Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hydrangea Queen's Antiques

I have been having issues leaving comments on several blogger pages. Not sure if something isn't working properly?? I changed my commenting to a pop up window...because I am not getting many comments. Either ya'll  don't love me anymore or people are having issues commenting too. Any ideas?

I have the pleasure of house sitting this week for the Hydrangea Queen. The weather has been so nice. I have been walking her sweet cocker spaniel, Isabelle.

I have done many blog posts on the Hydrangea Queen's garden, but never on her home. She has great style and some really nice pieces. She had an antique booth years ago in Mobile, so I'm sure she acquired some pieces there.

We will begin at the front door....

She loves color, and has pulled it together well. I have noticed the trend around here is yellow, red and green. Even her front door is yellow!

I love this bird house! Hey, looka there....even her birds are green and red!

Isn't this cute! Its an old platter with the letters cut into it!

Green table on the front porch with an old pitcher & bowl

My favorite room would have to be her kitchen. It isn't very big, but she has made the most of this small space with hutches and other peices. She has several of these old tables with the aluminum edging. This one fits perfect in the kitchen and don't ya love those red chairs!

She used an old window over her island to hang pots and pans on! That frees up a lot of cabinet space.

Brightly colored dishes tucked away on the shelves.

This old hutch houses cookbooks and other kitchen items

She has a red hutch by the back door....this is where her husband has his drop off space. Ya'll know what I'm talking have to have a drop of place for keys, change, gum, knives, etc.

Moving into the dining room...
she has a set of these chairs that she has redone with a small two tiered table in the center.

This old buffet is in the breakfast area. I absolutely love it!

An old desk in her upstairs office. A pretty desk makes paying bills better!

The back on this chair is beautiful!

These tables are used as nightstands. I love the roughed up finish on them.

A chest of drawers in the hallway

I have always loved these windows in her house! She sat this old bench in front of them.

She just recently finished this piece. She added the green pulls to match the paint on the walls.

The bonus room is her workroom. She does a lot of sewing and has fixed it up really cute!
Isn't that a great little sewing area!

If you come through the garage to visit, this is what you see! She has it all fixed up!!! Who would think a garage could be so darn cute!

She used the shutters to hide the water heater.

Love the old sewing machine and if you didn't already know.....chocolate is her first love!

She has several old step stools throughout her house to showcase various things. I think they are precious

Well I hope ya'll enjoyed meandering through the Hydrangea Queen's home! I rode around the neighborhood yesterday and took some pics of all the front porch fall decor. I will post on that later this week. Have a great day!

See ya'll soon


Becca's Dirt said...

I've tried to comment at least 4 times in on the last two posts and they just vanished and no acknowledment. This is the second attempt here. Lets see.

Nezzy said...

Your not the only one havin' problems. I've seen far and wide complaints on both embedded and pop~up commentators. I fear blogger is ill.

What a wonderful tour of the Hydrangea Queens beautiful home. Oh, so many lovely pieces but I'd move mountains for that lovely desk!

Thanks for the tour sweetie!

God bless ya and have an incredible day!!! :o)

Antique ART Garden said...

I don't always leave comments anymore, but will so you can get it. Make sure you don't have the word verification anymore, people hate that, just do the blog owner approval and you can fish thru them. I am not a big fan of painting lots of antique furniture, I know it is chic, but I wrote a couple of posts where I rant about people doing it to beautiful old wood. She does have a nice unique decorating style, and I loved her leaded glass windows. Great pics, take care , Gina

Darla said...

I see where you get your love of color. Your mom's home is adorable and cozy! Sometimes I can comment sometimes not, this time of the year blogging is low on people's lists, it will pick up once winter gets here, I'm sure.

Dirt Princess said...

Becca...Got it!

Nezzy I keep having to comment anonymously on your blog

Gina I turned off the word verification...and thanks for commenting :-)

Darla, actually the Dirt Queen is my mom. The Hydrangea Queen is by best friend from my garden club....I know its confusing LOL too many Queens!

Lona said...

Wow! Can I go antiquing in the Queen Mums home. LOL! She has some great old pieces. Her home is loaded with them.I love all the old stands and tables. Love the lavender room. I always wanted a lavender bedroom. LOL!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

What a gorgeous home! Love the way its decorated

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