, 2011

Fertilizer Friday - 4/15/11

TGIF!!!! Ya'll know what that's time for Fertilizer Friday!

Head on over to Tootsie Time and check out all the beautiful blooms

Today for Fertilizer Friday we are going to visit with the Hydrangea Queen. She has such a beautiful place.

Her husband even found a little space to call his own so that he could have a small veggie garden.

I love the fact that she doesn't have much grass........makes cutting it a lot easier.

There used to be a lot of shade in the back part of her yard. The shade mainly came from large oak trees in her neighbors yard. Recently, the neighbor had all those trees cut down. This made Hydrangea Queens husband real happy because he doesn't have to scoop leaves out of the pool quite as much.

Not everyone was quite as happy.

 You don't get a nickname like Hydrangea Queen for growing daylillies. She has all of this various species of hydrangeas all along the back part of the yard, and now there is no shade. Thus the reason the umbrellas are stuck out in the yard. She is going to plant some crepe myrtles, and that should provide enough shade to get them by. Moral of the story....don't count on your neighbors trees for shade.  

Bachelor Buttons



Yellow Irises


Love this rose....I forget to ask her the name....but it is a beauty!

Purple Iris


Phlox's post is short and sweet. I have a busy weekend ahead (again). My parent's are headed to Branson, Missouri and that means I get the honor of taking care of my 88 year old Grandmother for the next week (she was our towns citizen of the year this year). I have already taken her to work at Meals On Wheels this morning (at 7am), and now I am off to pick her up to take her to get her hair all fixed up, and then to the library. So I need to get on out the door and go pick her up.

Ya'll have a great weekend.

Get out and get DIRTy!!!


Becca's Dirt said...

Beautiful blooms. Love the landscaping in the yard. I know you are going to enjoy spending this week with your grandmother. Hope you have a nice weekend.

RainGardener said...

What a shame about the neighbors trees coming down. Hope the Hydrangeas do ok until the other trees grow. I love Hydrangeas and hate to see anything happen to them. Lots of other beautiful flowers growing I see. What a nice variety.

Tootsie said...

she sounds like a busy bee! your post today is awesome! I love the photos...and some of the blooms you shared close up make me ache for the SNOW THAT WE GOT YESTERDAY to melt away...and that the SNOW THEY FORECAST FOR SATURDAY will not come!
ya...I am not impressed with the weather we have here this year!
thanks for linking in was good to talk to you the other day!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The Hydrangea Queen has a beautiful home and garden, lucky to have so much gardening space!
Your grandma's social life sounds like my 90 year old Nana's. She has more going on than I do and I think that's great. How cool that she's still working at MOW.

siteseer said...

Wow!! Lovely plants and flowers. And SUN!! Can't wait for my irises, right now they are just up from the ground about 4". Thanks for sharing

Darla said...

The Hydrangea Queen does have a beautiful place. The yellow door on her home is just great and then I saw the yellow shed!!! The umbrellas did catch my eye, glad you explained their use....I'm impressed with your busy Grandmother, sounds like she might just wear you out.

Lona said...

What a beautiful garden the Hydrangea Queen has. I love those blue Bachelor Buttons. I am with you that pink rose is gorgeous. Have a wonderful weekend.

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! I hope your Mama has a grand time in Branson...she'll be about a hundred miles from the Ponderosa!

Your Grandma sounds like quite the lady!!!

Thanks for sharin' some of the Dirt Queens beautiful flowers. She does have a beautiful place!

God bless and have a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :o)

Dragonfly Treasure said...

What a gorgeous yard! Love seeing there is all to see...and there is alot (I enlarged the photos and really looked) such eye candy ♥♥
Your Grandmother sounds so spry, good for her!
Have a great weekend!

DANI said...

Beautiful garden and wonderful photos.Have a nice weekend !

Val said...

I love her place. It is so beautiful and your pictures are wonderful. Thank you for visiting me and commenting. That made my day. I plan on checking more of your blog out too!!! So far I LOVE it!

Sonia said...

Oh I love Hydrangea Queen's garden..all those beautiful flowers and blooms! Yeah unexpected sunshine is not always welcome when you've planted a shade garden! Hopefully she can get some large crepe myrtles to give those hydrangeas some cover!

Great post! Have fun in Branson..we go there there in the fall and it's always so pretty!

Miss Bloomers

Sweetened by Kagi said...

The landscaping in your yard is beautiful! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :) I am now your newest follower, I hope you will follow me too! I look forward to reading your future blog posts :)

One said...

Your close-up shots of those flowers are amazing. Good to know you too like to take shots of dragon flies. I have a whole collection of them.

Mel Cole said...

Gorgeous flowers you got! My Fertilizer Friday Hope you can visit mine too.

Mel Cole said...

Looks like you are busy spring cleaning. :) Lovely flowers you got. My Fertilizer Friday Hope you can visit mine too.

Ami said...

So many beautiful flowers! Love the rose, almost can smell it! Especially love all the purle/blue flowers, they are my favorite color in the garden!

Life 101 said...

Stunning flowers - and photos.
We picked our first peonie this morning.
it was as big as a softball.

Jessica said...

Great photos and such a nice variety~ Hope you had a great weekend. =)


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