Friday, September 4, 2009

Fertilizer Friday.....and War Eagle!

TGIF!!!!!!!! Ya'll head on over to Tootsie's to check out Fertilizer Friday. You can click on the link above.
I had tons of pictures for today, since all I have posted on this week was the it is a long one....
Prairie Coneflower
Prairie Coneflower
Dead Zinnia, I will be dead-heading all of them this weekend, and drying them our to plant for next year.
The watermelon vine is taking over my walkway! It is so long!
A baby cute is it! It is sooooo tiny!
Zinnia....I am going to use the ORANGE zinnias and BLUE sage to make a nice little bouquet in support of my favorite football team ;-)
My mystery plant looks like it is about to do something...just not sure what!
Mexican Petunia
Large bed behind the house...the one that the watermelon vine is taking over!
Some kind of flowering vine with petunias in the background
Morning glory tree
Sapphire Sage
Sapphire Sage
Pink Mexican Petunia
Mexican Petunia. I don't know why some of these are pink. I had only seen purple, and that's all I had, but for some reason, some of them came up pink?!?!?
Zinnia...I promise I do have other plants in my yard besides zinnias...just none as photo worthy
Pentas I plan on my orange/blue arrangement to go along with this shirt......
Tomorrow officially starts college football here in Alabama, as well as all over. I am of course an Auburn fan, The Hunter is an Alabama fan. We DO NOT see eye to eye on this. He thinks he is going to convert me to be an Alabama fan....well....there is no converting. Never gonna happen, just leave me alone and let me be an Auburn fan. I don't care if they lose or win....I am still a fan. Never gonna change. I can promise you that today, at least 90% of the state of Alabama has on either an Alabama or Auburn shirt, or something that is orange/blue, crimson/hounds tooth. I can guarantee it! I can also promise you that 75% of the pets in Alabama are named "Tide" (like mine!), "Bear", "Aubie", "Tiger" or "Bama"..........I would have never named my dog "Tide"...that was The Hunter's choice, but I can PROUDLY say that my dog does not respond to that name when he is called!!! LOL!!!!!
So what teams are ya'll pulling for??????????
I haven't forgotten about my precious Bilbo...he will be making an appearance @ Nip It In the Bud in Gloucester soon. Be on the lookout for him. I will let ya'll know when he post appears. I want to give a shout out to my fellow Auburn fan....Rhonda @ Blue Creek Home


Bangchik and Kakdah said...

Zinnia is elegant throughout the phases ... ~bangchik

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You have a ton of pretty flowers! I love all the zinnias, they are all so different and they are photogenic. That Sapphire sage is really pretty, love the color of it.
BTW the dahlias I have are not dinnerplate so the stand up okay on their own. I tried the dinnerplates once, but the were more like salad plate sized :)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I wonder how you and hubby can live in the same house during football season. My team is the Tennessee Volunteers. We have a new coach this year ---and no good quarterback, so I don't expect too much. BUT--like you, I'm still a fan even when they lose.

Gorgeous flowers...Love the Mexican Petunias. Gorgeous color...

Have a great weekend.

Prospero said...

Boy, that's a lot of flowers. I already had my watermelon (an orange fleshed type). Nothing wants to grow now. Good luck with yours. Say hi to Tide and Kiki.

Lisa Blair said...

My husband and I are beyond excited about football season this year! We watched the South Carolina - NC State game last night for no reason other than it is SEC time, baby!

We are huge Ole Miss fans. Football fever is here. Go Rebels!

Nezzy said...

Oh my morning glory, you do really have it bad. I really have not found an antidote for OCFD other than dirt under your manicure. Gorgeous pics of your flowers. Thanks for poppin' in and as Granny Clampett would say, "Ya'll come back now, Ya hear." Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

Ginger said...

Everything looks great! I especially love that frilly red/orange zinnia.

I'm with the Hunter - ROLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE!

Blue Creek Home said...

How very nice of you!!!
We are going to the game tomorrow - Gettin' excited.

Make sure to take a picture of your orange and blue flower arrangement. I have never seen sapphire sage. It's so pretty.
War Eagle!!

Tootsie said...

nice rack!!! lol...just shirt tho...
now...I can't grow a zinnia if I tried! my one and only plant out of 72 looks like crap! Yours are just beautiful!
I have that mystery plant all over in my gardens...I think it is a weed...cause I didn't plant it! lol
thanks for joining in!!!
have a fun football weekend!
we have labor day weekend here too!

Susie said...

My hubbie is an Ole Miss fan and I'm a Razorback fan. But then again we love SEC football. Nothing like it!

Bye the way we sold pink Mexican petunias this summer. Pretty huh?

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove said...

I love the Mexican Petunias! I have never seen them. I wonder if I could grow them here in Michigan. Hummmmm ... I see some research heading my way! LOL Nice pictures!

Teresa said...

Wow! You have alot going on in your garden! So many blooms and beautiful photos! I never heard of a morning glory tree. interesting.

Darla said...

You can never post too many zinnia photos!! You still have great color around your gardens. I too, have a small watermelon, how funny is that? We are FSU fans around here. I am inviting everyone to come see the birth of my Monarch, it was amazing to witness!!

JennyMac said...

Those flowers are SO beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a clue about football, but I really like all of your zinnias and the blue of that sage. It's nice to see that your husband's watermelon seed spitting produced a little something! Must have been that good mulch...

Bonnie said...

Your flowers look great. I am a huge fan of zinnias, too!

Sue said...

I usually have long posts, too. I enjoyed your blooms. I hadn't grown zinnias for years, but am enjoying the ones I planted this year.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Just two words...WAR EAGLE!! Glad to hear that you are not giving in to your Alabama hubster...stay strong girl! We LUV AUBURN FOOTBALL in my daughter graduated in May and the other one is in her second year there. We go to all of the home games and just Luv tailgating with family and friends. I see you live in Satsuma...I live in Mobile...what a small world that we live in. Come by for a visit.

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