Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What's That Smell???

That would be the smell of rotting pumpkins! The pumpkins only lasted one whole week! Can you believe that! If you have never smelled rotting pumpkins...take it from me...you are not missing out on a THING! My mom found some foam pumpkins at Old Time Pottery and picked them up for me. I trashed the others last night...and it was a MESS!Here are the foam pumpkins. I used a black magic marker to draw on them. I did draw my "M" on the other side, so after Halloween I can flip them around to where you only see the "M"
I have been working away in the yard. Saturday I FINALLY cut the grass...I know my neighbors must be overjoyed! I pulled weeds and sprayed round up on all the tough spots. Then I decided it was time to work on the irises. I have 100's of irises, and if you are a regular follower you know that I only had 3 of them bloom. I wasn't happy about this. I made sure not to plant them to deep....but apparently that was still too deep. I pulled all the ones in the front yard up, divided them and then replanted them. Well, I wouldn't call it replanting....I stuck the roots in the dirt and left the tuber on top...so lets see how that works out.
Much to my surprise, I have a lot going on in the garden right now....so here are a few:
Butterfly Bush
Pagoda Plant...it is finally beginning to bloom :-). I will show you a really big one tomorrow.
Butterfly Bush
I have had tons of hummingbirds and butterflies dropping by...but I never can catch them long enough to get a picture.
I will have much more for ya'll tomorrow!


Nezzy said...

Great Pics, our gardens are almost out of time for this growing season here in the Ozarks.

I thought of you today as I was reading a Woman's World while I was waiting for a friend in PT. There is a spray that will make your pumpkins last longer. You may already know about it.

Have a wonderfully fun day!!!

flowrgirl1 said...

to bad about the rotten pumpkins but at least the foam ones look great! I will have to borrow your idea.

Susie said...

Girl we have rotten pumpkins at work. I know exactly what they smell like!

My Mother's Garden said...

Those foam pumpkins look great! Love the way you wrote on them. I've never seen that variety butterfly bush, it really is beautiful! Do you know the botanical name of it? Love the iron bed too. :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

Your new pumpkins look so cute. Did you draw on them freehand?
The butterfly bush looks great, mine finished blooming awhile ago.

Darla said...

Girl, it's 55 this morning!!! Hopefully the snakes will go hide...saw 4 this last week and thought of your snake dance! Thanks for the tip on the Iris, mine did not bloom at all. My purple butterfly bush looks like it's dying...geez I don't know...been missing you here in blogland!!

Darla said...

Good grief, forgot to say...your pumpkins are adorable!!

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Amazing post !! So beautiful and lovely shots !! Fantastic !!Unseen Rajasthan

Dirt Princess said...

Nezzy I haven't seen anything about that spray? I will have to look at that magazine! Thanks. The weather here feels wonderful it is 54 degrees!

flowergirl1 if the weather had been cooler, they would have lasted...but oh well. Hope you are doing well!

Susie I would have to wear a face mask.

Mother's Garden...I will find out. A lady in my garden club gave it to me. I will find out from her. It is very pretty

Catherine I did draw it free hand...if you zoom in really close you can probably tell! LOL!

Darla HOW AWESOME IT IS THE WEATHER!!!! I am loving it! It puts me in a great mood...not that I am in a bad mood other days...but it just makes you happy!


Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Love those pumpkins!

Kim and Victoria said...

Your pumpkins look great!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Too bad about the pumpkin topiary. I thought it was so pretty. Maybe some little bugs got inside and helped it along.The ones you have now work and are pretty. I have a couple I use because of having buying pumpkins every year.And they do not rot ;-)

flowergardengirl said...

The pumpkin boo is too cute. I have foam pumpkins for the same reason---sometimes it's too hot here. Not this year. We've had perfect weather.

Becca's Dirt said...

You still have some pretties blooming. I like the new foam pumpkins and they smell better too. You did an awesome job on all of your decorations.

Have a good day DP.

Marie said...

Hello! Oh, how I'm lovin' your sweet pumpkin topiary! And your flowers are amazing. Thank you for sharing!


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