Sunday, November 8, 2009

Seed Swap Sunday: November 8th

Sorry I am running a little late for my own party!!! I had a million things to do when I got home from Jackson, MS today. For this weeks Seed Swap, I will be giving away Hibiscus seeds. There are limited quantities, so it is a first come first serve basis.
I have no idea what kind of hibiscus this is. It came from my grandmother, and it comes back bigger and better every year. It requires no maintenance what so ever!
If you would like some seeds, you can contact me through Kontactr on the right sidebar of my blog. If I already have your address, just leave a comment letting me know you would like some.
If you have seeds to swap please use Mr. Linky and link up to your Seed Swap post!


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I can't find the contact form. I'd love some seeds.

Stephanie said...

Hi DP, I like this hibiscus! I would like to have some of the seeds. I have some balanced zinnia white seeds that I have bought from a home centre earlier. I can send you if you would like to have them. Sorry I do not have any seeds from my own garden.

James Missier said...

Nice Hibiscus. Never knew that had seeds. Would very much interested but wonder whether you mind sending them all the way to Asia region.

Darla said...

This is truly one of the best Hibiscus plants...I have it already.

Nezzy said...

Hibiscus rock. There is nothing that puts on a summer show like these flowers. Mine was taller than our carport roof this year. It is a deep fuchsia pink but oddly enough this year it put up a few sprigs that bloomed in this color. I have no clue to what is up.

Ya'll have a blessed week and have a blast swappin' those beauties.

Susie said...

Not sure which hibiscus that is either but it's very pretty!

Janean said...

i found your blog via another garden blog. i am not a great gardener, but so enjoy seeing them.
when we first moved to Ga. we bought a deep peach hibiscus tree. had never seen one before. it flourished!
i don't think they'd do well in MO., but your plant reminded me of a sweet memory of the south!

Dirt Princess said...

Susie do you want some seeds?

Dirt Princess said...

The contact me button is on the right side of my blog, directly above the Seed Swappin Icon.

Stephanie,& James please send me your addresses through the contact button. thanks

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Gorgeous hibiscus.
Better late than never DP ;-)
For those using the
Kontactr me or contact me they are very case sensitive with the password but it was working on my end.It took me two times to get to DP. I am a lousy type-er ;-)

Dirt Princess said...

Kate we would LOVE for you to participate! If you have seeds to swap, please link up your post through Mr Linky. You can copy the Seed Swappin with the Dirt Princess icon and add it into your post. Please link back to me, so that every else can stop by to see what others have to share! Can't wait to start swappin' with you!

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