Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Is Why She is the Queen.....

.....and I am the Princess! I went and visited my parents on Sunday. Most of you know my Mom (Dirt Queen) loves to garden. They moved into this house a little over a year ago.....and look at her yard!!!!!!! They just built their fence a month or so ago! I have lived in my house 4 years, and my yard will NEVER look this good!
This was one of the first beds that she started, and it looks great!
There were bees all over the flowers, they were cold and not very active.
This is one of her mystery plants that appeared in that same bed. We have no idea what it is! The plant is similar to a Tibouchina. It has fuzzy leaves, but the stems are red, and this is some type of bud that is forming. Any ideas?
This is the area next to the garage. The area behind the arbor is being transformed into a vegetable garden. I am sure it will be spectacular!
She has created all of these beds this Summer! Ridiculous...I know. They look like they have been there 10 years.
Here a shot of the veggie garden under construction. I am only showing you this, because I know the after will be amazing! She has already started herbs (around the trellis).
She called this Datura, and I absolutely love it. I got some seed pods off of it, and I also received seeds from the Seed Swap from Lona @ A Hocking Hills Garden
Peppermint Stick Zinnia
I was amazed by this Zinnia. It is a Peppermint Stick Zinnia, and there were 5 blooms on the plant. This was one, the others were solid red, light pink, dark pink, and then one striped bloom! I got seeds from these.
I left with a lot of goodies! Several different seeds, Pineapple Sage, Variegated Hydrangea, and a few others that the Dirt Queen had rooted.
So that is the latest and greatest at the Dirt Queen's place.....I have a looooong way to go!
Sorry I haven't been around to visit much this week. I have been a little behind. I will be working on catching up tonight! See ya'll soon!


Marilyn Jones said...

Looks like a great start Dirt Queen has made.

Lou Cinda said...

Gorgeous!! You got good genes!! Your yard is beautiful too!

Lou Cinda :)

Nezzy said...

Oh my gosh! Call me slow, menopausal or just a gal from the sticks but I just got the connection. Heeeheehee. Dirt Queen is the Dirt Princesses daughter. You'd think I was not the brighter crayon in the box. You girls feed my flower compulsion long after mine have faded. Thanks!!!

Ya'll have a fantastically wonderful day!!!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Well, that's it, I'm just plain ole "green" with envy!!!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

She had done a lot in a short time. Just beautiful! I can't believe how much is in bloom. I just love her statue of the girl with the apron, I wonder if I can find her for my garden,...

Phoenix C. said...

Lovely garden, and amazing how quickly it has come together! I like all the ornaments too, which give such a personal touch.

The zinnia is extraordinary!

Darla said...

She is a blessed gardener isn't she. I think she passed some green genes on to you....that is a Datura double bloom angle trumpet, I have it....I also grew the peppermint zinnias this year....lovely all of, if she would just blog I'd question her about something everyday...

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

OMG. I do not know which I like the most all the beautiful flowers or the garden decor she had. Wow! So much to look at.The peppermint stick Zinnia is a pretty one. That Datura does look familiar DP ;-)

Susie said...

Her yard is lovely. I can't believe she has gotten all those beds done in a year. I wish I had that much energy. I see things I would like to create but then I think, nah, takes too much energy!

Vonnie said...

The apple certainly didn't fall from the tree in your case. You're so lucky that your local to your mom and can share your gardening. I have my mom close by, too, it's great.

Dirt Princess said...

Marilyn she is definitely off to a great start!

Lou Cinda thank you!

Nezzy,thats ok! You are too funny!

Blended Hearts! LOL!!!

Catherine I will ask her where she got it. I love it too! Wouldn't mind having one myself!

Phoenix C. I am amazed as well just watching the transformation

Darla, I question her everyday about something garden related! She deifinitely knows her stuff!

Hocking Hills she has so many little garden knick-knacks....thats where I get it from! LOL!!! It just kills me that she JUST planted all of that stuff and it looks that good!

Susie...and she does it by herself. My Dad is not a she tackles these projects on her do I! If I had a husband who enjoyed it....I would be dangerous!

Vonnie....I wouldn't have it any other way ;-)

gittan said...

Your mum's garden looks real nice. And she's done a great job in so short time / gittan

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

What an amazing garden! I can see you've inherited a lot from her. She decorates her garden beds like rooms - so lovely!

RainGardener said...

I know I'm late but really wanted to see the Queen's yard. What a treat it is. I can't believe she's done all this in a year. Love the peppermint zinnia - I think I must love speckled flowers as some of my favorite dahlias are speckled. Her yard art is fabulous too.

Tootsie said...

she is a queen! her yard looks amazing! one day when I come visit you will have to take me there!
your mom and you are both such great gardeners!!! you are dirt royalty! lol

Stephanie said...

DP, I received your mail today. TQTQ! Watch out for mine ok. I sent last week. I have separated into two mails as I am afraid that seeds would get confiscated sometimes ;-).

Love your mom's collection of plants and the way she has decorated her garden. I can see love really blooms there!

Jan said...

My mother, too, has such a green thumb. As she has aged, she is not able to get out in the garden as much, but she still gets one of us to plant for her. It is nice to share an interest with your mother.

Always Growing

Jesikarena said...

You mom is the coolest! Love her garden! Wow.

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