Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall for Front Porches

I rode through the Hydrangea Queen's neighborhood the other day and took some pics of porches that are decorated for Fall. It got dark on me, so some of the pics are dark. Sorry.

This one was REALLY cute! I planned on going back to get a better picture, but I never did :-(

Just to clarify...the Hydrangea Queen is my best friend from my garden club. The Dirt Queen is my mom.
 I know....too many queens get confusing LOL


Nezzy said...

What a lovely decorated neighborhood the Hydrangea Queen lives in. Christmas must be a spectacular sight also!

God bless ya and have a beautiful week sweetie!!! :o)

Charlotte said...

Fun! Great job.

Darla said...

I really like the Fallish looking decorations over the Halloweenish looking ones.

FlowerLady said...

Lovely decorated front porches.

Thanks for sharing them with us.


Lona said...

So many great entrances DP. I think those rocker covers are just the cutest idea. So many cute scarecrows, especially in that one photo. Scarecrows and palms make me giggle because you do not see that up here in the frozen north. Great shots!

Thanks for the offer of the Goldenrod but it grows wild up here too. This was a totally different kind that does not grow wild here. It had the sweetest perfumed aroma.You could smell it all over the grounds. What we have up here smells like a weed. LOL!I appreciate your offering to send some though DP.

Beth said...

Hi! Loved seeing these beautiful porches/yards! What fun. So glad you shared. I have a solultion for the inability to leave comments on others' blogs (I think). Sign in to google with your user name and password before you look at others' blogs and try to comment.
Hugs, Beth

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Hi there! I just stumbled onto your blog!! What a great site you have!! Love all of the photos! i am your newest follower; and I hope you will follow back! Many blessings to you!

Please sign my guest book :)




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