Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hittin' Up the Consignment Shops

I've been playing around with a new blog layout. I can't quite get my header to do what I want it to do...so until I can figure out to get it how I want it, it will just have to look like that.

I went to a few consignment stores a few weeks ago with a girl friend and we found some really cute stuff.
I didn't have my camera with me, so some of these are cell phone pics.

I thought these lamps were soooo cute! They are old kettles with cake plate lids! I think they would be really easy to make.

They may not work with everyone's kitchen decor, but they are really cute!

Oh how I love turkey dishes!!! This particular shop had a entire set of turkey dishes for $450. As much as I would LOVE to have them, I don't love them $450 enough.

I couldn't spend that kind of money on dishes that I would only use a few times a year, but they are great.

My friend did buy this chicken lamp. Only $30, and it looks great in her kitchen

ahhhh....my princess mugs! Found these at Tuesday Mornings for $3 each. I love Tuesday Mornings. If you have one you should check it out. They aren't the cheapest place, but they have some really interesting things.

I found this old turkey platter at the same store that had the Kettle lamps. Only $6!! It apparently was a promotional gift from a local furniture store.

Turns out my mom has the same turkey platter from this same store! Go figure!!! Great minds think alike!


Nezzy said...

I'm quite smitten with that charmin' chicken lamp. If your friend ever tires of it...just sayin'!!! :o)

Some very pretty finds and I'm sure glad you found the princess mugs. Every great princess needs her own mugs.

God bless ya sweetie!!!

Lona said...

Hi DP! Don't you just love browsing around shops like that. I can always find the best ideas there. I wish we had a Tuesday Mornings store around here. What a cute lamp. Great fro those who collect Rooster decor.

Betty819 said...

I love your friend's house or is it really yours? She has quite an eye for decorating. What does her gardens look like? Bet they are as colorful and neat as the rest of the house inside. Thanks for sharing with us. Loved the tour!

Dirt Princess said...

Betty...no its my friends house. I currently do not have a house. I got divorced last year and have been houseless since. I will hopefully have a house in January :-)

Negi said...

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