Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bilbo on the Sweden!

Bilbo is on the move once again. This time he is headed to Skane, Sweden! Can you believe that! He will get to spend Christmas with Gittan over at The Joy of Life! I am guessing he will have a white Christmas after all! If so, this will be his first time to see snow!

Speaking of which....after all my wishing for snow.......we are expected to have snow showers Saturday. I don't know exactly what a snow shower is, but I hope to find out Saturday. I know about snow flurries, snow, and all of those things...but not a snow shower! I am sure all of you bloggers a little North of me will most definitely get some snow. Take some pictures to share with us!


gittan said...

Yeah! I'm so exited! Can hardly wait for him to arrive! I'm sure we'll have a great time together. To send me the information I need, you'll find my mailadress at my blog. Unfortunately I can't promise that he will have a white Christmas. I live in the very south of Sweden and we almost never gets any snow. Hope you'll have a wonderful day. I'll be waiting by the mailbox ;P

Darla said...

SWEDEN!!! good grief. A snow shower sounds wet doesn't it?

Peggy said...

Ha ha,Bilbo has followed the sun all year but now he will find out what COLD is! I am sure we will see some great photos of him enjoying the snow, it has been a great way to see the world for all of us who followed his adventures.

Susie said...

How nice Bilbo is getting to see the world. Too bad we can't all just package ourselves us and get shipped all over. hehe!

We were suppose to have 80 percent chance of snow this evening but now it is down to 40. Oh well, maybe next time.

RainGardener said...

I think it's where ya take off all your clothes and go out and shower in the snow - ya think? Brrrrrr!!!
Have fun playing in it whatever it is.
Wonder how Bilbo will like having a white Christmas!!!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

That Bilbo is a traveling junkie.

Take pictures of your snow showers. They usually fall fast like rain instead of floating down. You can keep them all for yourself DP. I won't mind at all or be one bit jealous ;-)

Phoenix C. said...

Bilbo certainly gets around!

I hope you enjoy your snow - we've just had incessant rain over here in the UK, which has made it virtually impossible to do any gardening!

Dirt Princess said...

I am so excited for him to go to Sweden. Gittan doesn't think it will snow for him while he is there. But I think if we all WISH him a white just may snow for Bilbo!

We didn't get any snow or even a flake here over the weekend. Oh well.....maybe next time!

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