Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Picking up the Pieces

...of broken plates that is. So what are all those plates you might ask. Well, I had a bright idea, well ...Mrs. Brown (my 80 year old garden buddy) had an idea and I just copied her! I didn't actually break the plate on the bottom row, to the far left....I actually kept it. It was pretty cool, so I spared it!Mrs. Brown uses old plates to create a border for some of her flowers beds! I thought it was just great, but didn't see how it could work for me. I couldn't use them on the exterior edges of the flower beds because the weed eater/mower would break them. Last night I had an epiphany..LOL!!! I could use plates to line the walkway within one of my larger beds!
So I went to my favorite place...Sage Consignment, and got to digging around for plates! Don't look at the prices on them...there was no way I would have paid that much for each plate...I got a deal ;-).
Maybe I should have consulted with Mrs. Brown prior to me beating on plates with a hammer. Now that I am looking at her pictures...I don't think she broke hers. I broke mine.
I placed each plate in a towel and lightly tapped each one. I completely broke 3 before I figured out the best way to do this. This plate above, as you can see, did not want to break! It was by accident that I discovered the best way to break them in two. If you hammer lightly on the bottom will crack right down the middle. Well almost all of them will, some went into 3 or 4 pieces. Some are much thicker than others.
In the end....most of them broke really well, and exactly like I wanted!
and then you can tell the ones they didn't break like I wanted them to!
I then loaded them back into the box, and toted them over to the area I wanted to line. The ground is really soft from all of the rain yesterday. This made it really easy to push the plates in the soil. I only had enough plates to get about a quarter of the walkway lined.
I just think it is too I can PROMISE you The Hunter will HATE it, and ask me what I was thinking. But...who cares! The next thing I am going to do is mulch the entire bed, then put pebbles down the walkway to fill it in. The mulch that was in the bed, washed away each time it rained. Hopefully by creating an edge with the plates, it will keep everything in place. I will also be getting some rocks sometimes soon to use as a border on the outside edge of all the beds in the back yard. This is something I have always battled with. I like a border, but have yet to find one I like. I finally found someone who would deliver stone fairly inexpensive. Most people around here will only deliver a dump truck load (which is 27 tons!). I need roughly 2 tons of rocks to line my beds.
I swapped trellises around today. The clematis was getting to large for its old trellis, so it got upgraded to a larger one. I HOPE I didn't stunt its growth by moving it. I removed each tendril so carefully. It took me about 30 minutes to get it un-tangled off of the old trellis.
Here is a shot of the large bed, with its new plates. I think the rocks will help it pop, and give it good definition. You can see my garden helper...Peaches to the right!
It will look a million times better once I fill the walkway, and mulch the bed.
Have any of you ever used plates as a border, or know someone who has? I have also seen bottles used. I visited a garden during the summer that had well over 100 bottles used as a border. She stuck them neck down. Her neighbor apparently like to have a sip or two, or by the looks of it...MORE, of wine every night.She gives her a bottle a day! Apparently I need to find a wine/beer drinker and steal some bottles.
I will be pulling up spent flowers soon. The vinca is about to retire for the year. It will be pulled up, and replaced with pansies and snapdragons. Daffodils are popping up already and will be blooming in January. I am excited about them blooming since I planted over 100 of them last year. Free flowers are the best!!! The daffodils were all free, I found them at the hunting camp. Hunting definitely has its perks!


Tootsie said...

I have seen this in did a great job girlie!!! I think your garden looks great!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

I love this border. I have a stack of plates that I've been wanting to use as a border and maybe I'll do it now. I have seen this done in lots of magazine photos. I would have never thought of breaking them in two though, don't think mine will break so I'll have to use them whole.
Things are looking in your neck of the woods.

Susie said...

I've not seen this before. It turned out great! Makes me wonder if I need to go find some plates. I need to line my little path at the back of my flower beds by the fence.

Michelle said...

I have always liked that idea. I have seen it in some gardening books I think.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What a cute idea! I really like how it's looking so far. It'll add some nice color too. Daffodils at a hunting camp? Maybe another gardener and her hunter husband :)

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I've seen this before too and I love it. My hubby would think I was nuts too but what do some men know.. lol. The walkway looks great! Can't wait to see it all finished.

Darla said...

I have seen the plates and the bottles before. I love it.....might just borrow this idea..

Debbie's Garden said...

I saw this at a quaint little antique store. So Cute!!! I put some solid, cobalt blue plates around my blue bottle garden. But they do have to be in a place that you dont have to worry about the mower or trimming.

Was this a job you needed a "swear jar" for?

FlowerLady said...

I think that is a lovely idea and you did well. Hope you find some more goodies at the hunting camp. :-)


Nezzy said...

WoW, daffodils in January, I have to wait till very late April or early May. I like your plate border and can't wait to see it all spiffed up with mulch and rock. I don't use a dump truck load of rock but mulch is a different matter. Everything here has been washed away too. I have much work to do next spring.

Have a wonderful day enjoying your garden!!!

Dirt Princess said...

Tootsie thanks! I am going to be hitting up yard sales this weekend to see if I can gather enough plates to complete the project

Blended Hearts...I think it made them easier to stick in when they were broken. It would probably be a little harder to stick in the ground whole. Maybe I will try it and see.

Susie I think it looks great half finished, so I can't wait to see it once I complete the entire walkway. I like things to be defined.

Michelle, maybe I should have googled it, or looked it up in magazines to see how they did it, but I think It turned out fine.

Catherine, actually the daffodils came from our provate hunting land. It is about 12 acres, and it was my husbands Great Grandmothers house. The house is not liveable now, and is a pile of wood. However, there are daffodils EVERYWHERE! They had naturalized on tree stumps, in the sun, and in the shade. It was amazing! I will do a post on it soon so everyone can read about my great find!

Jackie my husbands tells me all the time that our yard looks like a flea market! He is only kidding, but thats how I like it. I like fun and whimsical. I think your garden should be a reflection of your personality.

Darla I knew you would love it!

Debbie, no I didn't need a swear job! It was actually very easy and the total project took maybe 30 mintues. Very quick and easy. You may want to save it for a day you need to take out some pent up frustration!!! Take out the hammer and beat on some plates!

Flowerlady I am ALWAYS on the lookout for great finds at the hunting camp.

Nezzy, I would do a post on the daffodils, and I how I acquired them. I did a post in the past, but it was actually one of the first posts I ever did. I will do another on them and post soon.

Ginger said...

OOOHHH I love the plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know I have a beer bottle-edged bed.

So what's up with the new kitty? Is she your outdoor cat?

Can't WAIT to see 100+ daffodils blooming in your yard!

Carla said...

I have seen this done before, and really like it! Mulch does make everything look finished, doesn't it? Can't wait to see your 100 daffs!! Wowzers:)

Becca's Dirt said...

You did a good job. I like it. You got a bunch of cool plates. Did you leave any at the store?

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