Monday, December 21, 2009

The Lights of Bellingrath Gardens

Bellingrath Gardens is a local home that was owned by Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bellingrath. It is situated on 65 acres. It was first seen by the public in 1932 when they held a national garden meeting at their home. In 1932 the gardens were open to the public year round. Every year at Christmas they have a magical display of lights, 3 million lights and over 900 displays. There is always a huge crowd, but I don't mind at all. These photos are from last year. My family is going this Saturday night. I can't wait! Every year they add more displays. The Butterfly garden. The huge green house is in the rear...well I wouldn't call that a greenhouse! I didn't take photos inside of it last year...but I will this year.
This was my favorite display! I loved the blue and green trees!
I wasn't doing really well taking pictures with my camera....I will do better this year!
Isn't that gorgeous!
Snowflakes dangled from the trees!
My aunt (she is going to kill me for posting this pic...hee hee hee!)
This is the back area of the house.
Partridge in a pear tree!
My Mom (Dirt Queen) and Dad
The pond is beautiful. They have so many gorgeous floating displays! Of course the camera operator wasn't that great!
This next display was new...Under the Sea. It was fantastic!
I hope you enjoyed the lights at Bellingrath! I will be sure to take better pictures Saturday when we go!!!! I hope to have lots more displays to show you all!
Have a wonderful night! Stay warm!


Tootsie said...

these photos are great!!! Your mom the Queen...well tell her majesty for me...that tootsie thinks she is beautiful!!! and her royal Highness and your dad make a great couple!
I can't wait to see more!!
love you is a highlight of the day when we chat on the phone...your accent is one of my favorite things...I hope I never get used to hearing it!
Merry Christmas my friend and a safe and happy new year!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I wish we had something like that to go see here. My girls would go crazy for all the lights. It's just amazing what people can do with lights. Have fun!

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful place to be! I love everything that's in here. So many beautiful lightings to see. I love those butterflies and flower landscape most!

Julie said...

Darling that is simply stunning! I wish I were there to see it! Merry Christmas to you and a very Happy New Year.

P.S Despite him running away from her Miss Austen instructs me to send Bilbo her finest wishes for the season too!

Dirt Princess said...

Tootsie...I will tell her for you! I know....the accent is soooo bad! One of my co-workers asked me where I was from! I said "I'm from here!" She said "I have never heard anybody talk as Southern as you!". Well guess what...I am southern...and this is how we talk! I don't pay any attention to it, because everyone around here talks like me! LOL!

Catherine what is amazing is what lights do to people! It amazes me to see how such a festive environment makes people happy! Add a few lights and everyone is all smiles!

Stephanie I hope they are there this year...I will try to get better photos! I am glad you enjoyed it!

Julie I wish you were here too! We would have so much fun! And it is a little warmer here than it is there! LOL! Bring Jane...I think she would fall hard for a good 'ol Southern boy!

Susie said...

What beautiful lights DP! Christmas lights makes things so festive!

Thanks for sharing these beautiful scenes.

Becca's Dirt said...

I am so glad you posted Bellingrath Gardens Christmas In Lights. It is so beautiful. Can you believe I have never been. I would love to tour the gardens one day during Christmas in Lights. (I have visited the gardens but not this time of year). I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

once in a blue moon... said...

this is fantastic, so fun to have something so pretty to wander around! great pics, night shots are so hard to get too~

RainGardener said...

DP I think you did great with your pictures and I agree the blue and green trees are fabulous. I can see why you don't mind the crowds - it is sooooooooo worth going to.
Hey I emailed you - didn't know which village you were commenting on. The wood or the ceramic. I only painted the ceramic one - the wooden one Bob cut out and I painted.
Have fun getting more great pics Saturday night.

Nezzy said...

Oh your goin' to have a good time. The display is just breathtaking. Now sister, I tried to post eighteen pics on blogger and it would only post four, so I went to photobucket and made a slide-show and somewhere the slide-show lost my pic of the full Christmas tree. I see ya'll post more than four pics all the time...maybe blogger hates me.

Have fun at the light display and God bless!!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

OMG,DP. that is the most beautiful displays of lights i have ever seen. The butterflies, flowers, trees and swans are just gorgeous.
I bet it is such a fun display to wander through.
Have a wonderful time and I cannot wait until you show more pictures.

Carolyn said...

Wow! It is all so magical.

Merry Christmas,


Peggy said...

Those lights are breathtaking! A lot of work goes into putting together the displays as well as a lot of imagination.I could not fault the photographer the photos are excellent. I look forward to seeing this years photos.
happy Christmas and New year to you and yours.

Dirt Princess said...

Susie it is amazing in person!

Becca you need to go for sure! That would be a great event for you and your sister to go see together.

Once In a Blue Moon....I have learned that night shots are hard to get! I am working on it though!

RG...Last year I got into a litle tiff with some punk kid who popped off to my Dad about his Auburn hat! Really ticked me off! Don't speak to my Dad like that...especially when you are 18 years old!

Nezzy I am headed your way now! Can't wait to see whats in store!

HHG you would just love it! I wish I had an aerial picture of is just so much to see.

Carolyn I am glad you enjoyed

Peggy....can you imagine trying to comeup with each display....a lot of work! I don't knwo about everyone else...but I surely appreciate their hardwork

Debbie's Garden said...

THAT IS POSITIVELY MAGICAL !!! The snowflakes in the trees, the swans, its all absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for the tour! I've only been there in the spring in the day, which is pretty darn fabulous too!

Derek said...

Thanks for sharing! My parents live in Jackson and we try to make it to Bellingrath every year. Great pics! Merry Christmas!

Terra said...

That is spectacular, and you are so fortunate to go there to enjoy it.
It is all very pretty, and I especially like the swans and their reflection.
It is good the holy family display is there too, for the Christmas season.

Dirt Princess said...

Debbie you should make the trip and see the lights!

Derek isn't it fantastic! Jackson huh...I spend most of my weekends there. We hunt there and my aunt and uncle live there.

Terra I was glad to see the nativity scene! It is great. Glad you enjoyed it!

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