Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Goin' To the Chapel.....

....and we're gonna get married! I will admit, I never thought my brother would get married. He is so picky, and I never thought he would find the right person for him...but he did. The wedding was held at their church. I didn't get any pictures of the wedding, since I was in it. The reception was held at Capital City Club in downtown Montgomery. It is on the 22nd floor of the Regions Bank building. There was a huge balcony, and the views were great.
My brother's cake was pretty awesome! The bride's cake
Our state capital
Guitar ice sculpture...since both of them sing & play the guitar
Table centerpieces
KRYSTALS!!!! Yep! My sister-in-law loves Krystals! So in addition to all the other food, she had hot Krystals brought it! They were a hit!
My cousin Jenny, her mom Cynthia, me and cousin Lindsey
Dad & mom
My aunt & brother dancing
Me & my sister-in-law dancing, and yes I have on flip flops! There was NO way I was wearing those heels all night!
The happy couple singing "Jackson" by Johnny & June
My mom & brother
Instead of rice, we used Auburn shakers! WAR EAGLE!
Right now the happy couple is relaxing somewhere in Belize! I can't wait to see their pictures when they get back. We had a great time!
Speaking of weddings......
Today is my 4 year anniversary!
Lucky Photography took all the wedding photos, you can see a few of the photos on their blog HERE
They take extraordinary photos. Check out their website:
Hope ya'll enjoyed all the festivities as much as I did!


Vonnie said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! We just celebrated our 27th. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I loved to see all the personal touches. I pray that they are very happy.

Becca's Dirt said...

Happy Anniversary DP and The Hunter. I think the flip flops are snazzy. Looks like a great time at a wedding.

Love the new background. I am ready for fall too.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow what a wonderful wedding they had, DP... Everything seemed to be perfect... I laughed and laughed at the KRYSTALS... I used to love those greasy things...

Thanks for sharing..

Darla said...

Just beautiful......all of it! Love your photo too. You know you can order butterflies to be released at weddings now? Happy Anniversary to you!!

tina said...

To say that cake is awesome is an understatement. It is huge!

Dirt Princess said...

Vonnie congrats to you! 27 years! That is wonderful!

Becca I am so ready for Fall!

Betsy is that not funny! Krystals! They were a hit!

Darla thanks :-)

Tina that was the best chocolate was so a chocolate angel food cake

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What a pretty wedding! I've never heard of Krystals, are they like Krispy Kremes?
Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

What a spectacular event! And the cakes were absolutely amazing! I haven't seen a "his and hers" cakes before, so I thought this was pretty cool! And that ice guitar rocks! Congrats to your bro and his new bride.

Anonymous said...

what a great family celebration and a cake each.. brilliant. We defied the British tradition at our wedding with a chocolate cake hidden under the purple icing instead of fruit cake (and we made it ourselves which made people physically shake in their boots when we glibly mentioned it!). Many happy returns on your anniversary - it's our 11th on Saturday and you've inspired me to dig out a picture or two to share at the weekend :o3
ps. I was looking at your blog because my garden is the 11th destination on Bilbo's journey

Lisa Blair said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Dirt Princess said...

Catherine, Krystals are little bite size hamburgers. I love them!

Daisy that ice sculpture was very neat

nipitinthebud...I can't wait to see Bilbo at your place. I didn't realize fruit cake was the traditional wedding cake in England...learn something new everyday!

Kim and Victoria said...

Are his and her cakes at weddings a regular thing? I've not heard of that before.

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